Saturday, April 14, 2001

Dateline Brooklyn:

Crossed the river back into Brooklyn.
Jesus.. expensive proposition just trying to get outta NJ and back....

- Came out of the tunnels into the old neighborhood. Had a sudden craving for a meat patty.

That flavored crispy crust and overly peppered meat hit the spot.

I took it for granted while I lived in the Old Neighborhood, I did.

- Was here last night too.... hung out with the fam (Tito and his family is like family too ...)

Im not really missing the old neighborhood, but its nice to be around folk who know me well.

I see the cops closed down one of the corner bodegas again..... aww.. the resident el bodega gato was outside with nowhere to patrol. Poor thing.

- Man, it was a pain getting back home last night, hands loaded down with a care package from Ma.

She's a pain sometimes (An aquarian Fred, you unnerstand.... sorry Belle :-)

But it's Ma.. and she's not so bad - when Im not living with her. :-)

Hey, its family.. ya gotta love 'em.
Yesterday.. calling Kate to see if she was up for coffee before I headed outta NJ.

Found a Verizon payphone, thinking it'd be the best way to call into Manhattan...

Bored voice: "You'll have to put in five tens."
Me: "Huh? I was just trying to make a local call."
BV: "Gotta put in five tens."
Me: "Its a local call, its 35 cents, right?"
BV: "You calling from New Jersey to New York, right? Its five tens"
Me: (uncomprehending) "Five dimes?"
BV: "Nooo.. Five dollars and ten cents."
Me: "Youve gotta be kidding."
BV: "Nope, its five dollars and ten cents to call into New York."
Me: "Oh jeez. No, thank you, no."

Still adjusting to the differences. New Jersey only SEEMS to be part of the metro area.

Its another world....

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Out for a bit.

Ive got a bit of agita, as the parts arent fitting in all the right places right now.

It could be all in my mind.

Or maybe I simply dont get enuff mail. :-)