Saturday, October 13, 2001

copyright 2001 Tad Toulis

Heheh. Those loco folk from california....

'excuse me, could you put that cigarette elsewhere?'

so, i removed the necklace from the rack for the other woman and picked my smoke back up and put it in my mouth.

'oh, in your mouth,' the woman on the left said.

'we're from a place where no one smokes,' she continued.

'yeah, where you from, california?' i answered.

she looked at me like i should be surprised, and then said yes.

and really, i just couldn't take it anymore.

so, i let her have it...
From Dori's Saranwarp...



I doubt anyone wants it, but I think I'll make myself an E train t-shirt.

E train? The train line that ends at the World Trade Center.

Friday, October 12, 2001

From Dr. Scott's Journal:

I remember him giving us a mock tour of the medical library and saying in typical sardonicism, "Now THIS strange place is called a LIBRARY. Use it some time."
I'm there often nowadays. :-)

Learning quite a bit.

There are other things I think about when I read his journal, but people get that worried and or disdainful look when I say or write them out loud.. so I dont.

The chip on my shoulder gets even more massive when people do that.

But even when he writes on the serious tip, I still smile.

I like his writing.

Funnily enough, I appreciate it more when at the library. Heh.

Browsing fotos of subway tunnel damage taken by NY Transit employees....

Someone told me of the beams crashing through to the tunnels. I didnt think theyd be flooded too, specially that far up.

Man, I can recognize the Cortlandt 1/9 Station I had to use from the WTC .. but barely.

I guess one of the good things to come from this is that now the tunnels will be rebuilt.

That needed to be done anyway.

I wonder how the resident rats I used to see on the platforms down there are doing.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Message to the always amazing Poo:

You were right. Turning out pretty much the way you said it would.

Thank you.

I guess the trick to life isnt really about knowing the answers, but knowing which questions to ask.
No pictures right now, cause my camera image reader is/has been on da fritz...

Anyone got a USB Smartmedia card-reader lying around.. send it this away...

Got about 400 images from the last month to offload.

So, I can only describe the weather these last few days as 'glorious'.

One of the benefits of having seasons.

I can only describe this because.. :-)

Im getting stony glares from the sicilian ladies, cuz I promised prints of the pictures I took of them .. and they havent happened yet.

We dont WANNA piss these women off...

Monday, October 08, 2001

Walking past the car going for my morning coffee, I noticed the large flag normally flying from the antenna of the Cappy's car was gone..

So was the antenna itself.

I assumed when she was gone for the weekend with her husband, she had taken it off for safe keeping.

She always flew a flag on her car - even before 9-11, being ex-military and all.

Later that day as I dropped by to do some work with her, I asked:

"Whydja take the flag off your car?"

"Its gone?"

"Yup. I thought you'd taken it off."

"*groan*. Thanks for making my day, Joe."

Someone stole her flag.

Couldnt or didnt wanna buy their own, so they jacked the woman's flag, antenna and all.

I doubt hers is the only one being stolen.

Stealing a frikking flag.

Jesus. Some people. New York is coming back to normal.
A plane flew low over Bayonne this weekend.

Before 9-11, that happened several times a minute as planes came in to land at Newark Int'l Airport right across Newark Bay, changing from their usual landing patterns when there are high winds.

Now, that happens rarely.

From my bedroom window, I used to see planes coming in fast into all 3 airports, one every 10 seconds or so.

Now, I dont even see the ones going into JFK..

The ones going into LaGuardia fly over the New York Bay, high and slow - with all lights blazing - at intervals of every two minutes.

Not the usual 20 seconds.

Not flying under 10,000 feet.

You can hardly even hear 'em.

There are few private planes or copters flying, as there is a 43 mile exclusion zone over New York.

No deviating.

The only air activity you'll hear at night is the occasional thunder of a takeoff.

On one hand, I appreciate the peace and quiet.. on the otherhand, well - you know...

According to the bank temperature signs yesterday, the temperature never went below 50 degrees all day.

They lied.

Specially when that Nor'east wind kicked up.

The sicilian ladies all agreed, it was far ^ $%*$% colder than the weatherman said.

Early this morning, the signs read 38 degrees. Aha, the truth.

And with the wind dying down, it was &#%$%^ glorious today.

Nuthin like #$$#^$% New York in the &%^%$%# fall. :-)