Saturday, April 12, 2003

I take walks

As anti-social as I am, I have to admit.. interesting things happen as I walk down the street and meet people..

For example, one fine afternoon awhile back.

I stopped for coffee and met this chica..

"You take great pictures. You model?"
"No, Im a director for music videos. I know how to give models direction."


A block down I see this shiny green MG and the owner is standing beside it.

Next thing you know we're swapping tales about cars and having a pint at the little pub/pool bar

Then he gave me a ride home in the MG..

At the end of year/semester.. students throw away the best things..

Man, back in my dumpster diving days, this woulda been primo.

Eh, its only daddy and mommy's credit cards, aint it.. :-/
A brief walk through of Oakland's chinatown

San Pablo Avenue

San Pablo Avenue is a long stretch that runs the entire length of the East Bay. Its also the defacto border between North and West Berkeley.
Before Berkeley was yuppified, that was the border between the industrial and residential parts of the place..

It still is actually, but now you have yuppies on both sides.