Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Capricorn cometh

When one
first sees the sun setting over the incoming fog on San Francisco Bay, the urge is overwhelming. You just want to call someone to share it with.

Thats what I did back in 2000 on my first visit. And thats what the Cappy did last night as she excitedly described to her guy the etheral look of alcatraz island wrapped in the night fog and the sight, smells and sounds of the Pier 39 sea lions and our travels all over the city.

And how amazed she was at how we took 4 streetcars and 8 buses on a measly buck twentyfive transfer all day.

As she prattled on a mile a minute east coast style, I was just glad my friend had come so I could play tour guide for the day.

She had flown in on the first red eye flight from New York, and was the the last flight of the night outta town.

This was her first time in san francisco, and she had flown in for the day for two reasons.

"All I came here for was my marketing meeting and to come see Joey."

Capricorns are single-minded like that. :)
At the break of yesterday morn, i thought the timing couldnt have been worse. I had committed to moving in to my place, and she was prolly going to be done with her meetings early. I was stressing about being able to do everything.

Turned out the timing couldnt have been better.

By the time I finshed with the formalities, she had just come in from the airport, the office was right down the block from my place, and shne had a place to change into comfy clothes and stash her bags, with a plethora of great restaurants to choose from.


I have a soft spot for Jersey girls.

They can throw on a sophisticated hoochie style that few places outside of miami and the bronx can pull off, theyre smart and theyre fuckin' hilarious.

And when theyre pissed, they get wickedly sarcastic.

Which crax me up even more. :)

And she had me dying with her politically incorrect riffs on everything, which she wasnt shy about sharing in public.

I could see the West coasterners squirm as she said what They Dare Not Say out here, but they had to laugh along with her as her humor leavened the biting wit.

As she always says:

Fuck 'em if they cant take a joke. :)

That tinkling peal of laughter always made me smile.
'Two blondes ran into a building.'


'You would think ONE of them wouldve seen it.'

She cracks godawful blonde jokes all the time. As a blonde, she thinks she is entitled to this, for she has fought against the pretty blonde stereotype all her life.

It's her defense mechanism, her self-deprecating jokes. She often uses it to her advantage, to disarm people into getting what she wants.

Her armor is necessary, for she is a sentimental softie at heart. It hurts when people make assumptions based on the way you look.

We share a lot in common.

We first met at my accountant's office in Bayonne, and I remember towering over this short, high energy blonde who turned out to be a helluva friend.

On 9/11, I stayed over house all day as she determindely kept her TV's on the nickleodeon channel so that her children wouldnt have to see the news as the rescue helicopters kept roaring over Bayonne, the roads were closed and the birds stayed silent.

She had seen the first plane slam into the tower as she drove her friend from an appointment. When she stopped to watch the burning tower by the Bayonne waterfront, the second plane roared low over her to turn over the bay and slam into the second tower.

That day is the most scared and shaken Ive ever seen her, for she is always game and determined.

When the roads opened, and I needed to go over to New York, she is the one who drove me over, where we got past the guardsmen and barriers to watch the rescue efforts.

We have not gone to Ground zero since.

Nor was any mention of it made while she was here.
In the middle of our tour, somewhere in the Castro, she turned to me, opened her arms and hugged me.

This was like the fifth hug of the day.

Capricorns, like Virgos, are renowned for being reserved and not particularly demonstrative. They have to LIKE you to show much affection in public.

She kept saying "This is fun, Im glad you made the time."

*pshah* Like I wouldnt.

When I was eating cheerios and lemon drink mixes back in 2001, she made sure I had something to eat, checking up on me, even tho she was struggling herself.

Yeah, she's a Cappy, which means her eye is always on the bottom line, and dont you ever forget it.. but, she is a golden heart. She is tall to me.

BART charges a lot of money to take you to and from the San Francisco airport.

A lot of money I would normally not spend.

Here, there was no question.

"Are you going to see me off at the airport tonight?"
"You sure?"

No question.

I havent flown since the year 2000, and things sure have changed since then.

No longer can you see someone off at the gate, and watch their plane take off.

What really got me were the staggering amount of people that were on duty checking people, tickets and luggage and manning entrance AND exit points with hand-held metal detectors and gimlet eyes.

I know its deterrence, but it creeps me the fuck out. Kinda pisses me off too.

So, we hugged as when she went into the line by the ticket counter and waved her off by security screening.

It's nice when my friends from my other life come to visit.


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oh, my dogs are barkin' for a mocha

Ive made
a big ol' push the past coupla weeks, everything is coming together and now all i wanna do is relax and rest my aching feet...

But, my the world and my horrorscope is *noodging* me!

Just when you'd like to stay in and be comfortably cocooned from the rest of the world, you should go out instead.
Make yourself accessible and make your talents known. This is no time to coddle yourself as you would a shy and fragile child. Sure, you may feel delicate, but all it takes is one little push out the door and the world opens up to you. You'll wish you'd made that leap of faith sooner.

Urg. Alls i wanna do NOW is put my feets up, curl up in a warm chair with a large cuppa decaf Mocha.

Aiyah. Even busier day tomorrow.

On rotation

Louis Jordan - I like 'em fat like that

When she bounces down the street
she's a whole heap o' honey
and aint she sweet

feels so fine
to know she's mine

i like them fat like that

Ha! Louis Jordan crax me up. No wonder he's one of the greats..

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I Get a Kick From Caffeine

George, intrepid newspaper man..

Slate: Starbucks vs. Its Addicts

Starbucks must be banking on the theory that the people who buy its coffee don't just need coffee, they need Starbucks coffee, which packs a higher caffeine punch than many competitors.

The Wall Street Journal earlier this year sent samples of coffee from Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and Dunkin' Donuts to Central Analytical Laboratories. The lab reported that a 16-ounce Starbucks house blend coffee contained 223 milligrams of caffeine, compared with 174 and 141 milligrams in comparable amounts of Dunkin' Donuts and 7-Eleven coffee, respectively. According to the Journal, the average Starbucks coffee drink contains 320 milligrams of caffeine.


325 mg of caffiene a DAY is an overdose.

And I was jacking 4 venti mochas a day in NY.

JPennant: holy moley, now i realize why i was so addicted to starbux coffee.
JPennant: a grande mocha has more caffiene than noDoz!
JPennant: more than 5 times!
Laura: this is a news flash to you?

Actually, yes.

I remember a comment someone made years ago that starbux puts something in their coffee to make people blindly addicted.

Well, sheeit. starbux followed the Peet's roasting model, and their shit has an insane amount of caffiene in it.

Like the tobacco companies, jack the addictive content, and they will come.

In fact, it could be that many of Starbucks' customers?I see them, lining up in the morning, clutching the brew like a security blanket?literally need the stuff to get through the day.

A recent survey of scientific literature by psychiatrists Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins and Laura Juliano of American University found that people who have a one-cup-a-day habit can become addicted.It's not so much the buzz?pleasant as it is?that keeps people coming back for more: It's the symptoms of withdrawal.

In other words, Starbucks may not have to fret about the impact of raising prices because a goodly portion of its customer base may begin to feel sick without its products. Talk about a great business plan!

Man, a plan so evil, you gotta admire it.

It's a very good thing that Im way too broke to even mess with starbux any more.

I wonder if they have a twelve-step program for Starbux addicts.

I thought Id have to live in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco to be able to live affordably in The City.

Well, I guess not..

risa: joe!!!
JPennant: risa!!
JPennant: :-)
JPennant: was doin hon
JPennant: hey, guess wot
risa: what???
JPennant: Im moving to the mission district :D
risa: whoa! really?
risa: cool!
risa: tom and i were just talking about how cooooooool it is
JPennant: heheh
JPennant: got a room on 15th and Valencia
risa: ahhhhhhh!!!!! no way~!
JPennant: yes way
risa: ohmigawd so jealous!! so happy for you!
JPennant: why jealous? Its just a room :-)
JPennant: all i need tho
risa: seriously. great locale though
JPennant: Im already scheming on how i can keep it as a base for when i travel ::-D
risa: hehe
risa: called sublettin'
JPennant: heheheh

JPennant: hey
JPennant: give me a little advice
JPennant: Ive not moved into a space of my own in years
risa: ok
risa: want a tv??
JPennant: heheh
risa: =)
JPennant: id be a fewl to turn that down :-)
JPennant: but actually, i need to figure out the assorted sundry I'll need when i move in
risa: extension cords
risa: and a pot
JPennant: i dont have a kitchen, so Im getting a microwave
JPennant: maybe a tiny rice cooker
risa: and one of those little hot pot things to boil water
JPennant: ok
JPennant: what else?
JPennant: i'll be a block from the mission avenue and all those 99c stores
risa: mmmm nice!
risa: what else... lamp
JPennant: ok
risa: a plant
risa: soap
risa: a soap dish
JPennant: a plant, eh
JPennant: ok
risa: cleaning stuff (broom, fantastic/409, DUSTPAN or you can use paper, but it doesn't work as well)
JPennant: i'll be hanging my own pictures on the wall...
JPennant: ok
risa: ok
JPennant: im shopping craigslist
risa: cups, cup for toothbrush
risa: =)
risa: drawers, a book shelf
JPennant: nah not a shelf, Im resisting the urge to get a lotta stuff
JPennant: living light, member?
JPennant: some dishes, yah
risa: a stereo system, complete with 3 disc dvd player/burner, surround sound, 50 disc cd player, record player,
JPennant: youre now messing wit me woman :-)
risa: =)
risa: a rug
JPennant: yes!
risa: mmhmmm

Ok, what else?
i dont wanna jinx things, as all the eyes and tees havent been crossed und dotted yet..

Man, they did a background check on me that went as far back as to where I lived when i was in HIGH SCHOOL.


Worth it tho.

Im looking forward to this.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Ze other day

... I was whoring for CocaCola2 on the embarcadero.

It sux. Stick with sugar.

.. tim the photographer went to the middle east and came back with a blood disorder that put my Sagittarian friend in the hospital.

He sent me a card:

Sag's hate feeling cooped up, as envinced by...

i can see a Two Boots Pizza and a Starbucks
just outside the hospital! They unhooked my i-v for a while this
morning, almost made a dash for it! i wanna break free

He seems to be doing aright tho..

.. specially with visitors like these..

bringing him sushi and beer. :)

And he's making art..

Get well, tim.

.. talked to mars in hawai'i

mars: hi jp
JPennant: hey mrs O :-)
mars: how's it goin
JPennant: how you feelin?
mars: eh....
JPennant: aw
mars: goin to the dr. today
JPennant: ok, dont leave without a long list of medications
mars: what have you been up to?
JPennant: still waiting for word from the cruise lines to get to Hawaii
JPennant: but it looks as if I gotta get to Hawai'i the hard way
mars: there was this big problem with one of the local cruises
mars: not enough staff because people kept quitting
JPennant: if it were nCL, I heard.. wait, quitting?
mars: yeah, ncl
JPennant: uh oh
JPennant: wha happened?
mars: because americans aren't used to working such long hours
mars: unlike immigrants
mars: but they have to hire americans =P
JPennant: yeah, its 7 days a week, 10 hours a day on a ship
mars: yuck
JPennant: yeah, americans dont like the feel of whips on their backs, the heft of oars and keeping time to the steady beat of the drums
JPennant: heheheh
mars: =)
JPennant: so thats why NCL came to SF looking for people
JPennant: and i hear theyre gonna hit all the filipino enclaves in hawaii
JPennant: but, i'll be in the islands. dont you worry.
JPennant: :-)
mars: hahahahha
mars: well, one day...
mars: just don't get trapped here
mars: haha
JPennant: ah, yes. something ive considered
JPennant: thats why i never said I wanted to make hawai'i my homebase
mars: verry good
JPennant: ive seen too many people stay there for years and come back with their fill
JPennant: sorta like what i went thru in jacksonville
mars: oh?
JPennant: yep. I went there for a little easy living , then got trapped
JPennant: until i escaped doing the consulting work around the country
JPennant: then went to NY to be closer to my family
mars: i c
JPennant: warm weather and low wages are death :-)
mars: LOL
mars: well then i guess i'm digging my grave
JPennant: nah, its home for you :-)
mars: i guess
JPennant: plus,. Im a city guy at heart
mars: but sometimes even i feel trapped
JPennant: yeah, but it is where you wanna come back home to
mars: i suppose
JPennant: oops, Im running out of battery juice
mars: should go
mars: i gotta go dr
JPennant: i will talk to ya later hon
mars: take care! byebye
JPennant: you too Mrs O :-)