Saturday, April 05, 2003

Parade of Fewls

April First:

At the last minute, a group of people donned silly clothing and decided to go join in on San Francisco's annual April Fools parade.

Of course, these fewls arrived after the parade was over.

Still, they mingled on San Francisco's Embarcadero for the after-parade mingling, catching up with people walking back from the the parade now over..

"DUDE!" someone yelled, "Youre getting a KNEE job!"


I have a feeling she was no simple fewl, but a paid shill. :-)

*cough* ChickenButt.

A local celebrity, famous for standing around downtown SF with signs proclaiming.. umm.. return of the motherships, universal conspiracies.. and.. and..

Im sorry, Im not sure I even remember what. In any case, SF being SF - it has embraced him.

SF has a soft spot for fewls...

Its a "Japanese Silky" according to its owner, a man who speaks in perambic pentameters.

In between I caught a few shots of the city on a beautiful April Fools Day...

And then, a photo shoot broke out..

Damn. I think I might actually be good at this.

Yes, all these were posed with me yelling and barking at the models. :-)

And yes, it felt good.

Hokay, I accept my destiny...

And then of course, to the coffee shop.

Where we closed the house.