Saturday, August 24, 2002

Cold Luck

For 10 years a man prayed to win the Lottery.

"Please lord, please help me to win the lotto" he would beseech daily.

After awhile, God got tired of the noise and spoke to the man

"Awright, awright, Oy. I'll help you to win the lottery."
"Thank you, lord."
"But. You must do me one favor."
"Anything, my lord."
"Go buy a lottery ticket."

I bought lottery tickets while travelling across the country.

New York, Oregon, Illinois, Washington State, Florida, California.

Always a $1 Quick Pick. I do anymore than that, and I feel like Im wasting money while pushing my luck.

I just checked the numbers.

Results? I got two numbers on the California Super Lotto drawing of 8/21

The numbers 3 and 11.

Most excellent.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Oi' have a Cunning Plan

In a very non-irritating way (so far), San Franciscans, tend to be VERY interesting people.

My mind likes to feed on non-linear content-rich convrsation, and San Franciscans provide that with off-hand life experiences that make for madd innaresting conversations.

I will listen for hours to Fred and Daiv talk, just for the stories, experiences and the turn of phrases.

Its a cool thing.

Back in 2000, on my first ever visit to SF, our plane was circling over SFO dancing in the fog.

I knew EXACTLY what was going on, because behind me, there were a couple of ex-fighter pilots talking. Everything from flight operations, to motorcars, to golf, to the weather. All couched in a fascinating way.

So far, the folk Ive dealt with here are all the same way.

I hope I dont get used to it.
Heh. BunnyCat.

Fred's cat doesnt know what to make of me.

She'll deign to sniff my finger, but she avoids me.

I want a cat. But I cant take care of a cat.


A kitty kat. A gift. A companion for BunnyCat.

A cat that'll like me too.. cause I will be around and will house-sit and take care of it when Im not itinerant.


A JoeyCat without it being a JoeyCat, if ya know what I mean.


It could work.
The elder white man at the Starbux waved at me in recognition.

To show how much Ive mellowed since being in Cali.. I didnt say "Who is this #&$#@*??"

Instead, I tried the californian way, accept whatever happens, no matter how out of place, and went over and had a conversation.

He had recognized me from my visit before with Fred, and he knew Fred when she had worked there.

Nice guy..\

Heh. I remember when I pointedly refused to accept the hand of some Cali girl in NY who stuck out her hand at me in greeting.


I suppose I should feel guilty now.


A Persistent Observation

The farther north up the west coast you go, the word 'espresso' becomes ever pervasive.

You will see it in the most inappropriate of places.

A dusty road stop will have a small espresso stand. A farm promising chances to handpick fresh cherries will also have a sign in 10-foot point red paint"ESPRESSO". (No, I shit you not, I saw this on the side of a barn.).

From mid Oregon on, swing the proverbial cat (or fish) by the tail and you will be able to hit your triple expresso fix with ease. No matter how many stoplights are in the town youre in.


Now, heres the kicker. Go south, and taco stands, mariscosas stores and burrito places now become more and more common.

Taco Dell, Taco Joe and others far outnumber Taco Bell.

Go south past the redwood forests of south Oregon and Northern California - you can swing a cat and get your favorite taco, burrito and maricosas in every town. By the time you hit SF and points south, its just about every other block.

im not sure why I find this interesting.

But I like it. :-)
My god the ride up and down US 101 was beautiful.

I can see having to explore it during the seasons. To get images of the coast, the land, the sky, the details.

But I gota be careful. I cannot forget there is a whole wide country away from this, and I need to revisit it often.

Its all about balance.

Thursday, August 22, 2002


By my estimation, seven out of ten folk on the west coast are on drugs.


I have now asked 10 people for directions, and only three gave me accurate instructions.

They acted so SURE too.

"Pioneer Square? Two blocks over and five blocks down"

"Pioneer Square? One block over and 12 blocks down."

"Pioneer Square? Go east and its about 20 blocks away."

I swear, those folk were disconnected.

So yeah, out of 10 people asked for directions in Seattle and Portland 7 were clueless.

If it aint mood enhancers, what is it?

What now, he mused.

So when 'Over there' is now 'over here', what then?

Even time is different.

I need new rituals?

Strange waking up and the world is moving to different rythms. The world you left behind has already started, and youre trying to figure out the new rythms.

Do you stay an outsider or become part of it?
Or do I just need a coffee and a donut to make it all right in the world? :-)

JPennant: heh. Im craving a coffee and a donut
McClint: you're still on east cost time?
JPennant: nah. All my clocks are now on PT
JPennant: weird feeling
McClint: hehe
JPennant: Over there is now 'here'
McClint: you are now one of "them"
JPennant: heehee

JPennant: Yeah, I must watch that and not become 'them'
McClint: we "Easties" don't take too kindly to them there "Westies"
JPennant: a strange breed. a strange land. yar.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Flaky, funky, hungry. Finished.


Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville, Florida.
Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale to Key West
Key West to Jacksonville
Jacksonville to New York
New York to Chicago
Chicago to Seattle
Seattle to LA
LA to SF
SF to Portland
Portland to SF.

That would be 7450 miles. Give or take.

States traversed.. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California.

Longest bus ride - 2 days, 4 hours.
Shortest - 6 hours

Actual beds slept in: 2.

Photos taken by Stella - 3,625.. 1.65 Gb worth of images.

Coldest temp.. 46 degrees F. (Bowman, Montana and San Francisco, California)
Hottest temp .. 102 degrees F (Jacksonville, Florida)

Aright. This journey is over. The next one has already started.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

California Check

Agricultural checkpoint on the California-Oregon border

"I am with the California Agricultural Commission. Is anyone on this bus carrying any peacheasapricotsmangoesorangesstrawberriesgrapefruits or cherries?"

Everyone on the bus choruses ""

"Oh. Alright. Well. Welcome to California!"