Friday, January 05, 2001

Man, even I have gotten tired of no pictures.

Just not the same.
Although this means hand editing tags in blogger...

So, here...

The garage after the storm

77th Street Subway, 76th and 4th - Brooklyn

Oh yeah, the storm was only in its 3rd hour by this time..

Yeah, we are still talking about that storm.

Wednesday, January 03, 2001

"Because of an emergency, the train will be held in the station."

A collective groan went up from the Boat-bound people trapped at the Cortland Street/World Trade Center Staten Island ferry bound platform. That usually means some idjit went and had a heart-attack on the train previous, meaning service all the way up the line was now at a halt.

We were missing the Ferry.

We were only two stops away from the Ferry station, and this?

I was feeling a few chest-pains myself from this agita.

So were folk on the train.

Some people jumped off, as per New York usual, to walk down to the ferry, and others (me) settled in for a wait.

Then I heard some stinging profanities on the train platform, with the train motorman calling to that someone to come on up to the head of the train if they would like to 'talk' up close and personal.

Hey now. Entertainment.

New Yorkers may act blase, but this time heads craned out of every car to see what was up.

The travelling curse machine walked by the car, apparently to take the motorman at his word.

Shortly followed by a detachment of tough looking plain clothes cops attached to the World Trade Center.

About ten of them. A veritable Five-oh parade.

Now, here's the thing.. I wasnt so much interested in the altercation (them being a fairly common occurence in NY where people act up to get attention and make themselves heard), but I kinda pride myself on being able to sense out a plain-clothed officer.

Ok. One, two, three.. sure enough. Dressed down, but dressed too 'clean' to be your average working slobs...

Waitaminnit.... four, five, six... those are cops?????.. they look like part of the problem.. oooh, hip-hop brother just whipped out a radio.

Well, waddya know.

Within seconds of .. "Hey there, come over here.. we wanna talk to you.." the previously verbose individual was handcuffed and breathing through a grate.

Wow. No.. most of these guys, I wouldnt have picked apart from a crowd.

Although, every single one of them had a diamond stud in his ear. Innaresting.

Later, I was told the loud dude had tried to rob someone, but was too drunk and stupid to be effective (ie, was trapped on the train).

Hey, NY entertainment. Cant beat it.
At 8 am, Tish called to set a hookup time. We decided on noon.

At 8:10 am , I flipped the phone closed and decided to take a half-hour nap, HappyCat curled up against me on the covers.

At 11:15am, I was awakened by a client calling to set a time to come by tomorrow and resuscitate his two laptops.


At 1:15pm, I walked in to her favorite Thai place in Manhattan, apologising profusely.

At 2:15pm, we were in Radio Shack as she got herself a cell phone, promising that next time I would be called on the hour, every hour to get my ass up and away from HappyCat....

Glad to see
Winnie and Cyn back in the states.

England, I would definitely like to check out, specially as I have aunts, uncles and cousins there..

But Japan? I wold have to have a GOOD reason to be there I think..


Diaryland's Shlippy, aka Cosmic Amanda said something profound that, although I might take issue with, was nonetheless still hella profound...

"See, the thing is, I've never in my life met anyone with a heart as big and open as Neil's," I found myself muttering wistfully.

Lynn sighed dreamily, so I added, "but, he's not so bright, and I think that's the connection. In order to be able to be so pure of heart and willing to love he can't be smart. Any intelligent person would long have become hopelessly jaded by now..."


Its been said before, but.. makes ya think, dunnit.

Although I didnt see much much of my girl as she whirlwinded through the holidays, (those eyes told me I was missed, and again I rediscovered that the connection is still strong), she's headed to the west coast for the first time.

I think she'll have a ball, being a Cali kinda girl herself.

Good thing she made sure we hooked up before she left.

"We/I" was getting too used to being detached.

Not a good way to be if she's gonna be gonna be outta the area fer awhile.

Maybe I'll get a haircut while she's gone.

I need to be spiffier. (re: Resolution on being a better man).

Tuesday, January 02, 2001

*snorf* *yawn*

Slept all day today.

Gotta get out in the morrow .. pay some bills, see Tish before she leaves for SF etc.

But.. *stretch* I blame the cat.. curled up with me.

I slept good.

Plus, Id rather be curled up than having to deal with the single digit temps and windchills that are still plaguing the area.

Good god, when will the mild temps return?
SF Gate: Dotcom Yuppies Gone Home; Slightly-Reduced Apartments for Rent


If the trend holds as the recession deepens, the housing market in NY will become less frenetic and heated.

People are gonna be leaving.

According to reports, rents have stabilized and are already drifting downward...

Veteran New Yorkers know the cycle.

Couldnt tell by me, and it may sound coldblooded - but I like this.

Heh. I like this quote from the article:

"Their gold rush claims are tapped out. And though those who knew them well might mourn their leaving, those who stay are hoping San Francisco will go back to what it once was -- a sleepy, freaky, ridiculously self-obsessed little city with more art than opportunities and more culture than cash. "

Yar. :-)

I offered to give Rich my copy of Office2000 Premium to install on his machine, but he wanted to get a legit copy of his own.

(I admire the guy, for his first machine - he researches and BUILDS his own Dual Pentium III puter. Whoo. Thats the way to do it right.)

So he researches and finds the cheapest price on a copy of Office2K Professional from Memory Shippers of San Francisco, CA. (Remember that name..)

What happens? He finds out as he tries to register it, that he was sold a COUNTERFEIT copy.

Microsoft tells him its already been registered under another business.

Not something that should happen if you have a legit retail copy, shrink-wrapped and all.

Sonavabitch. Its one thing to buy absurdly cheap software, knowing its likely to be counterfeit, but making the effort to buy legit software - and finding its a rip.. and a not very good one at that.
Thats just plain wrong.

Myself, I woulda called Microsoft in a full rage so that they could gut the place with hi-priced lawyers and the Justice Dept...

He just sends an email demanding they send him a legit copy or he'll bust their ass.

Heh. And he still wouldnt take my offer of using my copy.... :-)


Monday, January 01, 2001


Did I make any?

Nah. I dont usually make those beasties as a rule..

Well, nuttin anyone would wanna hear anyway, as theyd seem kinda vague and sappy.

Vague, cuz I cant explain just how exactly I am to achieve them.

However, if I live through this year, I endeavor:

* to make improvements in my health, wealth and loves.
* to continue taking steps to be a better man.
* To resist my fears and to make anger unimportant.
* to continue rediscovering my dreams.
* to improve my creative bent.
* to continue to learn love and acceptance.

With that I hope to live a healthy, wealthy, loved and creative life.

Hopefully, fulfilling follows.


Nuthin big, no big whoop.

Thank you for listening.


Oh yeah, and not to dread the coming of St Valentine's Day this year.


Hm. Pisces folk.

Us Virgos dont always know what to make of our Pisces cousins. Being our opposite sign and all.

However, usually when you least expect it.. they'll throw you the kinda love that'll make you all giggly and weak-kneed. :-)

Thanks, gabz.

I needed summa dat. Howdja know? :-)

Happy New Wah!

I wish nothing but the best for the folk who are in my life, to those who will be leaving my life (it happens) and to those who will be entering my life in the upcoming year. :-)

Always best wishes.

Much love, Joe.


Rich and I were stretched out, HappyCat alternating between us as a lap warmer, watching the Law and Order marathon on A&E, switched to the New Years telecast in time to see the ball drop, mumbled things about how glad we werent freezing our nutz off in Times Square, did a Happy New Year, and then switched back to the Law and Order marathon.

And the crowd went.. 'yay'.
With all the changes already afoot, life should be innaresting this upcoming year.. to say the least.

Tish sent me a forecast for Virgos, that seems to be pretty much on target for what I feel is gonna be happening.

But Ive learned a long time ago. never assume anything.

As the old saying goes...

"If you want to give God a good laugh... just tell him your plans."


Sunday, December 31, 2000

There's No Place Like Home. But There's . . . No Place.

"Not having secured shelter made me feel flawed, embarrassed in front of myself."

Man, after 3 years, 3 almost apartments, sublets and currently crashing at a friends house.... I can call myself a New Yorker now.

(insert irony here) But to live in New York - Im gonna be moving to New Jersey.

Sadly, with my experiences to date, I wont be surprised if the apartment falls through.
In fact, Im half-expecting it to.
(Already, its been changed from a one-bedroom to a large studio, and a week added to the waiting time. Im focusing on the positives of 'its cheaper rent, and its still a nice apartment'....)

"Real estate in New York has nothing to do with what you deserve. It is a rolling sea. People are dropped in, and some find what they want right away. Others never do. The rest of us bob around on the surface, pushed up and pulled under at intervals, always keeping our faith in that lucky wave that will come along and carry us out to the next port."

Plan B still has me looking at rooms.

Read Tara Bahrampour's NY Times article and very personal story - it's becoming a frighteningly familiar tale of anyone trying to live in NYC.


I dont know the exact definition of a blizzard... but I think thats what we just had, dumping a foot or more of snow on the area in less than 6 hours.

Rich was surprised to hear me tell that this has been the first serious snowfall Ive experienced in over 10 years..

S'true. Florida doesnt get much snow. And we just got more in one day than New York has had annually in the last four years.

(I wasnt here for the Storm of the Century during the winter of 95-96.. when, according to local lore.. the drifts got up to 3 feet deep.)

Here is what I forgot about the experience:

No, not the blinding snow accumulating on every exposed part of clothing, the eerie quietness of fresh snow dampening sounds, the beautiful snow and wind sculptures on parked cars... no, no..

I forgot how much exertion and exercise it is to step OVER snow, never mind through it.

I wasnt about to slog through the un-shoveled sidewalks, so I walked in the street, in the tracks of cars and snow plows.

It still took me half an hour to get to the subway station, two city blocks away.
Where I still had to negotiate slippery steps hidden underneath inches of snow going down into the tunnels.

Oh yeah, the other thing I remember about deep snowfall...

Its only fun the first time it falls.

I got a dozen bagels and a healthy portion of lox (Smoked Nova Salmon) to take home to Staten Island as I left Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) this morn.

The stuff is sublime.

I have become wary of claims proclaiming something as ".. the best in New York".

Usually doesnt live up to the hype.

(eg - Juniors Cheesecake in Brooklyn is NOT the best cheesecake in NY. Its actually quite shitty cheesecake. Do not waste your time.)

But the lox and bagels I got from this place (On 5th Ave and 76th in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn) is at least easily the best Ive had in Brooklyn.

Ironically, it was while I was in SF with JT that I got turned onto bagels and lox.
JT got homesick for a coupla things.. primarily good bagels and lox.

We hadda buy store bought bagels (Safeway and Sara Lee brands) as well as pre-packaged frozen lox.
They do try on the West Coast, but no.. this combo was only 'decent'.

But it was enough for me to like the taste.. and lox is indeed an acquired taste (it being fatty salmon after all), although not bad at all.

But this stuff is .. whoo.

The best *Ive* had in New York.

Now, if I can find New York pizza good enuff for me to forsake Chicago Deep Dish, or at least make me forget about it until I get back to Chi-town for a visit...


After slogging through a SLOW ferry ride in a blinding snowstorm (visibility was down to less than 100 yards on the water, making for a slightly nervous ride), waiting over an hour for a bus to get through the storm and slippery streets and then slogging uphill to the house, then THROUGH fresh deep thigh-high powder to get to the door....

I had no intention of leaving the house until the streets are plowed and chaos has stopped snarfing on the finest meats and cheeses. (Mixed metaphor, but yoo know what I mean.)

It explains why I was not-so gently snoring on the couch when MJ called and left a message on the cell to give word that the get together while she is in town had been changed to another restaurant close by.

(Heh. Again I was surprised by an unexpected Cali accent.. I dont know why that makes me smile.. :-)

Umm. Lemme repeat.. I had no intention of leaving the house again for the day.
This wasnt happening.
It may be navigable in midtown Manhattan, but contrary to what Mayor Guiliani said.. things arent back to normal in the rest of the city yet.

Unfortunately, I had no call back number to get in touch with her.


Hopefully, we can do a cuppa coffee or Bailey's Irish before she leaves.

Man, Ive taken a lot o' pictures today and these last few days (got some great shots of the storm and the snow-covered scenery).. but it'll be awhile before I can figure out a way to edit/downsize the pix so that I can include them in the blog.

This sux.

Its not really about computers. If I werent considerate of other folk's property or space - I would already have a solution rigged.

I realize now, that its been nearly six years since Ive had my own space, with no room-mates, family or coworkers around.

I had it for awhile in Jax, until my rogue ex-brother in law needed a place to stay. Hey, I couldnt refuse him, because he and my sister gave up their space when I needed it.

Since then, except for the period of a few blessed months, Ive not had a space I could truly call my own.

I am craving my own space. Mine. No one else around.

Granted, its pretty hard to do in New York - where space is at an expensive premium.. but right now, Im hoping that this will be accomplished by next month.

Which is why Im awful sensitive about impugning on other people's space.

Even if its only a computer.

Miss Waterbelle- has had her sensibilities ruffled by my apparently inelegant choice of calling this a "NY blog".

This thing needs a better name. You had SF Scribble,NY Journal...NY Blog, though, no no no.

Pennant's Itinerant NY.

There you go.
*giggles* It rhymes and still reveals where you are, AND it
discusses your current state of moving. Yeah. There it is.


She does have a point there, I think.

And its usually something I take a bit of thought to do.

But try as I might - I cant think of anything better to call it.

Actually, following the lead of Miss Mars Bars, who has both a blog and a journal - Im gonna be integrating a blog into my site even after I get my fixed address.

This blog.

I'll still have the journal, but Ive been seduced by the short, pithy, updateable format of the Blog.

So, I called it exactly what it is.

*shrug of shoulders and upturned hands* I mean, what else could I call it?