Thursday, June 13, 2002

Popsicle stand blowup

JPennant: Im on the move again..
JPennant: sorta sideways
gabz: oh?
gabz: hm...texas?
JPennant: mmm, not yet
gabz: lol
gabz: Weezi-Anna?
JPennant: It was funny, I was given the order to leave the house on the water, cause closing is tomorrow
gabz: damn
JPennant: I was irritated cuz the heads up was given at the last minute
gabz: no doubt. that's pretty sad
JPennant: but the subconscious part of me went
JPennant: "IM GOING HOME!!"
JPennant: I swear to gawd.
gabz: !!!!!!!!!
JPennant: My rational brain tried to put the brakes on the elation
JPennant: Along the lines of .. "Are you daft? You have no home, and it sure aint california.. "
gabz: hrm.
JPennant: and then something again went "Yippeee.. HOME!!!"
JPennant: I swear.
JPennant: And although my rational mind tries to keep me grounded in reality (whatever that is)
JPennant: My subconscious is usually right
JPennant: Im struggling mightily to go with the flow.
JPennant: I figger its gonna be interesting
gabz: so...
JPennant: who knows?

So, where am I supposed to be going?

I never know when.

I will miss the washer and dryer at that house...

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

You heard this back in the '80s, that Austin is a place for singers, songwriters, that "once people come to Austin, they never want to leave."

They created a lifestyle mentality, where Pittsburgh and Detroit were still trapped in that Protestant-ethic/bohemian-ethic split, where people were saying, "You can't have fun!" or "What do you mean play in a rock band? Cut your hair and go to work, son. That's what's important."

Well, Austin was saying, "No, no, no, you're a creative. You want to play in a rock band at night and do semiconductor work in the day? C'mon! And if you want to come in at 10 the next morning and you're a little hung over or you're smoking dope, that's cool."

I went to the Continental Club -- I was invited by Austin's leading political officials -- and we went to see Toni Price the singer-songwriter, and there were hippies smoking dope right there on the back porch.
- Be Creative ... Or Die

Fred has been telling me fer YEARS that her hometown.. Austin Texas.. is most definitely worth a visit.

Hell, most definitely worth a stopover for a few months.

Although Fred doesnt steer me wrong.. I figured Id take my time.

But the this guy.. makes me wanna check it out.

Bead art in the cracks of a sidewalk full of sidewalk art? Compost hedges? Funky.

Hell, what is a cross country trip for if you cant stop somewheres along the way?

Cyn wrote:
do you miss nyc, joey?


Actually, Ive been wondering the same thing. I sometimes wonder if I shouldnt be missing it more.

I guess the short answer is, not really.

A couple of years ago, Rashid and I were walking toward Penn Station discussing how long we would be staying in New York. He felt he wanted to leave and go back to Florida.

He's still there. Doesnt look like he'll be leaving anytime soon.

Back then, I reacted in mild disbelief, along the lines of "How could you want to leave all this?"
I couldnt see myself leaving. And if I hadnt gone through the poverty of the last 2 years - I doubt I would have.
Of course, I do want to go back from time to time, hang with the friends and family.
I would love to have a place to stay there.

I miss picking up the 25 cent Post, the (relative) ease of getting around, the quality morning donuts and bagels, the energy of stepping out of a subway stop and emerging into a totally different dimension, no matter which stop I choose to walk out of.

Yeah, I kinda miss it.

But I wish I missed it more.

But I actually miss Staten Island more.

Yeah. Of all the places in New York, Staten Island is where Id buy a house.

That should say something.

Monday, June 10, 2002

8:00 am
JPennant: mornin pa
JPennant: <-- pre-coffee perky
JPennant: get yer coffee yet?
McClint: drinkin my coke now
JPennant: hehehe. Oh man, that reminds me of the old days. Eating Hardees Omelettes and Coke with lemon for breakfast
JPennant: Its funny, I dont feel the urge down here, but I know when Im anywhere between North Carolina and Jacksonville, I so feel the urge for Co-Cola in the mornin
McClint: hahaha
JPennant: I miss those Hardees biscuits
McClint: road trip!
JPennant: We shall see. :-)

The closest Hardees is all the way up by North Florida. Thats a haul.
But man, theyre good.

But I stopped drinking Coca Cola and other soda's when I realized I was guzzling high amounts of sugar and sodium from morning till night.
Thats an excellent way to get a diabetic condition.

Stil, the next time I hit a hardee's in the morning I'll get a coke and a biscuit sandwich for old times sake. :-)