Saturday, September 18, 2004

Excerpt from a letter I sent this morn:

Anyway, Im at the sacred grounds coffee shop at Hayes
and Cole this qiuet saturday morn enjoying the FAST wireless
connection and the funky interior. It doesnt have that
generic Central Perk hip feel you see everywhere. It just IS..
More like a slouch,
warm, comfortable bohemian, artsy touch with all kinds
of couches and comfy corners.. I could fall asleep
he... *snorrxxxxx*

On rotation:

I'll Die Happy - Louis Jordan

And I cant live right for living wrong
But I'll die happy

Sometimes the best way to deal with temptation and obsessions is give in to them, to relieve the pressure...

My restraint was wearing thin, the vaunted jedi mind trix getting old.

Reminiscent of a seinfeld episode (no, not the master of my domain one, the backslide one where elaine keeps gets back together with puddy) I almost fell into wanting to go back, or go take a look see. see how things are going. No harm, right? We're cool, right?

Like Elaine, i dialled.

I (rhetorically), put the phone back down before it could be answered.

No. Going back, even a little, has NEVER been good. Never.

There are always good reasons that there was a parting of the ways.

Not the least of which, it makes room for the other good things and people.

Nope. Nothing good. Never. Move on. (Jedi Mind Trick).

Friday, September 17, 2004

Warm fuzzies

The more
enamored you become of a place, the more you gloss over the bad points. Start seeing them as positives, even..

New York, you overlook the dirt, grit and smells of the place.

Chi-town, the disadvantages of being in the middle of the country.

San Francisco, the everpresent chill, starting to like it when its mild (people smelll less, cuz they sweat less..)

But when the wind turned around noon, as I walked out of the Cup-a-Joe coffee shop on hayes and ashbury, signalling a change in the warmth we've been having this past week or so .. I didnt like it.

A body is used to pretty even temperatures. Not abrupt changes in wind and temps.

This reminds me that I cannot be comfy here.

In real life, im not particularly demonstrative, just to those Im comfortable with and have known.

Still, i hold back more often than not. I try to keep the mushiness factor down.

I was thinking about this today, so naturally along comes today's horrorscope:


You will be intensely practical in everything you do today. While that may be good news for your job, and for money matters and business issues, it may not be quite so good for more personal things such as family relationships and affairs of the heart.
Remember, those who love you need to be reminded occasionally that you still care about them.

As i said, i was thinking about this today. Like how im often standoffish to even the people I care about, so I decided to give some fuzzy.

Normally i dont disturb her when she's working, but..

JPennant: (((hug)))
JPennant: figure you need a little of that today. :-)
JPennant: dont ask. Im trying to change how I am with the folk I care aboot.
k a t e: ahhhh you are sweet
k a t e: ((((HUG)))) back at ya
JPennant: :-D
JPennant: thanx pal. I needed that.
JPennant: you doin ok?
k a t e: yeah
k a t e: frustrated with ******
(snip of her bizness)
JPennant: id be talking to a supervisor by now
JPennant: can you get any work done without it?
k a t e: i have
k a t e: believe me
JPennant: hopefully they'll get the giddyup in their step by this weekend
JPennant: anything else harshing yer mellow?
JPennant: <-- (learning california speek, dude)
k a t e: hehe
k a t e: nope - just that
k a t e: looking forward to a vodka tonic on my train ride home
k a t e: yipeeeee
JPennant: LOL
JPennant: tgif :-)
k a t e: c ya lata alligata
JPennant: be good n' stuff m'dear :-)
k a t e: always
k a t e: :-)
JPennant: heh

k a t e signed off at 1:57:20 PM

Maybe i should do this more often?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Prescience or wishful thinking?

Like i did
in june, im getting the strong feeling I should be wrapping up loose ends...
This weeks horrorscope:

This week we dare you to go all seven days without tripping about your future. It'll be hard, but we think it'll be mighty beneficial to put all your focus on how fabulous your present is and to engage in caretaking the wonderful and complicated right-now. Start by letting others know where you're at.

Talking to someone I hold in the highest esteem..

JPennant: yo mrs p**** :-)
Nancy: howdy mr p
JPennant: how are you
Nancy: i'm good - how are things with you?
JPennant: doing ok.. not about to complain
Nancy: lol - same ol joe - never complains :-)
Nancy: goes with the flow...
JPennant: heh
Nancy: have you heard from your family in jamaica?
JPennant: no, the phones are still out in the rural areas.
JPennant: cant believe I applied to go work on a cruise ship
Nancy: that's great!!!!
Nancy: the ship I mean - not the family situation
JPennant: i know :)
Nancy: what would you be doing on the ship?
JPennant: I wanted to be on as a photographer, but i applied as an IT guy
Nancy: you could do both :-)
Nancy: which line?
JPennant: norwegian
Nancy: awesome! its a tough life but i'm sure you'd see a lot of the world
JPennant: if I get the good word
JPennant: i go to miami for training, then honolulu for more.
Nancy: oooo hawaii ...
JPennant: yah, hawaii is the whole point of all this
Nancy: that's what i gathered.
Nancy: did they give you any indication when you would hear?
JPennant: the HR guy said eight days.
JPennant: Im gonna assume he meant 2 weeks in business days
Nancy: did he sound positive?
JPennant: yes, he did
Nancy: good. I'll say an extra prayer for ya

JPennant: oh yeah, i cant swim :-)
Nancy: that's what the life jackets are for ;-)
JPennant: heheh
Nancy: you can always take lessons...
JPennant: actually I have. Adult swimming lessons.
JPennant: but i have a fatal flaw on body type
Nancy: and what happened?
JPennant: when I float on my back
JPennant: my face settles approx 2 inches beneath the surface ;-)
JPennant: someone told me I have too much muscle mass. im not a natural 'floater'
Nancy: very easy to fix.... don't float on your back - heee heee heee
JPennant: heheh.
Nancy: even in salt water?
JPennant: yup
Nancy: so you can't float but I'm sure you could doggie paddle at least...
JPennant: at the age of 5 my pops tried to teach me how to swim by throwing me into salt water
JPennant: me remembering the sensation of drowning vividly to this day explains my freakout at deep water
Nancy: well if you get this gig I'll send you some swimmies for your arms... that will help ya ;-)
JPennant: hee hee
JPennant: I'll tell the customers its standard cruise company issue :-) cuz I'll be wearing them 24/7 you betcha
Nancy: you'll just have to paint the NCL logo in them and no one will ask any questions...
JPennant: ooh, good plan

JPennant: im starting to get the feeling I should be wrapping up loose ends here
JPennant: never quite sure if its wishful thinking or presience
Nancy: you have excellent 'instincts'
JPennant: heh, thanx
JPennant: im looking forward to this
JPennant: not sure why tho
Nancy: don't ask why and just enjoy being excited about something new
JPennant: yeah
JPennant: :-)

she's right. im having a good time. Why stress about what will be. Cuz it'll be.

just relax.
As this week's horrorscope continues:

Get happy before you get snappy. What we mean is, the time to take action is swiftly approaching, and we want you to be acting from a joyful ? or at the very least, contented ? place. Get balanced and grounded lest you accidentally wound someone. You're making decisions for yourself, not against anyone or anything.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

On today's humming/whistling rotation

Louis Jordan - choo choo cha boogie

one of my favorite songs since I first heard it as a five year old. Little did I know I would be living the words.

Words that now speak to my walkabout heart..

Heading for the station with a pack on my back
tired of transportation in the back of a hack

i love to hear the rythm of the clickety-clack
and hear the lonesome whistle
see the smoke from the stack
and pal around with democratic fellows named Mack

Take me right back to the track, jack

You reach your destination by the last of your lack
you need some compensation to get back in the black

you take the morning paper from the top of the stack
and read the situations from the front to the back

the only job thats open needs a man with a knack
so put it right back in the rack, jack

Choo chooooo
choo choo cha boogie
wooo wooo
wooo wooo cha boogie

take me right back to the track, jack

"Pal around with democratic fellows named mack". Love that. :)

Im having wicked fun whistling this under my breath. Especially when people try to join in, but they cant place the tune. Heheh.

Because im usually whistling louis Jordan's saxaphone parts, which are actually quite simple, but so tuneful that it makes people jump, even when they dont know what it is. :)
Even when flush, Im not much for shopping, window or otherwise.

But coming from my morning decaf on sixth street, I passed by a pawn shop, and stopped dead in my tracks.

For in the window was a ... Nikon F4...


Yes, absolutely, im an avowed fan of the digital workflow. Film is too much work and too expensive for me nowadays.

But. An F4. Whoo. That is a titanium alloyed working professional hunk.

Hard-core serious old-school shit, man.

I got wet looking at it in the window.

I asked the man how much.


Too much. Of course he knows how much it's worth.

Eh, I dont need it. It'd be a pain to lug around. To store. I need to travel light.


Boy, it was pretty tho.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Looking under "H" for "Hawai'i"


Network/Internet specialist needed. Oceanfront view!

Reply to: ***************
Date: 2004-09-04, 11:39AM HST

Thinking of moving to Hawaii? The pay is soso, but da lifestyle is great!

Need a part time person to manage a internet/business center located in one of the resorts on the Big Island of Hawaii, about 100 feet from the Pacific Ocean, overlooking the hotel pool and lounge.

Job location is Kona, Hawaii
Compensation: The pay is starts at $9/hr, could become full-time w/benefits.
This is a part-time job.

McClint: golly
McClint: $9/hr?
McClint: you'd need another job to afford rent
JPennant: good point :-)
JPennant: but if i lived on a SHIP!!!
JPennant: oooh
JPennant: ;-)
McClint: hehehe
McClint: hopefully you'll hear something
JPennant: yeah
JPennant: Im figuring out how to make it not the end of the world if I dont hear anything by the end of the week
McClint: did they give you a timeframe?
JPennant: yeah, they told me eight days
McClint: k
JPennant: im gonna give them till the weekend, then stop thinking about it
JPennant: you can tell I have little faith with how the world works :-)
McClint: :-)

Need car ride to Hawaii (santa cruz)

Reply to: ***********************
Date: 2004-09-13, 12:06AM PDT

I need a car ride to hawaii for next weekend. I'll help pay for gas and chip in for food if necessary. Please let me know by e-mailing me ASAP as I need to figure out whether I'm taking a ride or if i should take a plane instead. Preferably to the main island, but would be able to go to other ones if possible as well. Again, let me know asap so that I can make arrangements, if not I will be forced to buy a ticket for the weekend. I need to be in Hawaii in two weeks...whichever works and whichever is cheapest.

JPennant: im speechless

JPennant: He'll chip in for gas.
McClint: well at least he's no mooch

Monday, September 13, 2004

Lovely day


Bill Withers - Lovely Day

Love that song. Soothes my soul.
Beautiful day today, on the cool side.

Rode around, saw parts of SF i havent before.

(spontaneous verse)

Long roads
shorts streets
turning into themselves
long and short
big and small
under the same sky of blinding blue
unfamilar places on one corner
the next corner, the familiar appears
a universe becomes
a neighborhood
appears as a city

Heh. Yeah, like that.
There is a woman who lives on the streets that hangs around the library.

Talks to herself.

Red-haired mulatto lady. Striking. Beautiful, in fact. Quite mad.

Yesterday, I walked out of the library to see her looking up into the sun with a beatific smile on her face, her hands up, fingers in motion.

She was signing a conversation with the sun.

To my personal amazement, I found this to be an astoundingly beautiful act.

Her sun-kissed smiling face, earnestly communing with the sun will be always in my minds eye.
Via Stormcarib

I found out that the little subdivision outside of Kingston that i grew up in, Duhaney Park, was hit hard by Ivan. Dont know if our house survived unscathed.

Lotta roofs torn off, mudslides, roads and areas washed out.

Havent heard if my father and relatives are ok.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Is you is or is you aint my baby


20 questions to a better relationship

You are a RPIT--Reserved Practical Intellectual Taker. This makes you a Love Geek.

Heh heh -- you love geek! You are weirdly sexy. It doesn't take people a long time to get to know you, but people *think* it takes a long time, because you are as cool and regulated after a year as you are on a first meeting. You don't tend to date casually -- you just suddenly find yourself in long term relationships.

Your approach to conflict is your greatest asset -- it complements almost every other type. You don't express yourself or your feelings in dramatic terms, but you will speak up to those who do. You are generally calm, but capable of ramping up, and you don't give up until the issue is resolved -- this means even the hottest temper or coolest conflict-avoider can feel comfortable pursuing their satisfaction with you. And you don't hold a grudge -- you get through it, and it's done. You rock.

Sure, you like the sex. And you communicate with your partner well, so you're very good at it. But it's not something you would make jokes about or bring up in polite company (not that you don't appreciate that kind of humor). You're no prude, but that's just not your style.

You'd make an excellent parent.

You enjoy food and can be a ravenous eater. A good cook will get your attention quickly.

Of the people who have taken this quiz, 5.1 % are this type.

Ha! That's a pretty damned good take for pop psychology.

JPennant: Heh, i hate to admit - im that kinda detached.
Glinessa: lol
Glinessa: detached, but not
JPennant: but not? (fishing expedition)
Glinnesa: you seem detached, but you're really not....
Glinnesa: you are very attached, but don't show it
JPennant: thanx. dont tell nobody ;)
Glinessa: lol...give me a minute as I have to fold clothes
JPennant: Go take o yer business.. :-)