Friday, January 12, 2001

Staying on the third Island has given me a greater appreciation for the maritime aspects of New York.

The shipping and ships, docks, wildlife, supporting industries, expanses of sky and water, the great view of lower Manhattan and ridges of Brooklyn.

And more.

While in Manhattan, you may glimpse the rivers and the bay, but it doesnt really feel like an island, being as connected to the world by all those tunnels and bridges as it is.
The Big Island is Long Island - although even people whove lived on it for years dont even realize it IS an island.
Being in Brooklyn or Queens doesnt feel like an island, I guess.

Staten Island is another world.

(Conversation -condensed- from yesterday:)

"... ohh, I know where you are, Staten Island is part of Long Island, you can take the Long Island Railroad to get out there, not just the Ferry....."
"Ehh, no.. there are no trains connecting SI. its really closer to Jersey.. but it is an island.. a big one."
"Yeah, Brooklyn and Queens are part of Long Island."
"No shit. So what is the Bronx?"
"The only borough of New York that is actually part of mainland US, more of a Yonkers, Westchester County feel."
"Ahh, so how would I drive there?"
"You either drive from New Jersey or Brooklyn over the Verazzano Bridge."
"So, you like riding the Ferry, huh."
"Yup. And apart from WAITING for the Boat, it takes less time in the middle of the night to get to SI, than it is to take the train to Brooklyn."

I do like riding the Ferry actually. You see New York as a real port city, which isnt as apparent when you drive or fly in.

With all the big boats coming in to the ports of New York and New Jersey, the Bay is as crowded in rush hour as it is on the streets.

And Im finding folk who live in SI are very, very passionate about their Ferry Boats.

Very passionate.

Friendships, romances and marraiges have started on the Boat.

So much so, that start a convo with a SI person about the Ferry, and they'll talk yer ear off.

I dont mind. Im always fascinated by something that is as big and efficient as the New York Transit system.

And the ferry does run very efficiently.

Very little keeps it from running. And from what I hear, the last time it stopped running was the blizzard of 96 - and even then it was only stopped for a few hours.
Some random pix from an afternoon trip into Manhattan.

Pulling out from the Staten Island Terminal....

The Verrazzano Bridge in the distance over the Narrows - the main entrance to New York Bay, connecting Brooklyn to Staten Island. Essentially used as a shortcut between Long Island and New Jersey.

It's still a pretty neat thrill when you blow by the Statue, no matter how many times you do it....

Pulling into Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Docks behind..

Walking out of the terminal, sunset over the Statue, Bay and Battery Park.

Every other person I talk, after talking about the boat - say they wish they would take more pictures of certain aspects of the crossing.

Heh. And yet they dont.

I think, like most folk riding the Boat, or living in New York - they take the views for granted - and figure they'll get around to it.. someday.

Myself, Ive become very aware of how things change, so Im capturing as much of it.. putting it up on the site...

Oddly tho, there arent that many sites about the SI ferry.. prolly because most New Yorkers still think of SI as the home of the Great Kills Landfill.
Not much else, just ferry schedules and tourist blurbs.

So, Im thinking of starting a Ferry web site project with some SI natives and residents......

You cannot buy color like that.

Random thoughts on the way home last night....

On my way home from Wall Street to the ferry, I stopped by Cordato's Restaurant & Bar (the favorite eatery of the dancers from the (in)famous PussyCat Lounge).

Ernie, the big, no-nonsense Greek owner of Cordato's (nee Mike's).. always remembers my name. Treats me with respect. Used to see me working way past midnight at 2 Rector....

He asks me how Im doin, what Im doin.. and I say "Im not working right now."

At the look on his face, that was the wrong thing to say.

This is a man who told me he had several bouts with the flu, someone I know who basically works 16 hours a day, and he doesnt miss a day of work.

He doesnt make excuses. He works. Hell, I dont know when he sleeps. From midnight to mid-evening.. he's always there.

I shouldve told him.. "Im doing primarily freelance work, not doing much of anything right at this moment" which wouldve been just as truthful - but wouldve made him feel better about me.

I shouldve.

Ernie is one person I do not want to lose the respect of. I respect him too much for that.
During the late night runs, the Staten Island Ferry has homeless folk riding back and forth.

The half-hour six-mile ride one way is a warm respite from the cold, but they have to get off the boat at each end and wait in the terminals.
Which are also warm, but the cops make sure that theyre never just hanging around - instead of waiting for the Ferry..

When I was in college and staying and working at the YMCA, I used to process a lot of indigent folk who were trying to escape the cycles of homelessness and addiction.

I used to have long talks with these guys.

Most of them had had it all - home, family, good jobs, etc etc.

I had an epiphany back then.

There, for the grace of god, went I. Or anyone else. It does not take much. The margin is that slim.

It couldve just as easily been me. And it still could.

I looked on the guys waiting in the Ferry Terminal... and shivered.
On the bus home, most of the people had the New York far away stare on...

A white guy sneezed.

The tough-lookin brother next to him waited a few seconds, and said 'Bless You".

Shocked, the white guy paused and barely murmured.. "Thank You".

They didnt even look at each other.

Its not until now did I realize, I couldve said "Bless You" too.

I prolly wouldve shocked myself.

Is it a New York thing, a racist thing, a sexist thing - that is making me lose my humanity and courtesy?
Walking up the street from the bus stop, a white woman is walks past me.

I get the once over, dressed in all black.

I get the once over. Automatically suspect.

Im used to it.

Women walk in fear late at night anyway.

Ive always resisted wearing a knit cap.

I dont like the look, nor do I like that it makes me look even MORE of a Big Black Man.

But the bitter cold this winter gave me no choice.

I dont like it, but fuckit.. Im wearing it.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

Talkin to my saxy gal pal Gabs, she's helping to keep my emotions and fears in check.

Pisces are good like dat.

Ive had my epiphany, I dont ever wanna be the sap described in this story.

No, I dont ever want to be that guy.

However, I wanna be a better man, not make things 'other people's fault' and not make my fears be a primary factor in what I do. (Hard to admit to, and do...)

Gabs is hittin me with some West Coast flava, doing the role of a crisis counselor, making sense and keeping me from doin foolish things.....

Although Gabz isnt helping any with those *whoo* pictures.
She knows the ones Im talkin aboot.. *cackle*.

You go, girl. :-)

Nice sunrise in the Bay Area...

Im in a haiku frame o' mind..

From Young Song (I need to save his schtuff)
Love Poem.
I am glad you left.
You saved me the trouble
of dumping your parasitic junkie ass out
where's my wallet?

Horny bastards
screw all day
eat my food
pay no rent

Nasdaq 2001

I call you nasdick
where's my money bitch?
Nokia music

On my planet,
it is a request
for an ass kicking

I didn't hit her
you lying bitch
I'm not resisting arrest
ouch this hood is hot
Ahhh. *burreathe*

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Yer right, G.

Folk may think Im soft in the head saying it, but upon repeated viewings, you do realize that "You've Got Mail" is actually a pretty decent flick.

Really, far from being a simple, sleepwalked rip-off of Sleeping in Seattle.. its a well-told, subtly acted story.

No, it does not rank up there wit My Cousin Vinny (one of my all-time fave flix - and she DID deserve the oscar, dammit), but fine indeed.

Ive been promising myself a day out at the movies for the longest.

Although, blowing 10 bux per ticket does give one cause for pause.

But shit, to get me out, about and sociable is like herding cats and PLUS whenever I go out with someone, I rarely get to see what I wanna see.....


Jules of LA writes:

> About the cat/schizophrenia thing, maaaaaan, now
> you've done it! I'm gonna have cat-lovers coming
> after me! :-)


> Here's the article:

I'll go post the link so that that lynch mob doesnt reach yer door.. :-)

The wind has kicked up again...

Joe: Its cold outside.
Jenny: Yes, it is.
Jenny: It'll be 50 degrees on Thurday.
Joe: *grumph* It aint Thursday yet.
Jenny: LOL

Cant stand that bitter windchill anymore.

Makes one disinterested in goin walkabout.

And its supposed to get cold after thursday again.

Tuesday, January 09, 2001

Bitch, moan, bitch.

Losing my religion.

Man, sometimes I forget things arent as dreary as I try to bitch about.

My Pal Poo used to be my mental health monitor, steadfastingly refusing to accept whine with the cheese I was dishin out, forcing me to be *grunt, stretch* more positive in my attitude.
(I think it bores her Gemini sensibilities, but whatever it takes...)

Yesterday, just when I was starting to lose my religion, JettaGirl told me about a dream she'd had that would make no sense to few folk but myself.

(She was freaked that it had her in NY talking to me, I was freaked by what she said we were working on.)

Boys and girls.. that was a good thing.

Basically, her dream was about what I'm trying to accomplish.. hitting the nail square on the head.


I needed to hear "Youre on the right track".

And secondly, I jumped on AIM for the first time in ages.. and Tish was online - hoping I would be on - and told me what I needed to hear.

Even though all she said was "Things will be fine".. I needed to hear that.

So, I'll keep the faith - and not lose my religion after all.

On CNN: Report of a Japanese virtual dating service (using a cell phone with a built-in camera)...

The report concludes "On the service, men can only have one partner at a time, while women can have up to three. This, the makers say, simply reflect reality."

Of course.

Because Im yer basic night-crawler, I rarely get back in before dark.

Well, the bus on Staten Island travels on dimly lighted streets, and the landmarks at night are gone.

So, I never know when to ring for a stop - hard even during the daytime.

Except, now I know.

I always look for Santa.

Itsa Christmas decoration that the owners of this building havent pulled down.

No matter what, every time I see Santa.. *bing*

And Im home.

Because of the EasyEverything Internet cafe (now a haunt of more college and Euro kids than you can shake a stick at) Im in Times Square quite a bit nowadays...

As HappyCat goes positively limp in my lap, purring happily as I scratch behind his jaw.. I'm still wondering if I shouldnt get me a cat.

For Fred her BunnyCat ranks in the top two of the Most Important Things in the World.

Marn's accounts of her fat, er.. fluffy field general, Zubby usually has me dyin.

For Waterbelle.. life would end without her cats.

I consider them great writers.

Hmm.. as a writer, does it help to have a furball around?

Id love to have a dog.. but dogs really need their own space..

So, until I rent/buy a house, that'll prolly not happen.

Tish told me that them rubbing up against her kinda freaks her out.

(Rich busted out laffin as I related that to him, saying "The damned thing is just marking his territory!"

Jules of LA though, allergic to cats herself, warns me that there is scientific evidence that cats carry a virus linked to schizophrenia in people.

Hmm. That would explain a lot....

*brush brush* *#^%$^* Damned cat and his *$^#% hair.. *brush brush*

Sunday, January 07, 2001

Tish's favorite question:

"Watcha thinkin?"

Nothing much, I'd always say.

Right now...

- I need money. I have cash on hand, but with little firm prospects of it flowing in the next few weeks gives me more than a fair share of agita.

Thats when I scare myself and do silly, ill-considered chit cuz Im panicking. looking for positions that I know I'll be working 12 heuers a day to get anything done, and have 'management' in the job description.

Ahh. announced theyre letting go 30 percent of staff. The place I had intended on goin.
No wonder they never called me back in December when they said they would.
Oh well.

The support position in Jersey City is looking good.


Selling my soul for benefits and pay will be a good thing.

- No word yet on the apartment being ready.

Im less concerned about that than I am feeling like Im overstaying my welcome where I am now.

The Voice tells me.. relax.. everything in its time.

I.. am.. not..relaxed.

Tish has this uncanny knack of de-stressing me by saying the right thing.

But.. right now she's not in the city to ask... "watcha thinking?"

I resuscitated two laptops for a client friday.

Cleaned some worms/virii off one that prevented it from booting, and another that wouldnt boot at all.

Wasnt hard. Was kinda fun, actually.

Partially because the client was in another city, and it was just me and his ...ummm.. cleaning man in the East Village loft.

No one around to bug me while I worked.

Part of whats made this kinda work less fun, is that folk are more savvy nowadays - but unfortunately, that means they think they can do what I do. And better.

I want to tell these arseholes... fine.. go ahead.. and leave me the hell alone.

Its even more irritating when it hits them that it isnt always as easy and troublefree as it looks, they come back trying to suck off my brain.

Thats partly why I dont wanna do tech anymore.

Its the dealing with people part.

Friday, it was fun again.
Ahh, a sisters love...

--- cyn wrote:
> joey!
> firstly, tish waited over an hour for your late ass?!

Umm.. yes, she did.

> that's pretty
> indicative of how much she cares
> for you.
Among other ways, yep.

--- Linly wrote:

> i liked the pix of the storm,

I have few more I wanna put up

> although i bet it wasn't that much fun to be out in the middle of it.
Truth be told, it was fun.

A first snowstorm is always fun.

Its the after that first fall, it loses its charm. :-)


One of my less endearing traits is the way I BUG people to get them to do something.

I am told Im loved in spite of this.

When I got my cell, I kept bugging Tish to call me.

She did call.. but only when she thought it was necessary.

It got to the point where I thought it meant she didnt care that much.

Only now, Im starting to see what the view is from her moccasins..

She got her cell, and thats about the only sure way of reaching her right now.

Now, its my turn. I can call, but I dont wanna --- primarily because I dont know when would be a good time.

I just dont like assuming anytime is a good time.
Random snow pix

She was just nonchalantly trying to read as she stood in Times Square, people swirling about her.

I found that funny.

Good thing I got her on the second attempt at a shot.

Speaking o' incongruous....


Ferry ride thru the storm...

--- waterbelle wrote:

> It makes me feel cold, too, to tell the truth.

Good. Im glad it accurately represented the temperature. :-)