Saturday, January 04, 2003

A Reader speaks

Winding down a day of walkabout around Oakland, I stopped by Lake Merritt - Oakland's oversized urban pond - to watch the loons, ducks and cormorants cavort in the sunset.

There, I bumped into A. Reader.

This was like the second or third time we've bumped into each other in random places around town. Tres weird, we agreed - as neither of us has ever run into anyone else in the Bay Area that we know, online or otherwise.

(I may have glimpsed Gabz in the Silver Surfer as I crossed Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley this morn too, but I was so into my CoffeeUndDonut at the time - I didnt take a second look after I realized it couldve been her. Could've gotten the make of the vehicle wrong too. Eh.)

Anyway she asked me how I was settling into the area

"Yeah, I think I'll be around here for awhile."
"Really? You dont seem to like the Bay Area much."
"Mmm? Me? Nah - I like it fine."
"Going by your writing, it seems you dont like it."
"Oh. That. Nah, me constantly bitching about the cold doesnt mean I hate the place.
Think of my moaning and complaining this way - its like breaking in a new pair of boots. Your feet are gonna be barking and moanin for awhile before everything adjusts."


Hell, I wasnt fond of NY and its &@%@ nor'easters for awhile either.

A lot to say, but not much to talk about

More random chit I needed to get out of my system...

I want to make a print of that one, frame it. Whattya think?

Man, why does it feel like Im repeating myself?
A Bust Goes Down in Berkeley

No, he didnt go down for jaywalking...
I turned the corner somewhere on the "Flats" (or as the old-time black folk say "The Waterfront") of Berkeley, and saw my house, with my car in front of it.

Well, damned near.
*nudge nudge*

You know. *wink*

This alone should stop me from going to my favorite Naan and Curry place, but the food tastes so good..

I hadda get alla that out of my system.

Ok, just one more...