Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Port Authority Bus Terminal, 11:15pm

Me going up to food counter, hearing old-style Bob Marley music playing loud from behind the counter...

Me: You listen to ol' Bob??
Counter Guy: Yeah mon. His music make *everyone* feel good.
Me: puzzled that I couldnt place his accent You from Guyana or Trinidad?
CG: Nah. Way down from Bangladesh. Waaay down.
Me: Heheh. Aight then. :-) Peace.
CG: One love. :-)

Thats the way things SHOULD be.
Maybe we all need to listen to Bob Marley, shit - maybe even bin Laden.

Drop him a tape....

Heh. And a toke.

The front of todays NY Daily News....

Brings a tear to the eye and 50 cents out of the pocket of this grizzled cynic.....


I fergot to mention:

Thanks for the company and coffee today, sun. :-)

Both were warm and quite filling. Thanx.

Si, cubano next time.. :-)
Random flags...

Bayonne, NJ

Times Square

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Port Authority Bus Terminal, 42nd and 8th Avenue

Liberty State Park, Jersey City

EasyEverything Internet Cafe, 42nd Street

Fashion District, 7th Avenue

Madame Tussaud's, 42nd Street

Starbux, 32nd and 7th Avenue

Port Authority, 42nd and 8th Avenue


Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Getting back into it...

What you will notice, are cops, everywhere.. seemingly on every corner.

Still, folk tried to get on with their daily business, although more subdued about it, that famed thousand yard stare now seemingly looking nowhere....

Still, things keep intruding

Like the fact that the Empire State is NY tallest building again.

So, you try to distract yourself with looking at ads....

But the flyers with the faces keep popping up...

..and more faces

Not quite back to normal.

But shit, this is New York. Eventually, everything is normal.


Folk are just trying to get on with it. :-)
The streets were busy as usual, the traffic snarls monumental, and yet - there was very little shouting. The whole day, I heard one car honk in ALL of manhattan.


Store owners are rediscovering customer service by saying "youre welcome" after a customer says "thank you".

Still quite surreal.

Many of the young and fashionable are still homeless, as I saw many sleeping on trains and subway platforms late into the night, a lot of them unable to get back into their homes in lower manhattan.


Most folk, like I did, surrendered to the weariness, and slept. Some fitfully, some deeply.

Maybe Im putting a spin on it, maybe its just a reaction, but most folk just seem.. tired.