Thursday, October 16, 2003


Oh god.

You get to know people on the boat.

Again, more people gone.

Oh god.
"In three months, we've come a long way, made a lot of progress."
"Yeah, we are very different people than we were several months ago."

These are the last straws.

My stuff was gone, and in a crystal flash... enough.

Im done with this.

It has truly sucked. Its been incredible. Ive changed in ways I anticpated but couldnt envision.

Ive met the people I came out here to meet.

I dont want to go through this again.

The payoff has been incredible.

But, enough.

Or as Le Girl put it:

"Now that youre done whining.."

It came in a flash


For the first time in memory, I realized that I can relax.

I dont have to be a Virgo.

I can stop the analyzing, second-guessing, being on guard, take my foot off the brakes and leave the gas alone.

Whatever happens, will. Its not my turn to drive.

All I gotta do is enjoy the ride.

Its a nice feeling, lemme tell ya.

Cyn knows what I mean.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Hell wont freeze over after all


Ah well.
If he thought people hated him yesterday...

Brokenhearted Cubs fan apologizes for deflecting ball

'Truly sorry from the bottom of this Cubs fan's broken heart'


Bartman apologized to Cubs fans everywhere, adding he was “truly sorry from the bottom of this Cubs fan’s broken heart.”

“I ask that Cub fans everywhere redirect the negative energy that has been vented towards my family, my friends, and myself into the usual positive support for our beloved team on their way to being National League champs,” Bartman said.

Angry broadcasters castigated him. A local newspaper found in a Web poll that thousands of people blamed him for playing a role in the Cubs’ loss. Even the governor weighed in.

“Nobody can justify any kind of threat to someone who does something stupid like reach for that ball,” Gov. Rod Blagojevich said.

In Florida, Gov. Jeb Bush said an offer of asylum to Bartman might be a good idea, and an oceanfront retreat in Pompano Beach offered him a free three-month stay if he needed to get out of Chicago

I think he should take that offer.

Preparing for the worst

Baseball is like life
Loving a drunken suspect
I WANT them to prove me wrong

"The Marlins are going to win tonight."
"What??? I thought you were a Cub fan."
"I am."
"Man, Im a diehard A's fan.. I would NEVER hope that my team is going to lose. I will always expect them to win."
"Me too. Florida is going to win."
"You mean you WANT your team to lose????"
"I didnt say that. You dont get it. Im a Cub fan. "
(Other person) "Ohh, I get what he's saying. He's using reverse psychology. He wants his team to win, but he's not going to say it."
"No no no, that doesnt make any sense. Why would he want his favorite team to lose?? I would NEVER say that."
"YOUR team has won several World Series. Mine hasnt in 95 years. Generations of Cub fans have had their heart broken in innumerable ways, innumerable times.
I dont expect much anymore.."
"I cant believe you want your team to lose."
"I dont. But Florida is going to win..."
"Man, youre making no sense."

He obviously has never seen generations of grown men cry.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


, LilBro is offering either:

- World Series Cubs and Yankees at Yankee Stadium (I never ask how he does these things)
- a laptop

(Aint NO way would we be able to get in a game at Wrigley, sheeyit.)

Im leaning toward the laptop. It'd be cheaper.

but more mercenary.


Heheh. Thats IF the Cubs make it.

Sitting in front of the coffeeshop, late last night, in sequence

Talking to a Capricorn

"So, whadya think now youve met her?"
"Umm.. ahh, now that Ive seen her - hold on to her, man."
"What??? YOU were the one who told me I should let her be and concentrate on what I need to do!! Thats sensible advice!!"
"Uh, yeah. Well. Now that Ive met her, Ive changed my mind. Hold on to her."
"Just dont let her go."

Talking to a Virgo

"So, Im torn. Im doing the virgo thing, you know.. being emotionally detached to keep myself from being hurt..."
"Yep, its sometimes a good thing to be."
"But earlier, she came by and said I seemed distant. I lied and said no no no no, I was just thinking. "
"OF COURSE I was being distant! Im trying to protect myself."
"And sometimes, you can have something slip away by being that way.."

Talking about movies

"Oh, and Trainspotting. I liked that too, although it was full of drugs. I can deal with the drugs, but after awhile - the cocaine and the needles and the dying gets old."

I dont think I phrased it the exactly the way she said it, but I laughed out loud.

I dont know why, her humor just tickles me.

I dont think or analyze or fake it or go 'hrmm'.. I just laugh.

I think I laughed out loud when I first met her and she told me I'd warmed up her seat just the way she liked it...
I saw an editorial cartoon this morning, where in a department store, the Devil is looking at sale prices on snowblowers as the caption reads..
"Just in case the Cubs and the Red Sox get to the World Series"


Here's hoping hell has at least a snowstorm...