Saturday, September 25, 2004

Beat LA!! Beat San Francisco!!

San Francisco Giants are playing the Los Angeles Dodgers in San Francisco this weekend.

And the Dodgers host the Giants in LA for the last games of the season.

Dude, this is HUGE.


Eh, normally, I could give a damn, but - IF THE GIANTS WIN THE SERIES THEYRE IN THE LEAD IN THE DIVISION!!



Ok, so why am I caring?


They maul each other, and my team wins. :-D


Otherwise, its just games between former NY teams.


Like I care.
These past two weeks, Ive not been good about leaving my laptop behind for the day.

I was doing good too.

This morn, I rolled over to Sacred Grounds coffee shop and... surfed on their iMacs. *sigh*

Then I stopped by TGICD workplace to visit. She hooked me up with decaf.

(Unfortunately, Im starting to realize that some Bay Area coffee vendors (Peet's, Royal Grounds) have a sick idea of what the definition of decaf is. Sheesh, my blood pressure is STILL not down yet...)

An aside: Its cool to date a server/barrista. You get free stuff, like you're family or sumthin..

Anyway, so I left cuz I was distracting her from her job. And I couldnt think of what I could do other than be on the internet.

I wander all over downtown SF.

Cuz, you know - Im now wired.

Where do I end up?

The Apple Store.

Where Ive been on their machines for the last *look at computer's clock* for the last five hours.


Well, I think I'll be doing less *surfing* in Hawaii.

*slaps knee* Hee.
There are things I need to photograph before the month is out and they disappear.

The 'geisha' signs and 'I left my heart in SF' hearts.


Friday, September 24, 2004

Der Geek credz

McClint: hehehe
JPennant: hehehe
McClint: hahaha the thread of them are pretty funny. gotta click Prev to see them ones before
JPennant: heh
JPennant: umm
JPennant: 'greedo'?
JPennant: who the fuck is greedo?
McClint: you're gonna have to get a smack down!
McClint: you call yourself a computer nerd and you dontknow who greedo is?
McClint: please dont tell me you dont know the Monty Python movies by heart
JPennant: i'll even tell you something else blasphemous
JPennant: ive only watched the original star wars flick twice
McClint: i think my heart just jumped into my throat
JPennant: heeheehe
McClint: Joe, I can't be your friend any more
McClint: ;-)
JPennant: sorry i dont have the geek cred man
McClint: oh man oh man oh man
JPennant: but remember, Im still known as 'guru' around AOL ;-)
McClint: someone needs to take those laptop parts away from you before you hurt yourself, little man
JPennant: LOL
JPennant: so..
JPennant: who the fuck is 'greedo'?
McClint: ok Greedo was the green alien who cornered Han Solo in the cantina
JPennant: oh
JPennant: he had a name?
McClint: he said he was gonna haul Han's ass in to Jabba the HUtt to collect his bounty
McClint: yup.
McClint: Han even says it
JPennant: so i dont remember every %^^&%$ aliens name
McClint: i sure hope you put this up on your blog. the world needs to know the truth!
JPennant: *mutter* Im STILL JoeGuru
McClint: hahaha. havent you seen the burger king commercials? you can't give yourself a nickname.
JPennant: heheh. i didnt.
McClint: :-)
JPennant: It was either ed or rashid or jt who signed me up for that moniker
McClint: finish this song lyric: Bravely bold Sir Robin rode forth from camelot....____________
JPennant: lalalala lala
McClint: no Googling either!
McClint: tsk tsk tsk shame shame shame
JPennant: I LAUGHED at Monty Python, i didnt study it.
McClint: this news is upsetting me. I need to go now.
McClint: ;-) actually i gotta run down the hall and fix a printer
McClint: hehehe
JPennant: heheh
McClint: bbl
JPennant: aight

Thursday, September 23, 2004

I wanna be mul- multy - multie - multilingual

Ive always thought
I needed to learn conversational spanish.

The same way I always thought it'd be good to be conversational in Hindi, tagalog, cantonese, french and german.

But spanish. Actually useful too, particularly living in this country.

I almost flunked my spanish classes. If it werent for Dr Gaddasingh giving me an oral after finals, I WOULDVE failed.

I may yet do my teacher proud.

In my Morning Marn:

I still look as if I was run over by a truck, but it looks like the work of a kindler, gentler truck.
As the surgeon promised, today I don?t have pain...

Bye bye Percocet. It was fun while it lasted

She's recovering from skin cancer surgery, and it looks like her prognosis is excellent. (They never say 'cured' with cancer).

Of this Im glad.

And marn being marn - She just sent me an email of concern for *me*

> As for your fine self, if you can, get yourself a
> wide
> brimmed hat, m'dear. Skin colour doesn't protect
> like
> it used to -- there was a black man in the skin
> cancer
> surgery queue at my surgeon's on Tuesday.
> We all be vulnerable to the increased UV that's
> getting through.
> xxxooo
> Marn

absolutely. Specially since I grew up in the tropics and the harsh sunlight of Cali not to be messed with.

In fact, Ive had benign skin melanomas on my forearms, since I was a teen. Only if you look closely, would you see the slightly lighter spots from them being scraped off. Yeah, they were caught early, and its been over 20 years hence - but im aware it could come back at anytime.

skin cancer is fairly common in jamaica, specially with those of mixed race. My mix being primarily of brown west african and south asian, the melanin is there for me, but that pesky scots somewhere in there warning of some susceptibility.

I do wear a cap nowadays, not to hide the grey hair or any balding (nope, if pops is any indication, it all falls out at once in my mid-sixties), but because the sun is strong even in NorCal.

In any case, Im glad Ms Marn is doing well, and so apparently are her 3 (million) loyal readers.

Im glad for her Quebec Medical card too.

Still Marn, I'll stick to my daily baseball cap, or -oooh - a cowboy hat. But a floppy brimmed hat?

Dont think so.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Migraine brought to you by Sony

Not feeling like
writing, partly because Im trying to bring a dead machine back to life without hurting any files. (wannabe geeks never figure that part)

So, creativity goes out the window when Im in geek mode.

thats why I hate doing it for a living.

k a t e: howdy
JPennant: hey hey
JPennant: how are ya
k a t e: good
k a t e: i have tons of work to do tonight for school
k a t e: planning on staying very late tonight at work
k a t e: so i am just gonna bang out all of my papers
JPennant: booyah
k a t e: yeah - it sux
JPennant: no it doesnt. its just work :-)
k a t e: it sux
JPennant: heh
JPennant: but youre the most powerful being on the planet
k a t e: uh - huh
JPennant: you'd rather be in the hamptons right now, dont you
k a t e: YES YES YES
k a t e: fishing and swimming
JPennant: ahh yes
JPennant: whoa. this chica just sat in front of me with a MASSIVE hickey on her throat. Im mesmerised, trying not to stare
k a t e: hehe
JPennant: sorry, got distracted there

JPennant: remember how i always say that i would never buy a sony laptop, but i would take one if someone gave it to me?
JPennant: well, someone gave me one
JPennant: and its giving me a massive migraine right now
JPennant: *sigh*
k a t e: why?
JPennant: she gave it to me because the hard drive was going dead
JPennant: yesterday it worked
JPennant: today, it doesnt
JPennant: so be careful what you wish for
JPennant: you just might get it
k a t e: hehe
JPennant: if it werent so pretty, id take it apart
JPennant: but its coughing up blood like i know sony laptops do.
JPennant: AND it prolly has a virus
JPennant: grr
JPennant: so, what were you saying about schoolwork?
k a t e: hehe

JPennant: i have a sony laptop someone gave me. its coughing up blood
Laura: the vaio?
Laura: not the vaio
Laura: though i've not heard anything good about them
Laura: well, not entirely true
JPennant: i would never buy one
Laura: plenty of good things from sony
Laura: but none from those who've bought them
JPennant: about 1 out of 3 of these laptops fail
JPennant: and theyre temperamental as hell
JPennant: even though theyre built with industry standard components
Laura: where are they made?
Laura: why do they do this?
JPennant: sony tries to make them do more than theyre designed for, while making them down to a price
JPennant: and theyre aimed for the same market as mac users
Laura: folks who expect their machines to be work horses
JPennant: as well as being idiot-proof.

I'll get it done.

But it wont be painless.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It was a VERY good day


You will get a final throw of the dice today and the planets indicate that there is a very good chance that your lucky number will come up.

The last few weeks have been extra special for you, and what happens over the next 24 hours will be the icing on the cake. Enjoy what you get because you thoroughly deserve it.


THANK you, risa.

and, Hellooo, A.


Monday, September 20, 2004

That fine line between patience and boredom

You know that
place, state of being and mind, in between places, people, situations and things? Where you want circumstances to happen now, so that you can get moving?

Thats where Im at.

Or mebbe Im bored.

"I think Im bored, man. You know when you wanna call an ex just to catch up, see how theyre doing?"
"Oh yeah, youre bored all right."
"I know."

Maybe im not bored, but I want something to happen. I dont like waiting around for people and things to happen.

Explore? Without a camera, eh - it's becoming an exercise in frustration.
Get out, meet people? Eh, I can handle that only in small doses.

I'm working on things about myself, but sometimes i dont wanna think about that.

sometimes, I dont even wanna think.. hence this exercise in stream of consciousness.

Work, on my projects, force some issues on my mind?

Mmm, mebbe i should.


Nice day today, cool and sunny, not uncomfortable in the least.

Saw a bit more of it, courtesy of a San Francisco public works truck.

saw a lot more of the place, rich and poor, hip and traditional.

Actually, thats not true at all, now that I think of it. There are areas totally unexplored.


What's that you say about 'idle hands'?

Sunday, September 19, 2004

A matter of degrees

This morning
i had to drag my umbrella out (Ive had it almost as long as ive been in the Bay area), as it was raining this morning.

In truth, it was only slightly more than a heavy drizzle, that didnt even last all that long.

But, the natives kept muttering that it was a forewarning to come of ...*taa dum dum duuummmm* ... *quotey fingers* "winter".

I think this is the first time it has rained since April, and this is a taste of what'll be like in winter here, which runs roughly from mid-november to february.

I was trying to give clint and idea of the weather here. Natives here just say 'micro-climates'. For clint, I tried to relate it to what he's used to in north florida.

As he put it, the seasons in Jax are spring, summer and a month of winter.

Well, I put it the seasons in San Francisco are spring, autumn and a month of summer.

So, this spot of rain is the first warning that *quotey fingers* "summer" is gonna be over soon.

As I stood at the corner of Haight and Cole a few hours ago, comoing from the goodwill sale (2 bux on ALL clothing, including vintage leather jackets), the wind from the ocean whipped around me.

Today's bright, sunny afternoon is a 2 fleecer. Paradoxical, eh?

If your standing in the bright sun, it feels warm. Stand in the shade, and the maritime breeze will chill with a quickness.

This is called *quotey fingers* "mild".

And clint was complaining about it being in the 90's in Jax, being in the 60's at night..

which is the current high temperature in The City.

Eh, its a matter of degrees I guess. :)