Saturday, March 09, 2002

Central Florida is a nice place.

Quiet, sorta civilized, nice weather.

But its SOOOO spread out, there is little here here.

I have not gone two miles from JT's house since Ive been here.

Its the suburbs of Orlando... nothing much out here but housing developments and green scrubland.

Thas pretty much it.

So, Ive taken a lotta pictures with the camera I borrowed... of JT's cat.

His name is Casey.. but I call him StonerKitty.

Lemme show you why ;-)

He hangs with me during the evenings, out like a light.

Heh. Grateful Dead tapestry and StonerKitty.


Ehh, he just acts like he's on weed. :-)

However - he's a cat, and sometimes.. he's just cool like this...

Friday, March 08, 2002

A Friday Five I dont mind answering:

1. What makes you homesick?

Food cravings.

Hard Dough Bread from Allan's Bakery.
Bird Peppers.
Stewed Red Beans and Oxtail over white rice.
True Jerked Chicken.
Cocoa Bread.
(Jamaica/New York)

DeepDeep Dish Pizza. (Not that crap from Pizzeria Uno)
Chicago Hot Dogs with poppy seeds with everything but pickles on the Rosen bun and celery salt sprinkled on those Vienna Brand sausages.
Broccoli Deep Dish Pizza from Barry's Pizza.
JR's amaretto fudge cheesecake.

The REAL Canada Dry. (Not the syrupy crap made in the US. I brought back a case every time I drove up to Canada. ) (Toronto).

Smoked whole chicken.
Food from everybody's house.
Coca Cola bottled at Brown Bottling. (They make CocaCola according to the the old fashioned way, with sugar not corn syrup, and since they also bottle orange and grape Nehi in the same vats, it always has a slight fruity flavor to it).
Fresh Catfish and just made sweet corn hush puppies. (Jackson, Mississippi).

Uncle Harry's Homemade Ice Cream on fresh waffles.
(Burlington, Wisconsin; Addison Illinois).

Hardee's Biscuits. (Jacksonville Florida).

Bagels from the Greek places in Staten Island and Bay Ridge.
Hallal Street Meat.
Chinese takeout con Pollo.
Bagel and a coffee for a buck.
Coffee and a donut.
Coffee and a danish

(New York).

2. Where is "home" for you? Is it where you are living now, or somewhere else (ie: Mom & Dad's house, particular state/city)?

Heh. I have no home and several places I can call home.

Home is wherever Im goin.
But really, I would say it is Chicago, even though I havent been in years.

3. What makes it home for you? People? Things?

Dunno. Most folk I know who grew up in Chicago, think of themselves as Chicagoans - no matter where they are.

I think its having survived the winters. Surviving harsh winters I think codifies you to wherever you endured it.

Hence the folk from Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa who never forget those roots.

I survived the Hawk.

4. Where is the furthest you've been from home, miles-wise?

Whatever the distance is between New York and San Fran.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?

Lemme go ask the cat...

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Today's horrorscope:

You should be making use of the sun in Pisces at this time of year to think of ways to improve your financial position.

Money may not be your No. 1 aim, but it's important, and if you make the effort to earn more now, it will save you lots of problems later in the year.

And make sure you're paid what you're worth.

Damned skippy.
and it continues...

No matter how down-to-earth an earth sign you happen to be, current aspects urge you to give yourself permission to dream.

What you desire may seem unattainable, but if you want it badly enough and think about it often enough, your mind will create the conditions that make it more likely to happen.

You've got to believe that dreams do come true.

"Im comin around da stretch
Here Fydo Boy

- They Want Efx
Das Efx

and furthermore...
You're being too hard on yourself, and that encourages others to be hard on you, too.
What you must remember is that mistakes are natural; that everyone, no matter how good he is at what he does, gets it wrong at some stage or other.
The fact is, you get it wrong a lot less than some people you could name.
Be hard on them for a change.

As Kate would say.... grrrrrr.
And in conclusion..
Don't let anyone tell you that your beliefs must conform to what the majority says is acceptable.
If freedom means anything, it means the right to be different, to be the one who takes the opposite view to the many.

Freedom is precious - don't lose it.

It doesnt come cheap or easy.

*sigh* ah well.

Affirmation through da stars.

And that was just for today.

Monday, March 04, 2002

I just had a dream, and I wouldve forgotten it if it hadnt been for the imagery of steep hills.

Now that I think of it, it was dream of living in San Francisco.

It was a dream of hills, and circuses and laid back people, of rats, large rats and cobblestone streets.

And hills.

In fact one very steep hill. As steep as Lombard Street, with a cobblestone surface, but without the helpful curves.

Scary, but cool. But scary. And still cool.

A metaphor for something? My expectations?

It was a lovely dream. and I was filled with wonder.

I was having a good time. I was glad to be there.

But I was, as usual - anxious.

Because the dream had no sun.

Its gonna be tough.

JPennant:I had a dream of SF last night.
Very odd.

k a t e: what happened?
JPennant: First time Ive ever dreamt of SF
JPennant: I dunno how to explain it
JPennant: it had steep hills, rats, good food
and weird people
k a t e: sounds like cally!:-)
JPennant: LoL