Saturday, May 01, 2004

Living well is a dish best served cold

A maxim
I made up myself:

"People dont give respect until one can demonstrate accomplishment and or wealth. It's human nature."

I should copyright that fucker.

I looked at my nicely mounted work last night, graciously accepting compliments ...

"You should do this for a living."

No shit, I thought.

There have been times when Ive wanted to beg for help, and recently I have. Against my better judgement.

Know the old joke about how its easier for the rich to get loans?

Then you know what kind of direct help Ive received.

Which is fine, for its better doing it by myself. It makes the results that much sweeter.

Heh, and those who offer help? Except for the people who I know their word to be bond, I tend to be skeptical at most of that Good Intentions rot.

Ive been accused of having Trust and Control Issues.

No kidding.

Excuse me if I sound a tad bitter, but the chip on my shoulder is hard to remove. It also motivates me to do things my way.

Plus, if you go around expecting to be help, pretty soon one starts believing he or she is entitled to it.

Nah, not me.

Im entitled to squat.

Thats why there is a bittersweet feeling whenever I look at the things Ive accomplished.

Ive EARNED it.

The hard way.
"You TOOK these pictures???"

Its very hard not to stifle a growl at that statement...

I swear, there are people who think Im passing off other people's work as my own.

So yeah, that irritates me on several levels.

But thats ok. There's a lot more to come.

I couldnt have come this far without the help, encouragement, love and support of some very good folk.

Theyve kept my spirits up, given tangible support, been there when Ive been written off and shown the best of themselves, giving me faith by showing a little.

And bought me coffee. :-)

I am extremely grateful, and my efforts are partly dedicated to you all.

To you all, I say thank you.

I wont, and will never, forget.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Well-deserved plug

Bank VP by day, rock star by night - my friend Carol (the infamous 'chooper') and her band Ointment is playing tomorrow May 1st at The Orange Bear in lower Manhattan..

directions from the flyer

need a little **Ointment**?

Ointment will be performing

at the Orange Bear on May 1st, 2004 9pm $5 Cover

The Orange Bear is located at

47 Murray St (btwn W. Broadway & Church St.), New York, NY.


1, 9, 2, 3 to Chambers St (Walk Down W. Broadway 2 Blocks, Turn left on Murray St)

N,R to City Hall (Walk Down Murray St. about a block and a half)

Ive heard a few of the songs from their last (and first ever) gig. Theyre actually pretty good.

chooper: so Im glad you like it
chooper: its so much fun
JPennant: I do :-)
JPennant: When the CD comes in the mail, Im adding it to my playlist
chooper: aw
chooper: that is so sweet
JPennant: Heh. I wouldnt do that if my ears were pained by it, no :-)
chooper: hehehe
chooper: tru

Now, lets see if I can get her to make some band t-shirts so I can get one :-)

Procrastination never comes

Thanks to
a friend, I now own the domain.

Characteristically, I havent uploaded any content to it yet to make it live.

Not like its brain surgery or nuthin.

Someday, my procrastinating nature will be the death of me.

Two days before the show, I havent finished mounting my images yet. Ive got excuses galore (poverty, lack of facilities and equipment, mercury retrograde, etc), but when it comes down to it - its just me.

It wil be done. No excuses.

Now, if I could find me a pencil...
Today's horrorscope weighs in on this issue:
You will have to make a difficult choice concerning your work or career today and, no, you can't put it off yet again.

You have reached one of those points in your life where you have to go one way or the other, and if you cannot decide, then fate will decide for you. It will be much less painful if you do it yourself.

Id better get moving then.

Thursday, April 29, 2004



Avoid using the word "why" because it demands that the world justify itself to you. Besides, there are more powerful questions - for instance, "who" and "how" blow away "why." You will have a creative breakthrough when you figure out who your market is and how you're the only one qualified to do what you've set out to do. Tonight, someone near needs more tenderness from you. Happiness is putting family first.

"Why" is self-evident.

"How".. is becoming clearer. No surprises there, although the timing seems to be critical.

Someone pointed out, striving is different from arriving. Im arriving.

As I was telling the Taurean companion.. I do what I say I will do.. but always on my own timetable.

"Who". Whoa. Didnt anticipate that.
Rick: WHOA! I *KNOW* YOU! Youre trying to sabotage this one too!! Man!
Me: Yea, looks like it. Damn, I didnt know it was that obvious.
Rick: Well, its alright - you dont need the distractions right now. You have too much to get done.
Me: Youre absolutely right.
Rick: ... of course, it means youre screwing yourself out of nookie too.
Me: Youre absolutely right. Hm.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Fairy Godmothers and Hair Grease

From my Morning Marn (tm):

Last night the spousal unit came home from work, had supper, and mosey'd down to the tractor because he expected to be moving a trailer's worth of rock.

Only, uh, there wasn't any rock in the trailer because apparently you can't just wish rocks to jump out of walls into tractor wagons. Nope, apparently, you have to carry rocks from walls and drop them into tractor wagons.

I know. I am as appalled by this turn of events as you are.

I know how she feels.

Sunday, I have pictures to mount and hang, and well - lets just say I probably still have a long way to go.

And Im trying to scrounge up a measly 60 bux for more art supplies NOW.

Where is my Fairy Rock Godmother when I need her? Huh? HUH?

I know, Marn.. Im looking for MY Photpography Mounting and Hanging Godmother.

That @^#@% aint showed up *yet*...

k a t e: IM Administrator: This IM session is being recorded by (big-ass corporation) and may be reviewed for business or compliance purposes.

k a t e: hey
JPennant: yes ma'am?
k a t e: where is my picture!!!????!!!
JPennant: All my funds are tied up, but they have been printed.
k a t e: :-D
k a t e: ow are you
JPennant: Oh, ever so slightly freaking out
JPennant: you?
k a t e: i am actually doing ok, what is wrong
JPennant: oh, I just need to get some more foam board and watercolor rag paper to finish mounting the pictures for the show, but Im having trouble raising the funds
JPennant: and the pictures have to be up Sunday
JPennant: so, yah.
k a t e: eeks
JPennant: yup
JPennant: Im trying that "patience" thing
k a t e: :-)
JPennant: I have to admit, I do look hella calm
JPennant: yep, apart from that, things are good
JPennant: my fairy godmother says she'll be a little late, but not to worry :;-)

k a t e: good
JPennant: Heh. My pal Kate.
k a t e: :-)
JPennant: by the way
JPennant: 2 of your pictures are in the show
k a t e: yeah?:-)
JPennant: yup
JPennant: one of you on the first cable car ride
JPennant: and that movie star shot in black and white
k a t e: hehe
k a t e: :-)
k a t e: danke
JPennant: the pictures are good. they stand on their own.
JPennant: they make people stop and look
k a t e: b.c of my striking looks:-)
JPennant: heheh
JPennant: yeah yeah, you were cursing me the whole time :-)
JPennant: *kekeke*
JPennant: well, you didnt get in becuz yer my friend
JPennant: its becuz theyre REALLY good images
JPennant: yeah yeah, striking looks too *rolls eyes* :-)
JPennant: so vain :-)
k a t e: i am just truthful
k a t e: :-P
JPennant: LOL

JPennant: hey hon, Im out.. you take it light
k a t e: you too!

Today's Song in my Head

Mary Jane (All Night Long) - Mary J. Blige

Finally found it and downloaded it..

JPennant: Ahhh, yes.. nuthing like listening to a song that youve had in your head all day. ;-)
JPennant: Its almost always better listening than trying to remember it :-)
GlinessaNY lol
JPennant: Dunno why its called "mary jane", but its still sweet :-)
GlinessaNY they remixed it from the original called mary rick james
JPennant: ahhhh. okie. :-)
JPennant: took me years to realize who Mary Jane was too.. ;-)
JPennant: I had to see the Dave Chappellle flick "Half Baked".. where he had to choose between the MaryJane , and his girl Mary Jane.
GlinessaNY lol
JPennant: then I went "Oh!"
JPennant: yeah, Im innocent. :-)
GlinessaNY naw...just a little behind
JPennant: heheh. :-)

Monday, April 26, 2004

Living Lightness of Being

When I started
on this little excursion, I was pulling a lot of gear and luggage, about 6 pieces worth. Two suitcases, a laptop bag, a satchel, 2 backpacks..

Now Im down to two backpacks, a luggage bag and a laptop bag.

I still have too much stuff.

I could easily shed one of the backpacks, but its good to have a spare.

The best way figure out what you REALLY need to live light, imagine having to carry all that you own around with you. Constantly. Every day. Truly excellent motivation to shed the superfluous. Ounces count.

The essentials are: a weeks worth of t-shirts, underwear and socks. (Clean and dry socks are ESSENTIAL.) 2-3 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of shoes/sandals/boots, dress shirt and pants (more if working), and one or two fleece jackets, vests and tough outerwear.


I get rid of most of the books I have once Im done, with pending reading kept light. Books are HEAVY.

Paperwork accumulates, but they have to be kept. Only the essential.

Its tempting to load up on gear too, with all the stuff you think you need. You dont. :-/ All you need is what it takes to get the job done, no more.
A laptop with a CD burner, small external drive, 2 cameras and bag for cables. Even a PDA I find irritating.

But you DO need backup. Specially for the work I do. Hard drives fail, CD's fail less often.

I hate carrying around my CD case, but it has saved my arse far too often.

And that's still too much stuff to be carrying around, which is why a place to park most of it is like a dream come true.

Which is why I dream of a homebase to operate out of.

And even there, living light...

A flat mattress, a table, chairs and a few stands. Thats it.

A flat screen LCD with tuner hooked up to an old computer is all the entertainment center I need.

Although, I will prolly drag an old Lay-Z-Boy off the streets.

Some things you just cant do without. :-)