Saturday, February 14, 2004


Ok. Saturday. I must acomplish *something* toward my goals.


Yesterday, did quite a bit, even got some plaudits. So today, something, something.. but what?

*smack smack yawn*

Wandered the Berkeley Farmers Market, greeted folk who all wondered where Ive been the past few weeks.


Mira has gone off to Europe for a few weeks, for the first time. Get to see her guy too. She was so giddy. :-)


"It's Saturday. You dont HAVE to do anything. Plus its a holiday weekend, so chill."

Yeah, but Im feeling motivated NOW. Sorta.

My hawaiian aunty gave me a box of JellyBellies for Valentines, adding to the chocolate and the odd card or two.


Ooh, found a GREAT bagel place this morn. The bagels are *definitely* New Yawk worthy. Although the counter-help had that sweet beatified Cali look when I snapped off an order.

Like I wanted kindness and consideration for a morning bagel.


Me: "Plain bagel, cream cheese."
Help: "Would you like that toasted?"
Me: "If its warm, nah."
Help turns to her father: "Are these warm?"

I goggled. Shit, even *I* could feel the heat coming through the glass of the counter.
Her father comes over, puts a food-gloved hand on the stack of soft, chewy, large plain doughs of goodness that I was being kept from snarfing on as the seconds ticked away.

"Yes." replied her father, patiently. I could tell he had spent time in New York.

She turned back to me smilingly, "So, you dont want them toasted?".

*gnargnargnargnargnargnar* I gnashed internally while keeping a stoic, patient look about my face, as I said, "Nope, no toasted."
GAWD. 8 seconds we'll NEVER get back in this lifetime.

She works in a bagel shop and doesnt know that if the bagel is warm (and it was DEFINITELY warm), you dont NEED to toast. The butter or cream cheese is gonna melt. In fact, its preferable you DONT toast it to keep the warm chewiness intact.


Well, she took her time (dude, 40 seconds to wipe a schmeer of cream cheese on a sliced bagel.. C'MON!!.. NY bagelmeisters know that 10 seconds later I should be out the door!!).. and then..

"Would you like coffee or something else with that? Coffee? Anything? "

*ohmygodohmygodohmygod* Did I SAY I wanted anything else????
Waitwaitwaitwait.. I didnt. I didnt respond with sarcasm, edge to my voice, nunna dat. No, my time in California has taught me that impatience and overt brusqueness scares the natives into hurt feelings, resentment and further passive-aggressiveness, so I stilled the internal turmoil, breathed and centered myself:

"Not at all. Thank you."

I put my hand over with cash in hand, the same hand readied to receive the bag.

This confused her. She stared at this sleight of hand, as I held BOTH the bag and money in one hand.


Ok, I needed to hurry this along.

I shook the hand. The bag rattled, the bills vibrated. She recognised the intent.

"Oh" her mouth made, she smiled and resumed motion. She took the money.


New Yorkers, the bagels are excellent. Taste of the morning. Get your jones there.

Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy
1281 Gilman St., Berkeley

Be nice to the help.


Friday, February 13, 2004

Sometimes, I do forget


You must stay focused on your No. 1 priority today, no matter how many people try to distract you and no matter how many interesting things may be going on all around you. You are so close to reaching your goal, so close to doing something that you have dreamed about.
One small push could be all it takes. Don't lose your way now.

Yea, verily.. sometimes I do find myself getting caught up in the distractions and forgetting what all Ive set out to do.

Focus, papi..
I stepped off the bus, and stood there, wondering what I should do.

The place didnt open until 10am, and it was all of 8:30. Hm, coffee? Meh.

Then I spotted the short shape of Fabianna walking down the block. I walked over to join the woman who has a BFA from Cal-Berkely, writer, sculptor, former sex-industry worker, as I realized she was headed for an accupuncture session.

So thats how I started my day not with coffee, but with accupuncture.

It took a good 20 minutes before my body involuntarily relaxed section by section and the nervous tension Ive unconsciously carried these past few months sagged away.

Goodness, Ive forgotten how good that feels.

What? This.. is Berkeley.

Thursday, February 12, 2004


I feel
much better.

Coffee and a donut feels right about now.

Hell. *brightens* A VentiMocha and a Bear Claw!

Right on.

Yes, its a wonderful day.
Last night I had a glass of wine, surprising Mira at her little dinner party, because she assumed I wouldnt want anything to drink.

Normally I dont.

It went well with the meal, and I woke up clear headed. (Although no less cranky, according to the fellas, although apparently I did say "please" and "thank you sir", when I told them to keep the blasted noise down this morning.)

An idea occurred to me. A wine bar for teetotallers like me.

I DONT wanna buy a bottle of wine if all Im gonna have is a glass once a month.

Lemme walk in, have a glass of decent wine, cheese crackers, whatever .. and be on my way.

They can recork and reserve to someone else.

Yeah, that'd be cool.
Last night as I walked down from Mira's house, a plate of lovingly wrapped veggie lasagna and some brischotta (I think), I passed by a well dressed-man who I at first thought was saying hello.

It was only when he took the plate from my hand was when I realized he was hungry and was in the process of asking for the plate of food to eat.

This is Berkeley. I gave him the food. He needed it more than I. I have food available to me, I wont go hungry here.

Of course, when he asked in his french accent for a few pennies to get a soda when I smilingly told him no, have a nice night, enjoy the food and to move on.

This may be Berkeley, and the kindness overflows here - but some folk will take kindness for weakness.
Right down the street from where I was walking is Berkeley's famous Gourmet Ghetto, home to Chez Panisse, the Cheese Board Collective where the finest breem and produce can be had.. people were lining out the doors ...

I realized that the high prices support the overflowing cornucopia which *will* filter down to people that need it.

In Berkeley, there are a ton of folk, aged and young, who cant afford to live there. But you will be taken care of.

Its the Berkeley Way.. something to behold.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Black Coffee

Apparently, it wasnt
merely a *bleh* feeling.

My first inkling that something was very wrong was when the thought of a morning cuppa Peet's Coffee made me feel queasy.

I ended up cancelling Noontime tea with Mira.

By Monday night I was vomiting from both ends.


I slept in all day Tuesday.

Im still on the weak side.

I shoulda stayed in.
On the good side, Local Girl proved to be a trooper. Strong. Me being sick didnt faze her.

Heh, said that was no excuse to not see her when she swung by.

'Church, work or school' were the only ones she was gonna accept.

Made sure I was ok, gave me stuff to control the nausea.

Its the ones who you never notice are the ones who come out of the wings and pull through.

Black coffee, no sugar no cream indeed.

Might haveta reconsider my "Do Not Observe" stance on Val's Day.

Still kinda woozy.

In other news

Im an Uncle.

Pretty little thing of Jamaican and Barbadian origin.

My little brother is a daddy.

*grump* Now I gotta be all nice to him.


Ok, just one:

She is *far* too pretty be his daughter.


Congratulations, papi.

You'll make an excellent father.
Happy belated, Angeline.

Boy, you sure dont LOOK your age.

Jailbait. :-D

You're entitled.

Monday, February 09, 2004


Maybe I just
need a Mocha...


Or maybe a haircut.

Or tea with Mira as planned.

Loony, moody Cancers make me laugh.

That and Calvin and Hobbes.


Sans the (previously seen) Usual Suspects

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