Saturday, August 16, 2003

Today was to be the day Without an Agenda.

No objectives, challenges, to-do lists or plans. To walkabout aimlessly, lay out in the sun, nap, spend a little money carelessly and let my mind and feet wander.

And thats pretty much how it turned out.

I jumped on the bus to Alameda (the island part of Oakland), got off, ate breakfast, read the morning paper, jumped back on to a glorious sunrise over Berkeley.

The transfer expired, I wandered over to the Farmers Market and hung out as they set up. I swore I wasnt about to unholster the camera. Unless of course, there was an exceptional picture to be had.. but *pshaah.

Eh. Im an addict. I will say anything.

So, after I claimed a cuppa the smoothest mocha Ive *ever* tasted, I decided that I would just take closeups of things, ignore everything and everyone else.

Yeah, just that.

Im a photo addict. I will say anything.

But I stuck to my word. Pretty much.

Chica I was showing the images to was captivated by this one, exclaiming that you had to be lying in the grass to get that perspective. I told her about my nap.. :-)

More coffee. This time, iced coffee without the ice.

Dude, sublime.


Food of the gods, man. :-)

Theyve had to adjust the food to Californian tastes tho.

Less spicy, less salty.

And half the people coming up to the booth asked for the "Vegetarian Plate".

I was ready to exclaim "What planet are you from?? There is no vegetarian plate in Puerto Rican food..."

Then I realized the What Planet Are You From question would be redundant in Cali. ;-)

A place where all too many eyes light up when you mention the word "mothership"..


Its called a "Tigers Jaw", I think. The spines are actually quite soft.

An. Egg. Plant.



And hangin with cool folk, who make the market work

Then I hung out, napped, chilled with folk.

I like days like these.