Friday, October 05, 2001


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Now THATS funny. :-)

Unfortunately, not all the papers wanted to run this one, so there was an alternate.

To their credit, the New York Post ran the more topical one.

Heheh, still funny... :-)

Browsing through HotJobs for positions close to home.. I come across this listing for a Fit Model (essentially a person with certain measurements to verify the fit on certain sizes of clothing...), for a catalog house

But, but...check out THESE measurements..

We are looking for a fit model with the following measurements:

Size 18W
Bust 45 1/2"
Waist 35 1/2"
Height 5'5"-5'7"
Hips 47-47 1/2 "
Prior experience is preferred but not required.
Heheh. I'll leave it to Gabz to come up with the appropriate 'Not afraid of the gravy and all the trimmings' joke...

But a THIRTY-FIVE waist on 47 hips??? Whoo. Good luck, yo...

Thursday, October 04, 2001

The life of a member of the mob is often mundane.. theyre just trying to make a nut like everyone else.

Passing by one of the young un's that I have gained nodding acquaintance with who hang out at the barber shop, he obviously had a bad weekend making money gambling. He let out a pithy burst of frustration so at least SOMEONE could hear...

"Life is like a shit sandwich. The more bread you have, the less shit you gotta eat."

Keeping our relationship at a nodding acquaintance, I smiled and nodded as we walked past each other.

I remembered the saying a little differently, but I gotta admit.. that one's pretty good.

I found myself saying it to other folk all during the day.

Im still loathe to admit that the saying is true.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Eh.. I got nuthin.. so random pix

Days after I took this, they closed this subway entrance..

Summer IS over

Unlike the Verrazano Narrows and the Bayonne Bridges, I dunno where the George Washington Bridge places in the longest/largest type of bridge debate, but its its pretty damned big.

That flag is the largest free-flying flag in the world.

Its twin is hung on a building across from Ground Zero.

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Today's horrorscope...

The most important thing today is that you don't give up.
Think of all the times in the past you've conceded defeat only to realize later that had you carried on a little bit longer and pushed yourself a little bit harder, you would have tasted success.
Today's full moon is urging you to hold onto your nerve. You really have nothing to fear.


Monday, October 01, 2001

New York before..

And beneath it all, a pulse. A crackle. A rushing, like the ocean. So much life and power. I suddenly felt as if I had been caught in a thunderstorm, one of scent and sound and roaring color rather than rain. It ripped into me and flowed through me, raised me up. After a day of vexation and disappointments, I abruptly realized that I was standing in the center of the greatest city the world has ever known..

And the New York after...
The crackle was still there, but it had ebbed. It was muted and distant, like flickering static on a television screen with its volume turned low.

Mobtown describes it properly.

Not trying to be sad, morbid or maudlin, but he describes the before and after of the NY energy better than I could.

Now that Ive done all this prep work for my 'stuff' over the summer, *gasp* Im ready to go back to work to accumulate the resources and tools I'll need for later, as well as to get back on my feet.

But, of course - its not as simple as all that.

Thats why I keep my Cappy buddies around to sound off on...

JPennant: you know me pretty well
JPennant: so let me ask you your opinion
McClint: k
JPennant: Should I send my resume to EVERYONE and see what bites.. or send it out to just the kinda place I want to work at and gain experience, resources and tools?
JPennant: I dont really want to send to everyone and THEN pick and choose, yanno?
McClint: hmmm I'd attack it in waves
1) dream jobs that you know you could do
-- wait a week--
2) send to jobs you've done before
-- wait a week--
3) carpet bomb the region with your resume
McClint: actually #3 should be dream jobs you dont have the skills for but would be willing to learn and pick up
McClint: then 4 is carpet bomb :-)
JPennantNY: LOL
JPennantNY: excellent. thats what I needed to hear. :-)
McClint: i'm more of a realistic kinda person anyway - you know that.
McClint: are you gonna focus on NYC or are ya spreading out into NJ too?
JPennant: Unfortunately, it seems you have to know people in NJ
JPennant: NY, its slightly 'easier'.
McClint: #2 is kinda going for the sure thing even though you might not desire to do it again, it isn't offensive to do it again to make some cash until you get on your feet.
JPennant: Oy, #2. F'rinstance, this position at Sotheby's makes me cringe...
McClint: did you ever follow up on the Rolling Stone gig?
JPennant: yup. No answer as yet
McClint: why does it make you cringe?
JPennant: suit, tie, mucho travel.
McClint: aahhhh
JPennant: long days and nights
McClint: a degree in computer science??? what are they smoking?
JPennant: heheh
McClint: if i had a degree in comp sci, the last thing i'd do is work a helpdesk
JPennant: Id say 70 percent of them ask for that now
McClint: sheesh. it's probably just lip service though...... just like 95% of job ads now say "must have a working knowledge of Windows 95 blah blah bla..." for even the most menial office job
JPennant: heehee. yar.
McClint: but as we all know, computer literacy is not even in the equation as long as there are folks like you and me to clean up the coffee they spilt on their keyboards. take us out of the picture and they have to fend for themselves! YAR! then we'll see who's computer literate!
McClint: hehehe have you seen the CDW commercial on TV lately?
McClint: "Hey Fred, i sent you an email on the email being down"
"I downloaded that virus just like you told us not to"
JPennant: no, for me - thank god.. I never had to deal with folk that simple. :-)
JPennant: but once they find out you KNOW what youre doing.. man, its like an Anne Rice LSD-soaked dream
JPennant: sux all the life force outta you.
JPennant: then some of them make my day by saying "You should have better time management so you can leave at the regular time"
JPennant: These, naturally, tend to be the SAME numb-nuts who call you 20 times a day, and want you to stay overnight to bring a laptop they just knackered back to life 'because I have an important meeting at 7am...'.
JPennant: But the olde "Did you back up my files 10 minutes ago" is still my favorite. :-)
JPennant: I have to admit tho, a lot of them still remember my heroism fondly.
JPennant: That was before I got all cranky. :-)
McClint: hehehe you're just an embittered old fart
JPennant: and getting worse by da minnit. :-)
Anna never waxes more eloquently, as when she's talking about her beloved NYC...

sweater weather // Actually, who am I kidding? New York weather is actually "layers plus a coat" weather today. Brrr.

I love it. I love it. I love it.

This is the sort of weather I could totally dig forever. It's the right temps -- maybe a bit windy, but I'll live.

Autumn is the season where things start to get quieter. People seem to huddle closer together, snuggling like little birds for warmth. Nowadays, it's not too bad when somebody stands too close to you on the sidewalk, bracing himself against the sudden onslaught of the fickle wind. Nowadays, people start wearing decent, sensible shoes (no more strappy sandals! yay!) as they stomp through the wet city sidewalks.

I realize things will never be the same in this city o'mine.

But, you know what, I still love her no matter what. It's one of those lifelong love affairs.

I cant wait to be out and about snapping pictures of New York in the Fall.

Although I wouldnt mind being in SF doing that right now, it aint so shabby here.

katwoman: tis gettin cold out!
katwoman: i cant believe it!
JPennant: yeah.. you know its chilly when your mother starts fussing around looking for your heavy gloves.
katwoman: :-)

I swear, last night when I visited the Brooklyn manor, thats what Ma was doin.

It may have only gotten down to the fifties officially last night, but lemme tell ya.. it durn skippied felt around the 30's.

Still, its no time for me to be putting on the heavy gloves. Not just yet.

Me: I dunno, Im getting sick of having to take two different trains just to get into the city....
Ma: So come and move back to New York. This is where the action is.

Ma, shrewder than the average bear, doesnt just utter things lightly.

She may not understand what I do, and considers me more stubborn than the average moose, but she knows my nature pretty well.

Im being worked on.
Apart from California and probably Minnesota, New York City - likely because of the sheer crush of humanity, manages to get people to couple inter-racially more than most places, in spite of themselves.

Except for one pairing. Black women and other races (except if the women themselves are multi-racial and/or caribbean hispanic).

Struth. You just dont see it. Rarely, if ever here.

But after the events of 9/11, Im slowly but very surely seeing some change to that dynamic.

The unlikeliest folk are connecting. An example of that is on almost every train in NY Ive taken lately, Ive seen black women and caucasian men of all types together.. not really caring if people stare.

More power. Glad people are starting to say 'fuckit..' to people's barriers to connecting because of culture, class and race.

Even if it took shock to release some of the hidebound attitudes.

F'rinstance, Hasidim are relaxing slightly their standoffish ways and sitting with old caribbean women, people are cooing with muslim babies on the train.

A good thing.

Lets hope this is a permanent shift in attitudes. Even if it seems to be only a subtle shift for now.

Sunday, September 30, 2001

Blogger just ate my words (prolly wisely, cause they seemed to be forming a lengthy and quite whiny rant about how cold 'tis getting and how skint I am..) so instead.. a few random pix from Times Square:

Oh, yeah.. I'd meant to mention, sun.. (I couldve emailed, but you read this noise regularly so....)

Broadway (and off-broadway)theater tix are half price when bought on the same day. Or so I hear...

I think you might have to go to that big Tix office at 46th for a good selection of shows tho.

Yeah, I know - the new geetar did a dead cat bounce on yer credit limit.. but hey, a deal is a deal, right? :-)

Plus, I really do need to go catch "Rent".

And again, REALLY..

Thanx for da mocha. :-)

And yes Poo, much love and thanx.

Here's hoping.. you can get back up and computing soon..

I got this here antivirus thing I must sell you...