Saturday, September 15, 2007

Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Midday dream

found myself wandering a neighborhood, going in and out of houses, with no idea why I was walking in and out of these people's houses.

I had a box in my hand, but nothing made sense, and I was making a mess of everything as I stumbled around.

Until, I came across a electrical panel. I then had an epiphany. I opened up the panel AND the little box in my hand and looked for matching connectors. Sure enough, with a little digging, I found the right connectors to both. When I made the connection - everything literally hummed and came to life.

Heh, I was a goddamned meter reader. :)

But as I walked out of the house - I was being congratulated left and right by strangers for making the right connection. How did they know? Who knows, but there was approval all round.

So to recap, I was walking around with the tools I needed, making a mess of everything until I made the connection I meant to do, and then my purpose became clear?

Sounds like life.

Time of your life, eh kid

Time of your life, eh kid, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

midnight meal in chinatown

midnight meal in chinatown, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Unlike NY, where cheap chinese to go til very late is on every corner , its hard to find decent chinese late at night in San Francisco.

So I have to roll to Chinatown to get mine.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Market and California Streets

Market and California Streets, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

This illustrates the altered sense of reality and direction that is San Francisco. Market Street on the left is going due South East. California Street is going West.

Oh yeah, and Market goes twisty up yonder and literally goes in curves turning in all directions when it hits the hills.

Sutter Street stop

Sutter Street stop, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Streets of San Francisco

Streets of San Francisco, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Words I need to live by

Words I need to live by, originally uploaded by Itinerant.