Saturday, September 28, 2002

The Walls do Talk

New York

Along 5th Ave
Sunset Park

Spring Street/SoHo


Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Loop de Loop

Dateline: Kinko's @ Van Ness and EauClaire, SF

Looped on WinAmp for the Mac:
Luther Vandross - Can I Take You Out Tonight

Normally, I try not to place blame for bad days on astrological happenings like mercury going retrograde, (since my logical mind considers that aspect of astrology silly), but its been a doozy so far.

Misunderstandings, missed appointments, fruitless searches, lost memory card with images Im supposed to get PAID for (long story involving a horse and carriage toppling into the sea), the mac being 'quirky' again losing images etc etc

Gaaaaaaaaaaaahrrrrrrrr. *breathes fire*

Im kinda cranky. Hence, the soothing music looping through my headphones.

Its not been all bad today tho, and my higher consciousness is telling me to calm the fuck down and accept that there are reasons for seasons.. but still..

No. Im in a unique position, hardships or no. I need to relax and enjoy it - come what may.


*breathes fire*
I simply have too many images for one effing blog.

SF dailies and backdated images from the cross country trip to process.

Too many to combine into single entries.

And, no, I dont really feel like ferking around with photo galleries. Dont have the patience for 'em.

So, Im taking the suggestion of master brian and MISTER Kelly and reactivating a dormant blog.

Ask me for the URL, if you dont already know it.
Speaking of too many images... a random dump from previous SF walkabouts

Grilled pork, rice noodles and Empire rolls. 5 Dollahs.

Somewhere on Broadway in North Beach/Chinatown, SF

And no, Im highly unconcerned as to how long this page takes to load...