Thursday, May 16, 2002

Got .. to get away from her
Got.. to get away from him
We .. gots to get away way

- Get Away
Ja Rule and Christina Milian

Virgo's as a rule, when they fall for someone, they fall hard.
I dread it myself, as we tend to take a LONG time ultimately getting over it.

Im always amazed at how long it takes me. My logical brain expects the period to last a few months, and yet years later..


" baby girl.. I just want to be free.."

I left Chicago partly to get away from the memory of someone. (Heh. My fiance there was always jealous that the Beau seemed to be my true love. She never believed that it was simply me having a hard time getting her out of my system. Even after she married someone else, she still brought it up. She's a Cancer, another sign famous for having a hard time letting go...)
But it still took me several years to get over the Beau.

No, I didnt leave New York because of the memory - that wasnt even an over-riding factor.

But. Distance helps.

".. take a chance girl, and love me love me love me "

When I was infatuated, my friends tried to warn me - and strenuously. I didnt listen. After, LilBro opined "She never really liked you, son."

He had talked to my friends who knew what she was doing - and saying - when I was not around. Even though he was too kind to say where he got the conclusion from.

To get over it, I try to remind myself.. there was never anything there. Not like I thought. Not like I wanted.

Not even.

"Im not your man, so Im feelin' like a One Night Stand.."

She called me 'dense' once or twice when she was mad. Im far from dense.

But it did seem that way.

"Ive gotta get away from him.."

One Bayonne girl I dated said "Youre over her. You are, and you dont even know it."
Heh. Great advice from someone who went back to her stalker-ish boyfriend not long after.

She was a Virgo too, natch.

So its funny Im listening to a song about cheating lovers and treating it like a sad love song.

"I .. gots to get away from her.."

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Fellow jamerican Frances writes in comments:

Aren't you having problems with the air down there in Florida? I mean, with allergies and what not? Maybe? I actually hope not, because if one day I decide to move down there I hope not to have any problems with my allergies.

You know, now that you mention it.. no.
I used to be miserable during spring and early summer in North Florida/Georgia/NC and New York, what with Oak (New York) and Pine (Most of the South) pollen.
But here in South Florida? Not so far.
Maybe the ocean breezes keep them dispersed, or it could be the insects and birds are doing most of the pollen transmissions, so the plants dont have to go into overdrive and stir up pollen storms.
Or maybe pollen season is long over since spring is in February here. ;-).
Not like Minnesota where the plants all bloom at the same time in May and go nuts. Heheh.

The big roaches and everything would scare me more.

Heheh. Nahhh. Just leave them alone.
Down in Florida, you kinda realize that they were here LOOOOOONNG before you, so why bother stomping on them?
The ratio is a million to every human anyhoo. We're just a bug to them. ;-)

You must love nature...because you like the different doves, woodpeckers, finches, parrots and cardinals etc.

Nature Boy? Me? Nah, Im a city boy.

But I do like seeing the profusion of life. Sorta like living in the rain forests, if the rain forests were in suburbia and mall enriched.

Have fun. I wish I were there having a ball as well. I wish I were more "Itinerant"
Oh well, at least I take virtual vacations...on the know, viewing different beach scenes or pictures.

Umm. Okie.

The Itinerant life.

Mebbe reading young Solbeam will give ya some inspiration to get outta Minnesota once in awhile. :-)

See ya ^_^


Laytah Dahtah
Im watching the new Star Trek series Enterprise, and the crew is going to Raisa - the pleasure planet of the Cosmos.

It struck me:

Raisa is... Florida.

Beautiful days, nights.


Tropical climate.

Abundant wildlife.

Horny sailors.. err.. Starship officers go on a date follow some cross-dressing...err.. shape-shifting aliens and get robbed.


People running away to warmer climes for a seemingly easier life.


Oh yeah.

I finally got a cuban sammich.. and I didnt have to go all the way to Miami

Not two miles away, there is a little hole in the wall...

The sandwich was decent. I didnt get sick off it like the one i got in Little Havana.

Of course I had the sense to say "NO pickles" and "NO salt".


But Im tellin' ya tho.. Ive been to a few Cuban restaurants here.. and none have been as good as the Hard Grove Cafe in Jersey City.

Im still lookin.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Nature show:

As I work.

Leaping lizards. Literally. All the same species, ranging in color from dark brown to a mottled pink, acrobatically jumping through air into the hyacinth hedge underneath the front bay window.

For color, they will go to a high point and show their blood red throat displays.

The only time they are less active is when the blackbirds are a hunting. They will dive into the thick hedges chasing the lizards, relentless in their feeding. Woe betide a reptile in the open, as Ive seen the blackbirds swoop in and snatch them off the walls, the grass.

But its mating season, so theyre out and about.. a leaping and a jumping.

The jays are also in mating season. Im getting a full XXX-Rated show as the female jays jump around vibrating to show their readiness, with the bright blue male jays swooping in to copulate on the fly.

Funny how the females meticulously groom themselves after every encounter.

The doves, woodpeckers, finches, parrots and cardinals only add to the buzzing in the air.

Spring (although you really cant tell the difference down here) is here.
Heh. The ghost gecko, in daytime pink and yellow, just came by my window for a visit.

She (as these geckos are all female) comes everytime the camera is nowhere near.

Better now than glimpsing her all transparent at night.


Monday, May 13, 2002

What was surprising to me was that fact that as a Jamaican, Hawai'ian pigdin sounds awfully familiar to my island-born ears - never mind the different cadence.

I asked Sun to help me with some of the basics...

Aloha no = With love, For love

Mahalo = Thank You (or Trash...hehe, ask Maria about that one)

Aloha = Hello, Goodbye, Love

That's how I've used them anyway.


Mahalo = Trash. Eh?

hahah! Trash!!

Because "mahalo" is on a lot of trash cans here, many non-locals just assume it
means trash. lol

ignorance can be so entertaining don't ya tink? ;P

Heheh.. making fun of the haole's, eeh?
For Sun, Krispy Kreme is life - so thats what she had for her birthday. ;-)

Her guy hadda peel her away from the store....

But she had a good birthday. :-)

© NewYork808

Looking back, my life in my 20's was the of best of times - all things considering.

However, I spent much of it worrying about who I was, what I wanted, where I wanted to go etc etc.

There was a fair bit of freakin out too.

If I had a chance to go back to my 20's.. I wouldnt change anything, nah.

I would just go back and tell myself to enjoy the ride, and chill on the worrying.

Thinking back, a lotta older folk gave me the same advice.

For some reason, I wasnt really listening.

Prolly because I spent a lot of time worrying.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

Wakin me up..

Man, there is no substitute for Cheryl Lynn's "To Be Real" for gettin' me up... that blend of R&B, Disco and funk.

You get to groove, scream, grin and do the SillyDance all at the same time. ;-)

Then there is A Taste of Honey's "Boogie Oogie Oogie". Do the "..listen to my bass-ist.." line in your best gravelly morning voice. :_)

This morning tho, what woke me up was a smell that will have me wide awake and checking everything around..

The smell of burnt wood. I am *very* paranoid about fire.

I got that living in Chicago.. my first experience with living in crowded apartments and silly people setting fires, accidently and otherwise, for various and sundry reasons.

One reason I get nervous living past the second floor of any building.

After checking the house, sniffing around for any tell tale burning, I went outside and smelled it even stronger on the wind.
Probably from the brush fires that have been occurring in South Florida recently.

After satisfying my concern, I sat on the back deck and watched the sunrise paint the grey dawn clouds with pink fire.