Saturday, November 13, 2004

And now, the weather

Before i
came here, my over-riding impression of San francisco from afar was that it rains here constantly.

Every time id see some image of the area on TV, there'd be umbrellas, rain-slicked streets and so forth.

Well, in truth - there is a wet season and a dry season.

During the dry seasons that ive been here, it hardly rains between march and october. So much so that the hills turn an ugly brown.

Then there are the wet seasons. It rains for days at a time, on and off as a stream of low pressure systems are swept in from the upper pacific by the dominant jetstreams.

The hills become a lush green.

someone once told me that the worst place to be in northern california during the winter is to be outside sleeping. He had done it for two seasons, vowing he would never do it again.

Cold and clammy, the rainy winter season here is no picknick inside or out. Except for overhead protection, the damp cold will always creep in.

Im on the lookout for a space heater.

In this weather, it is always a one or two fleece day or night.
"I just started watching CSI, never got a chance to see it."
"OH! Then catch them on SPIKE TV!! Theyve got all the original episodes.."
"Dont have cable. :)"
"Oh, Im sorry."

Whoa. I swear, its like if you dont have cable, you might as well be homeless.

The average american has to pay 21 scheduled bills monthly.

My aim is to keep it to five.

cable can wait.
With all the recent rain, the hills are turning green. From where I am, i can see most of the high points of san francisco, and apart from the fog-wreathed heights of Mount Davidson, the hills have been brown since early last year.

The marin headlands are green again. Even alcatraz, which looks like a guano covered rocky outcrop is greening up nicely.

When the sun comes out, its a gorgeous sight.

Friday, November 12, 2004


A couple of years ago, i took some pictures from the top of the Bayonne Bridge.

Soon, a bunch of Port Authority cops screeched up, lights blazing, asking what I was doing.

That was before 9-11.

Now, except for the Brooklyn Bridge I believe, you cannot take pictures of the bridges of new york.

While at the Port Authority Bus station late in 2001, taking pictures, a cop warned me that taking pictures were very verboten. Taking pictures of the 9th street PATH station in the Village, i was told that was forbidden by a cop parked out front, and FOLLOWED down into the tube to make sure I didnt.

You cannot take pictures of sensitive structures in NY.

Even without a camera, I plan images wherever i go, and it bothers me that I have to judge a photograph by what i am allowed (or not) to take.

Here in tourist-oriented San Francisco, its nowhere near as intense - but there are definitely no pictures zones. Many of the places I go, like the subway tunnels, BART stations, federal buildings (and considering a good portion of san Francisco is still federal property - even though its rarely marked as such) et al, are off limits. Ur if not off-limits, will subject me to scrunity.


Still gotta take pictures tho..
The Peterson jury did the right thing.

Every time I go by the Berkeley waterfront where the bodies washed, a stunningly beautiful view of the Bay .. it just saddens me.

Justice has been served.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

lump a lump


If you're feeling lazy, don't be too hard on yourself. Even charging bulls like you need their downtime. Get over the hump by focusing on light tasks, such as making phone calls, reading research materials, and filing.

Man, its a good thing I rarely drink, cuz the way Ive been vegetating in my place the last few days, id be doing nothing but watching TV and knocking back cold ones, barely moving cept to leap into bed, stagger to the bathroom and back again.

You know, doing all this while hardly moving.

If I didnt have to get out of the house for obligations and appointments, id never leave or go walkabout.

Sure, its been overcast and drizzly - but thats no excuse not to be out and about.

A good thing about not having your own place, is that you gotta get out and about and fill the day. I swore when I did get a place to not get complacent and layabout for days at a time.


Or maybe I should just give myself a break...
In the past, ohhh 4 years - Ive not really watched a lot of TV, to the point where I could take it or leave it.

Now, I find myself having the tv on almost 24-7.

I have my favorites:

JPennant: now i want a nap :-)
Mcclint: hehehe
JPennant: man, I love joe brown
JPennant: the man crax me up
Mcclint: hoo?
JPennant: judge joe brown
Mcclint: oh boy. you're caught up in the evils of daytime TV
JPennant: yeah, i know
JPennant: love those judge shows
JPennant: they should have a law and order channel, with the judge shows
Mcclint: you do realize that they arent really courtroom shows. they are just regular trash talkshows just in a different format to cut down on the screaming and yelling
Mcclint: :-)
JPennant: granted. :-)

Dude, i look forward to re-runs of Girlfriends! I actually like Nanny911 (if i had a little less self-respect, id be taking notes ...). Dr Phil is my hero.

And dont get me started on Judge Joe Brown/Judy/Milian/Mathis. And Friends re-runs. And That 70's Show (I will prosecute you to the fullest extent of my *imagination*!!).

*happy* Ahh. Hmm.

TV is evil.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Return Riff

Gemini's are legendary for their need for space. The best way to be their friends is to let them be.

They usually come back.

RISSA: hi joe
JPennant: yo risa
JPennant: watsup
RISSA: hi! i feel like ive been neglecting you this time
JPennant: nah
JPennant: i only do guilt on special occasions ;-)
RISSA: sorry! i've been all over the place
RISSA: how are you??
JPennant: im fine, just takin those baby steps
RISSA: good for you
RISSA: which baby steps are those??
JPennant: get place, open bank account, get phone, stabilize life, etc
JPennant: things i used to not even think about im doing vewwy vewwy carefully now.
RISSA: well good
JPennant: :-)
RISSA: sounds like you're (yikes!) getting established
JPennant: hahah
JPennant: heck no
JPennant: just workin on stuff
JPennant: how you, anyhow
JPennant: what new adventures have you gotten yerself into?
RISSA: oooh! i'm going to nyc
RISSA: tomorrow!!!!!
JPennant: right on, what time you leavin?
JPennant: i miss the city :-/
RISSA: awww, cute. i'm leaving at 8 or 9, i don't remember
RISSA: i have it written down somewhere
JPennant: :-)
RISSA: i'm so happy, joe, i can't even tell you
JPennant: :-)
RISSA: this is the best- i'll be done with these applications and capping it all off iwth a trip there, its amazing
RISSA: and believe me its getting me through all of this!!
RISSA: plus we're going to do an early thanksgiving
RISSA: which is GREAT
JPennant: saves on airfare too :-)
JPennant: im happy for you m'dear
JPennant: you need the break
RISSA: thank you
RISSA: kay, kid, i have to go. gotta crack down so i can finish and get out of here
JPennant: aright hon, have good an safe trip
JPennant: have a coffee and bagel from a cart fer me :-)
JPennant: latah
RISSA: i'll be thinking of you every sip/bite.
JPennant: hee
RISSA: later
Yeah, i am missing the city.

Im reading the New York papers and seeing how the face of the place is changing, parts Im no longer recognising as new buildings go up, buildings come down, signs changing.

And Im not there to even capture it.

Uhura: hey, it's early for you!
JPennant: i need decaf
Uhura: oh. i'm sitting here getting hopped up on some mangia coffee
JPennant: whats mangia?
Uhura: fancy nyc food
Uhura: the firm ordered in breakfast
JPennant: ah
Uhura: bagels, coffee,lox, tomatoes
Uhura: fresh squeezed oj.
Uhura: etc
JPennant: i miss new york
Uhura: yeah
Uhura: more fun in the spring, summer, and fall
Uhura: winter is a bitch
JPennant: sure
Uhura: and that's what we're headed into now
JPennant: eh, reading the papers, things have been changing. passing me by.
Uhura: it's nyc. the city is always in flux
JPennant: i know :-
And Im missing it.

I dont wanna move back, i just wanna hit the town for a bit.

Or am i just missing the patties and cocoa bread?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Twas a tough week of sorts.

Like Iv
e been in a fight.

Every time I thought I could move forward, something else came up where I was screaming in frustration, and I had to go back to slugging to make sure things go smoothly..

Yet, progress has been and is being made.

Can I relax now? No.

This week's horrorscope:
There is always something new to learn, so don't fall into the trap of thinking that you know it all.

This week, it may feel as if you have reached the end of a difficult road, but it is only a temporary lull in proceedings, so don't start acting as if all your troubles are over - that time will come, but it is not here yet.

What you must learn is patience.

LEARN patience?