Saturday, October 02, 2004

Mr Wilson rocks out on the spawn of Bjork

Ok, maybe Im getting all Mr Wilson-like in my old age... but.

Im getting to the age when i want to shake some young 'un and say:


What incited this state of crank, you may ask? Well, I'm in the Rockin' Java coffee house on Haight (again), and they play music constantly.

Over and over. Must be the barrista's favorite.

I dont know the name, but its a woman, singing like she's a 3 year old. No, really. She sings like she's a training pants child to the accompaniment of real musicians.

One time, I can dig the irony. Twice, I'll treat it as background noise.

But not all the time. For, you see...


Gottdamn, i thought Bjork was bad, but this...
To drown it out, I switched to ZZ top and cranked that mother to 11.

According to the barrista (male) this is not ONE person, but several who fit that description.

he described two of the offenders:

Coco Rosie and Joanna Newsom.

This crapp apparently is considered "indie music".


Holy shit.

Now, im starting to understand why older folk drift to the Oldies station.

Our nerves can take just so much.

Ahh, the bliss of Nine Inch Nails and Jethro Tull.

By thee way, the barista (male) knows the Newsom family and she is a cousin of da Mayor of San francisco.

The family must be so proud.

Taurus moondoggie

While doing
an interpretation chart for the GICD, I stumbled across an interpretation site that collected different opinions from different astrologers.

Then i decided to reread mine, and this caught my eye in the moon in taurus interpretation:

you can have a difficult time letting go of anything, even things that are holding you back. This can impede the flow of money coming into your life.

Hm. Letting go to get money?

The first things you need to let go of are your ideas: the idea that you have a difficult time with money; the idea that you have to earn every penny on your own and that it's going to be a tough provess; and the idea that you have to do everything yourself, in exactly your way, for your needs to be met.

There are others ways of looking at it??

You can have such a strong fear of losing your material security that you actually create a 'poverty consciousness' in your life, feeling that resources are limited and that you must be careful as to how you spend every penny.

Well, I thought the experience of the last 4 years has helped me to regard money as a tool, and to be careful with it.

Again, there is another way to look at it??

Your lesson is to learn to trust the universe and be open to the flow of money coming in and out of your life. You can do this by not focusing so intensely on your financial restrictions (that is, exactly how much this month's bills are) and by simply being open to the universe blsesing you with prosperity! You need to focus your creative mind less on financial worry and more on visualizing the universe's just pouring money on you and your joyful response. In this way, you can open yourself at last to the abundance you seek.

Hrm. My practical earth signs regard this as sounding slightly hippie...

You are also learning to accept the gift of money by allowing the resources of others to enrich your life without feeling you have to 'pay back every penny'. You need to be open to the joy of freely accepting money from other people and releasing the ego identification, not feeling that you have to do something in return.

Yes, this has become a big issue for me, and long a source of frustration with family and friends.

Hows that saying about learning goes? The lesson is learned when the student is ready.

Or is it, the teacher appears when the student is ready?

Friday, October 01, 2004

On rotation

Meshelle N'degeocello & Basement Jaxx - Feels like home

It does, but I wont analyze that.
Rocking Java Coffee Shop
1821 Haight Street
San Francisco

A waft of strong weed drifts to where I am.

Dreads wearing dude wandering in the general direction. No one else is anywhere near him. I look at him, he looks at me, i say nothing.

After a minute, the manager walks up and asks him:

"DUDE! Did you just light up some weed in here??"
"No man, wasnt me. I smelled it too. I smelled it from the bathroom when someone walks out. I smelled it and said 'thats some nice air freshener'."
"It was pretty strong man."
"Yeah, it sure was."

I looked at him again, smiled,. shook my head and went back to tip-tapping.
Joe's Rule of software: If Im not doing SOMETHING useful with an absence of cussing within 10 minutes of installation, it's effing useless.

My new default browser is's Firefox.

The geek pundits were going batshit over the preview release, and i gave it my 10 minute test.

Lo and behold, it felt as if I were browsing with new glasses. nuttin dramatic, and i made it cry and crash once (heh heh, I havent lost my touch *blow*), and it has a one or two display quirks .. but i like.

I havent changed my primary browser since oh, 1999.. when i discovered running IE on NT was not a bad deal at all with its old school TCP/IP stack, and Nutscrape hasnt been good since version 4.

So, for me, Mr I aint changing what I use unless there is a compelling reason, this is a big deal, in the minor epochal sense.

however, I havent installed the mail, cuz until yahoo makes a WebDAV plugin that allows me to download my mail locally, I dont need to.

Ooh, I feel adventurous now.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Youre fine. Now get off yer lazy arse.

The good news
today was that I FINALLY recieved my california ID after over a year of drama.

Now I can start getting some things done.

I also got some not-so good news.

k a t e: well, do you need me to send you anything?
JPennant: eh, im okay. I just gotta figure out how to deal with this surprise. I'll deal.

Actually, this was more of wakeup call. Now, ive gotta get shit going. That's my job.

misterB: so didja ever hear back on that ship job?
JPennant : nope
misterB: bah
JPennant : double bah, cuz now my source of cash has been eliminated almost totally (as little as it was), so I hAVE to find some money. get a part time gig.
JPennant : eh, i have to do it anyway
JPennant : but Id rather do it on my terms
misterB: good luck!
JPennant : heh, that should be a "git yer ass in gear!" :-)
misterB: im bein' nice ;-)
JPennant : i appreciate, but a quick kick in the ass is helpful
JPennant : :-)
JPennant : Nah, the time is now. There is nothing else to wait on.
misterB: then just do it
JPennant : yah
misterB: ack, sounds like a damn Nike commercial
JPennant : not cliched at all
misterB: heh

But, i was still in a bad mood.

Then, for something id do for my friend anyway:

k a t e : ok:-)
k a t e : thanks
k a t e : again and again
JPennant : :-)

That helped.

and seconds later i got an email, which ended with:

thank you for the email you sent me after we met at the coffee shop. and thanks for listening to my bantering about said boy. it warmed my little heart. you're fantastic, and i'm lucky to know you.

be good,

That also made me feel good.

Now its time to do for me.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

droptop daydreams

I believe
my first ride in a convertible was a friend in high school.

He had a MGB GT. Riding around in it was.. hmm. I think I didnt particularly care for it.

I think the noise and the sun beating down on me was the part I didnt care for.

I love sunroofs tho. Didnt buy a car without one, if i could help it.

Never bought a convertible tho.

However, being here in cali - convertibles makes sense. Its not really about the weather, just the wide open scenery and sky.

And it'd be a great platform for taking pictures from.

However, being older and *cough* wiser, I wouldnt want a MGB or old english car. Nor an older american convertible, having learned the hard way that they will nickle and dime you to death.

I kinda like the swedish convertibles from saab and volvo, although the concept of a 'swedish convertible' still makes me giggle.

The only japanese one Id consider is a miata, but its a tad small.

But, Im a german car kinda guy, so now we're talking. i like all the VW's, although fred calls the Cabriolets "bitch buggies".
Yeah, it's kinda girly, but Ive seen thuggish ruggish dudes in Atlanta loving them.

Nah, the ones I stare at appreciatively the most are the BMW convertibles.

When i was in high school, they were indeed only for the offspring of the rich and fatuous, but now - I wouldnt mind one.

And this time lapse video of a drive from LA to NY (via manuel) makes me want one very badly now.
I find myself not daydreaming nowadays.

Instead my reveries usually have me writing or planning or analyzing, rather than just letting my dreams go.

maybe its an older thing.

But right now, Id rather daydream to keep myself from thinking about the serious things I need to think about.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I rode a streetcar named desire this morning

I intended
to walk after breakfast this morn, but then I saw a really old streetcar i hadnt seen before, i veered off and jumped on to check it out..

It's one of those early 20th century ones.. all iron outside, polished teak and mahogany inside. Massive fucker too.

"I havent seen this one before, which one is this?", i asked the conductor.
"Its the streetcar named Desire from New orleans."
"Oh, cool."

In New Orleans, they didnt have numbered streetcars, just the street names of route they took, so this one once traversed the Desire route.

I got off at 7th street, the conductor waved at me and the green behemoth rumbled up Market into the drizzle and fog...

JPennant: saved from IE, and saved from safari
McClint: hmmm well send me the sit's and i'll see what i can do to make it a lot easier
JPennant: okie, thanx
JPennant: hang on
JPennant: earthquake
McClint: really?
JPennant: long one, jhang on
McClint: awesome! now we just need either a blizzard or 200 tornados in the midwest to spread out the destruction across the US
JPennant: ok, the tremor is down
McClint: sure it wasn't just a delivery truck or a fat man falling out of bed?
JPennant: im on the 4th floor of the sf library
JPennant: massive building
JPennant: it felt like a gentle, rythmic circular motion
McClint: hehe harmonic
JPennant: at first i thought it was me
McClint: having a fainting spell again?
JPennant: then I noticed city hall across the park was moving in the opposite direction
McClint: you really do need your morning latte and bagel, huh?
JPennant: thats actually what it sorta feels like. disorienting
McClint: ok... the "From IE" links is just an html file with all the links in it. i assume you had no probs with that one, right?
JPennant: nope
JPennant: just the safari files
McClint: ok hang on..

A few people did sprint from the building, but most folk excitedly chattered and collectively went 'whoa', then went back to what they were doing.

It all lasted about 30 seconds or so..

Strongest yet ive felt here.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Fuzzy static & feedback


Onyx, Big Pun & noriega - Shut 'em down
Eric B. & Rakim - Pump Up the Volume
DMX - Up in Here
Onyx & Biohazard - Slam

Sometimes I need to clear my head, and oft times, all it takes is a session with some hard core east coast rap.

Dunno what it is that does it, but its really about the energy propelled by the EC vibe. a sort of headbanging rush.

Plus, I threw in a little Liz Phair in the mix for the energy. :)

Helps to take mind off distractions...

I dont
think this is the kind of Jeanne floridians were dreaming of...

McClint: you there?
JPennant: yup
McClint: get any of my IMs?
JPennant: nope
McClint: a big fucking tree fell on my neighbor's house and knocked out power last night at 7
McClint: I still do not have power. I am powering my server and cable modem via my UPS right now
JPennant: damn
JPennant: shut down the server, man
McClint: i drove around earlier looking for a public or even private WAP i could get on with but i had to go to 5 points
JPennant: that far eh?
McClint: well this is a 1000 model UPS
JPennant: still
McClint: I think i've got a bit more time left
McClint: i think i hear JEA trucks outside now so hopefully i'll be back in business shortly
JPennant: cool
McClint: all my food int he fridge thawed so I'll have to go grocery shoppin soon
McClint: but that's ok it wasnt much and i needed to go shopping anyway
JPennant: put everything in the freezer and keep it closed
McClint: i did but 12 hours later everything was almost room temperature. oh well
JPennant: you alright otherwise?
JPennant: hm, my connection seems to be flaking out
McClint: yeah. just not much sleep at all. the wind kept HOWLING and I still have a few trees right next to my house that were a lot flimsier than the giant oak tree that fell
McClint: I didnt get mush sleep at all but i kinda slept more or less from midnight to 9 when i heard the chainsaws fire up
McClint: i took lots of pix
McClint: i'll share the pix after i get power back up but for now i better run
JPennant: alright papi, dont go tripping over no powerlines, aight? :-)
JPennant: you there?

Previous message was not received by McClint because of error: User McClint is not available.

Agita? no. nervous? no. pissed? not even. but Im not sure what kinda mood im soaking in.

Today's horrorscope, naturally..

You may find it hard to be patient today - you just can't understand why certain things are taking so long - but you won't get anywhere if you lose your temper or start accusing others of dragging their feet. Also, if you get annoyed, you could do yourself physical or emotional harm.


That kinda mood, yes.

Sunday, September 26, 2004