Saturday, July 27, 2002

Best left

Once left, once broken up, once ended... its better if it stays that way.
Its usually for the best.
Sure. Grieve. Remember. Revisit. Reminisce. Celebrate, even. But in the end, there are usually GOOD reasons for ways being parted.

I left Jacksonville because I was severely underemployed and felt like I was living my life in torpor. I had to leave.

It was the hard thing to do.. primarily because Jacksonville doesnt let go easily. Its native sons and daughters usually come back.

If asked, most folk from Jax wont have a lot of good things to say about it.

But most wont leave. Or if they do, they invariably come back.

They feel they have good reasons. And I have to admit, Im entertaining thoughts of having a place here while I do stuff in other places.. no state income tax, the calm, cheap houses, privacy, decent 4-seasons weather, etc etc. (North Florida is quiet home to multitudes of international stars and figures, for much of the same reasons.)

However, I cannot ever call it home.

For there are good reasons I left.

Sometimes things are best left.

Myself, I said goodbye by...

Going to hardees, particularly the one at Five Points in Riverside.

Frankly, Hardees aint all that great. But, those buscuits.. mmmm.

And the Hardees @ Five Points makes the best buscuits.

So, breakfast this morn was

  • 2 Hardees Stuffed Omelette buscuits

  • A superlarge Coca-Cola (Co-Cola, if you wanna say it Georgia style), with lemons that normally go into the Iced Tea.

  • A large coffee with chocolate creamer.

  • A Krispy Kreme Rasperry Jelly Glaze.

    Why yes, I do know such a breakfast will stop a rhino dead in its tracks at 10 paces....

  • Friday, July 26, 2002

    Laugh out loud quote-of-the-day
    "You don't thaw ground beef in the microwave!" chorused the Wonder Obvious Statement Duo. "You thaw it under hot running water!"

    Hoo hoo hoooo. *grin*

    This is the same woman who actually came up with the term "Itinerant in New York" lo those years ago as well as my personal favorite.. "annoying quotey fingers"

    Heehee. :-)
    Random water

    Hanna Beach, Jacksonville

    No, manuel. I saw ONE female lifeguard in all of Florida.

    Looking at this young high school kid, reminds me of the stories I heard in Fort Lauderdale of all the drug smugglers, pushers and general layabouts - who were all LifeGuards for in their youths....

    The sand was hot-hot-hot on most of these beaches. Sandals were almost mandatory.

    Twenty minutes in the broiling sun - dry and snuggly soft.

    Inevitably, with all the humidity around, the water broke.

    Its kinda hard to capture rain, its main component being colourless and fast moving.

    So, I flipped open the flash and tried a lil sumthin' sumthin.

    And eventually, it did.

    Thursday, July 25, 2002

    Yellow Nostalgique

    Two more of my images googled:

    - Wall Street
    Trump Building
    "No Parking Zone"

    July 2000

    As I was walking up Wall Street, I saw this picture of the yellow penis-mobile (Lamborghini Diablo) left in a no-parking zone, in the middle of the day on effing Wall Street. In a no-parking zone. With the young woman left to keep the thing from being towed or molested.
    What would *you* do?
    I held the camera over my head and snapped.
    The young, leggy blonde was uncomfy with all the stares and attention.
    Uh yeah.

    I needed to take those images. :-)

    Kate, if I recall, got a kick out of them. :-)
    No penis mobile this, but at the time vewwy vewwy popular with the in crowd.

    Sixth Avenue and 28th Street
    Fashion and Wholesale District
    "Yellow Rain Bug"

    - September 2001

    Me and the Cappy were traversing the area, checking out business opps (as Earth Signs are wont to do). The Cappy being a born and bred Joisey Girl, but with the inherent speed of a New Yorker was leaving me behind.. so I had little time to check the exposure before I snapped.

    At first I thought this was a similiar pic I had taken in Oakland's Chinatown, but nah.

    The store in front of THAT buggy had Shark-fins on hooks, instead of this one where the only things on hooks were clothes.