Saturday, May 17, 2003

Ahhh, random pictures

Random things from a days walk...

My friend Trevor from Acton House, walked with him to the Cal Berkeley campus to snag free use of the puters.

And then there was a tour for prospective students

Sunny, but cool. Berkeley natch.


Today's horrorscope:


Your heart seems to be beating a little bit faster now. Your pulse seems to be pumping like it knows something good is about to happen - and it is. Venus, planet of harmony, will bring you a surprise this weekend, the kind of surprise you thoroughly enjoy. You will enjoy it more if you share it with someone you love.

This mercury retrograde session has been horrendous. Disastrous, even.
Broke, homeless, prospects grim.

And yet Im bouncing around with a stoopid grin on my face, singing the entire Bob Marley boxed set. (And its not like I even *like* that mofo..)

JPennant: one guy saw me at Kinkos and said "STOP smiling so much" :-D
angelz: LOL
angelz: really?
angelz: hahhaahhahaa
angelz: sooo cute
JPennant: its true. I cant help myself :-)
angelz: :-)
angelz: makes me happy
JPennant: I SHOULD be in Woe-Is-Me mode, but Im all light an happy. Dammit :-)
angelz: lol

I am totally convinced good things are coming.

Shit, good things are here.

Am I having a disconnect with reality here, or is it all going in the right direction?

Im inclined to believe in the latter.

angelz: i loved how you were laughing and laughing on the phone
JPennant: as lilbro said.. Ive got me a kool-aid smile, draw your own conclusions :-)
angelz: LOL
angelz: :-)

Eclipse, shmeclipse.

I didnt feel motivated to see no stinkin eclipse, nor take pictures of it - specially cuz I was groovinating with my chica.

Eh, eclipse of the moon. Big deal. Happens twice a year

But my pal Clint did take some surprisingly kickass images of it.

So, with his permission, I share.

He used a:

Sony P31 digital camera and a Meade 70mm refracting telescope.

Quite good, Id say.

Taken from warm Jacksonville, Florida

See, I didnt need to go outside in this blasted East Bay night cold.....
Speaking of cold-ass Bay Weather, the other day I bumped into George's Light of his Life, A. in downtown Oakland

(Again! This is spooky, btw. I dont bump into people around this town, and its like me and A. have a monthly Twilight Zone thing goin..)

Dude. It was fuckin cold, even with the bright sunshine. Combine the skyscraper windtunnel effect, famously brisk breezes off the Pacific Ocean.. we were freezin our asses off.

Heh, and as usual - A put it in a way that succinctly expressed the situation..

To wit:

When I used to see California in the movies and on TV, I thought it was all surf and sand and warm all the time. But its always COLD here. Jeez, I thought I was gonna get Baywatch weather when I moved here!

Heeheehee. Zigactly. Couldna said it better myself.

Its frikkin late may and Im still wearing jackets. Gawd-a-mighty.

And its that blasted WET cold too....

Dont wander out at night without a jacket here. You'll be sorry.