Saturday, August 09, 2003

Run away to the circus? Nah, move to Cali and run for governer

In the style of George, an excerpt from the current East Bay Express, the free paper for the other side of the Bay...

It's official: California has finally reclaimed its rightful place as the wackiest state in the union.

Florida had us beat for a while with Elian Gonzalez and hanging chads, but we came roaring back with this whole recall thing. Think about it: Darrell Issa -- an alleged car thief who later made his fortune selling car alarms -- decides he wants to be governor.

So he throws the world's sixth largest economy into utter chaos by paying a bunch of losers to collect enough signatures to invalidate an election that's not even a year old -- right in the middle of the worst deficit crisis in state history.

You can't make this shit up.

Chris Thompson, East Bay Express

Therefore, they nominate Gary Coleman and put him on the ballot. Really.

And then it gets weirder.

All the qualified GOP candidates bow out to give .. Conan Arnold .. the lead.

Yes. Really.

Of *course* the orders came from on high.

Hokay, I think the Republican Party have finally figured out California.

It's a different State of Mind. Treat it as such.

By the way, the recall ballot will be a collectors item. Grab one.


I SHOULD be making my business cards.

When you hear several times a day "Do you have a card?", you know there's a need. Now.

Fucked-up laptop notwithstanding, there is money and my future at stake...



Is this where Im shooting myself in the foot, Poo?

For medicinal purposes only

Whenever someone wearing sunglasses would walk into the house of my first teenage beau, Arlene (god, she was an ice queen), her younger sisters would dramatically cover their eyes and issue a bitingly sacarstic exclamation of "MY GOD, IT IS SO *BRIGHT* IN HERE!!"

(Translation: Cuz, see - you really dont need to wear sunglasses INSIDE a house, you pretentious motherfucker.)

To this day, I always subliminally associate wearing sunglasses as being ever so slightly pretentious.

Ive started wearing one.

Never mind that I dont wear contacts and these arent prescriptions.

And I'm myopic as all get out.

Still, Im wearing them because the bright California light is starting to affect me.

These bring relief to mine eyes.

Plus I like the way they look.

Im even flipping them on top of my cap's bill like Ive seen done all over.

I wish I could actually see out of them, but thats ok...

I'm being ever so slightly pretentious.

Friday, August 08, 2003

A little over a year ago...

Thanks to someone
in Brazil jumping onto this link:


That was an interesting end and start. I'd totally forgotten about it.

Really, that was the start to this journey..

A little over a year ago.


Cali license plates




Cars and other moving violaters

..other things

(Afternoon fog rolling in across the Bay to the hills as the sun goes down)

JPennant: I an I realize yesterday that I lost my direction comin out here fi tek
JPennant: I forgot about the color blue
JPennant: theres not enough blue in my pictures anymore
k a t e: what do you mean by you lost your direction?
JPennant: I came out here to capture something
JPennant: and i lost that reason along the way
k a t e: hmmm:-)
JPennant: yesterday I realized whats been missing from my pictures
k a t e: i think you have done really well out there, personally
JPennant: t'ank you dear. you always been my supporter
k a t e: :-)
JPennant: but still, I havent been satisfied with my pics lately
JPennant: Im gonna start looking for more blue