Saturday, May 31, 2003

Older, tougher, more mundane

Was gonna write
something meaningful and lifechanging and all that, but nah - I think Im gonna show pictures of.. bugs.. right now.

Berkeley/Bay Area in the spring isnt exactly Minnesota in the spring, where the bugs magically appear and become as huge as kites.. nah.

You do get a nice assortment of 'em around here.

One day, I saw a beetle...

Cool, huh.

So, if I could get them in the view finder (DAMNED hard, lemme tell ya), I tried to snap them.

Yeah, pretty - in their own prehistoric way....

And ok, a car wash..

Oh, and speaking of vehicles.. wheels

Itsa wheel...

And then I REALLY got ridiculous and had this poor couple pose in front of Berkeley's temporary Fountain O' Love..

I know, Ive gotten mushy and boring in my old age.

Shoot me.

Friday, May 30, 2003


Lil Brother forgets nothing. Heheheh.

JPennant: Dude, Im just [hanging in there]
lilbro: dude?

insert his raised eyebrow here

JPennant: Its a Cali thing
JPennant: :-D
lilbro: u address me as son, or bro, or sir
JPennant: LoL
JPennant: aight my ni**a
lilbro: glad we understand each other
JPennant: heheheh
lilbro: no doubt
lilbro: lata
JPennant: luv ya
lilbro: luv ya 2
LiLBro signed off at 7:12:22 PM.

Heheh. I find it endearing when he stands up to his big brother.

But Im still the Big Brother, and every so often I have to casually flex, no matter how old he gets, to demonstrate I can crush his will with a mere thumb.

Its a big brother thing.

This time tho.. I'll let it slide. :-)

Thursday, May 29, 2003




The Andalusian and Arabian mix known as Peruvian Paso's to be exact.

*really bemused*

I REALLY wanna see how this one turns out.

Coming next, excerpts from my bi-annual (or whatever the word is for once every two years) reading from my inimitable friend Poo (real name Sherry Lynne, but we still call each other by our old IRC nicknames), who is not only a professional spiritualist, but down to earth, wise and .. err.. spunky (or whatever the word is for a life-long rebel and iconoclast).

For the nearly 10 years or so Ive known her, she's always been cool by me.

However, she just wont tell me what I wanna hear, dammit. :-)

I never really ask her for readings, as this is her livelihood, and honestly - Id RATHER not know whats gonna happen, but every two years - she goes "Ok, Joe - its time for you to know..."

So... yeah

She's GOOD. Very, very good. Trust me on this.

But Im happier to have her as a long-time friend.

So anyway, yeah.. I just signed up a Paso horse breeder and trainer as a client.


Should be interesting.

Well, I guess I should get me some old boots if Im gonna be stepping around in horse shit....

Horses. Hm.



Wednesday, May 28, 2003

The gods arent crazy, theyre just fucking wit me.

From the Registrars Office in Jamaica
Good morning Mr Pennant,

We are sorry we have not yet received a payment or an application of your request. Kindly allow some additional time for us to receive your package.

This package is an express package, shoudve been in the tropics 2 weeks ago.

SOMEBODY is lying to me (and by the way, lying to me doesnt make me "feel good".)

So, onto the Berkeley Post Office to match the tracking number to their records..

"Umm, it seems this one wasnt scanned, we dont know where the package is, if it even left Oakland, and it'll take 6 weeks before we can track and see if anyone cashed...."


Of course. And the lights just went out in this Kinko's.


Sorry, Poo. The lights were on in almost all of downtown Berkeley, except .. naturally.. anything with free wireless access.

Just came back on.

The gods are fucking with me.

Good times.

With the power out I wandered Downtown, then stopped at the corner of Shattuck and Center Street.

After awhile, out of boredom maybe, for stress relief, I started snapping the activity just at that corner, across the street from the BART downtown Berkeley station.

Then I left the corner and went back to the Kinko's...