Saturday, June 01, 2002

Jamaicans, as a rule, tend to be class conscious. Pride, ya know.

Also, as a rule - they heartily dislike being categorized.

Prickly pride, dontcha know.

I bring this up to explain why it is that Jamaicans tend to spread themselves out and not settle into ethnic ghettos.

That isnt quite accurate, but Ive been here for awhile - and I havent seen any strikingly Jamaican areas in South Florida.
And there are hundreds of thousands here. Hell, even in this upper-middle class area, there are several on this street alone.
( Although because several are white Jamaicans, the accents are minimal and theyve intermarried into other cultures - they dont get classified as ethnic..)

I say this, because as I get ready to leave - I havent had any Jamaican food while Ive been here.

Im not sure why this didnt occur to me before.

Im craving patties.

Im up and watching several newsmagazines aimed at different national groups.

One is 'Jamaican Magazine' which is actually put out by the Jamaican government.

Heh. The voices brings back memories.

The thick accents of the anchors. The multi-cultures that are represented.

Black, Indian, Chinese, Korean, European and mixes there-in...

All speaking in thick patois-accented english.

Theyre reporting on the heavy rains and flooding this past week - reading off local places half-forgotten, a melange of British, Spanish and Arawak names.

Ive met quite a few Jamaicans while Ive been here, and theyve all asked me if I wanted to stay in South Florida and add my expertise to entreprenurial enterprises.

Ive demurred so far. Partly because I dont really envision living here in Florida, as Ive learned that the best way to live in Florida is to make your money elsewhere.
Theyve even told me of some other ventures in Jamaica itself that Ive been asked to consider.

I havent changed my mind or plans.

But as I watch this program, its something to think about.

Friday, May 31, 2002

Storm Watch

Hurricane season starts today.

They take it VERY seriously down here. Im watching an HOUR LONG hurricane preparation program. They're having them on seemingly every channel.

Apparently Hurricane Andrew scared the holy ever-lovin shit outta folk. Its like Hurricane Andrew is a frikkin verb here.

A word association game in South Florida goes:


"Hurricane Andrew?"
"Oooh, it was bad. Very bad."

Ok, this is an ignorant opinion, so hey..

I think what got their attention was that this hurricane didnt discriminate and tore up every home. Expensive and claptrap alike.

Rich people became homeless en masse too.

And when you get the collective attention of insular wealthy folk....

It becomes everyones business.

Thats my simplistic opinion.

Me? Im just glad I'll be riding out summer in San Fran. No hurricanes or tornadoes for me.

Just windstorms, brushfires, earthquakes and such.

Ahh, bliss.
Passing thunderstorms have turned the night sky in the west grey-black.

And putting on a hella light show, rays of blue-white flashes illuminating everything.

Cool sight to see flashes flaring off the tops of 45,000 foot thundertowers.

But with the mugginess, no rain. All the storm watches have expired.


I like the rain.
Update: The mugginess broke and it rained steadily all through the night.

That fresh air and patter of steady rain put me into a deep sleep, even tho I wanted to catch the rest of the Lakers game.

Yeah, I like the rain.

Sleeping dragon

For the most part, if we're both online.. Kate will IM a greeting in the morning, even if she doesnt feel like talking or is busy.
Pretty much the daily routine for the last coupla years. Yep.

Its much appreciated, even tho I act like a dragon about it.. ;-)

k a t e: howdy howdy

Auto response from JPennant: I am away from my computer right now.

JPennant: mornin

JPennant: hows trix

JPennant: < -- was sleeping in for the first time in a long time.

k a t e: oohh glad to hear

JPennant: yeah, i havent done that in aong time.

k a t e: ok go back:-)

JPennant: heheh. that sounds like a plan. :-)

JPennant: i woke up at 5.30 my usual time, was gonna go git some coffee and

JPennant: and then get to work

k a t e: and...?

JPennant: i just felt tired

JPennant: so, i slept

k a t e: :-(

JPennant: ive been focused on work

JPennant: too much

JPennant: almost 7 days a week

JPennant: even on the days i dont do jack shit

k a t e: take a break....

k a t e: :-)

k a t e: go to the keys:-)

JPennant: dont have a car this weekend

k a t e: :-(

JPennant: even that is a stressful proposition

JPennant: I dont wanna drive and get into trouble

k a t e: yeah

k a t e: you feeling ok today?

JPennant: actually yeah

JPennant: On one hand I wanna get this stuff over with and get out to Cali

JPennant: on the other I cant seem to get stuff done cuz my brain is feelin

JPennant: so, im feelin good right now takin a break

JPennant: So, with that in mind.. check out this horrorscope

JPennant: You're desperate to make a start on something that you've been
planning for ages, but current aspects warn that you should give it a few more
days before you begin. If you start in a mad rush today, you're liable to
overlook some small but important detail that will hold you up later. You've
come this far - don't mess everything up now.

JPennant: Heheh, scary aint it? ;-)

JPennant: So youre right .. i need a nap :-)

k a t e: go to sleeeeeep

k a t e: watch teletubbies and relax

k a t e: :-)

JPennant: LoL

She cracks me up, my pal does. :-)

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Woke up. This mornin. Got myself.

I woke up this morning, needing peace.. resolution.. sustenance.

I tried remembering my dreams, usually something I can chew on to figure out whats going on. But they were muddled, slipping away into the nether of ether.


I do remember one thing

In bed
Her: You know I cant.
Me: It doesnt matter. I'll take what we can get.

Waaait one effing minute. Take what I can get? No. Thats no way to live.

But its still in my head, so.. Im thinking its because I havent found an alternative in nearly two years.

I woke up needing peace.. resolution.. sustenance...

Mary Forrest writes:

I am not about what I have done or where I have been. I am about what I am becoming. And what I will have left behind.

I no longer feel at risk or lost."

Right. Exactly. So why am I waking up feeling this need for release.. peace... sustenance...

Wait a minnit, wait a minnit

Opportunities are sprouting all around me and Im stressing about what wasnt and what might not be????

WTF am I thinking??

As today's horrorscope sez..

What you're worrying about may seem important now, but a few weeks from now, you'll look back and wonder how you ever allowed yourself to get so worked up about it.
With that thought in mind, why not save yourself some anguish and put it out of your mind altogether?
Find something more positive to focus your attention on.

Damned right.

From Matt Haughey's site
THIS JUST IN: MetaFilter is unfortunately down for the next 48 hours, due to a Microsoft IIS patch snafu. Periodically, applying security updates and rebooting results in lock-ups, so I can't contact the server or administer it remotely.
My host is coming back from a vacation in Italy on Sunday, after which, the server should be back online.

Thank you Microsoft.

My feeling exactly.

I COULD install Exchange Server. SQL Server. Suuuuure. That would fix all my problems right?

Ch.yeah. The other night I installed security patches to Win2000 workstations, and they stopped working properly.

Took me all night to get em up and running agian.

Fix my problems?

This is Microsoft. See above.

Its like giving in too easily.


I am sorry to hear. Condolences and good wishes to you and yours.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Easily entertained

Ok. Ok.

The mom's distinctive laugh on That 70's Show cracks me up. :-)

Heheheh. *cough* Heh.

Okay, maybe the sun is softening my brain.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002


That was a dying fish....

Several people asked me to take pictures with this building in the background.


Why? This is the Broward County jail.

And right, the obligatory sunrise.
Im done looking for good Cuban food here.

Im not gonna waste the rest of my stay here.

Ive tried. Honestly.

But going by what Ive eaten here... Cuban food is HORRIBLE.

At best? Mediocre.

Soggy rice, greasy meats, curdled cheese.

I looked at the meal I bought at this place.. the breaded steak tough, the melted cheese hard, floating on top of a half an inch of grease.


Apparently, the Cuban food in Jersey is exceptional.

Not here in South Florida.

No, Im done lookin.

Trust, but verify.

I dont leave many comments on people's web pages anymore, due to unpleasant experiences in doing so.

This morn tho, MinJung wrote about the joys of being spiritual. As the Irish comedian Steve Allen (not that one, the one with missing fingers on one hand) said in response to people chastising him for his jokes and skits featuring the Pope and church excesses..
"Look, I will always make fun of Church and religion. But I will never... ever... laugh at a man's faith."


I used to believe that the word meant "To believe", and I think most folk do.

However, over the years I came to see it as being better defined as "To Trust".

Turned out that wasnt enough.

Like most spiritual concepts however, the word describing it couldnt be constrained by a definition.

This morning I came upon MinJung's flow. Moved enough to leave a leave an opinion:

Ya know, Ive never been the pious type.
In spite of being an altar boy in youth, I grew up agnostic - being the skeptic I am.
Now, I truly believe almost everyone's deepest desire is to talk to god.
Im not sure why. For understanding? Maybe simply for that feeling of peace.

My personal feeling is that we all crave something deeper and more powerful.. and harder to achieve...
I dare not say the terms for fear of being misunderstood, as I have been before when I try to explain it.

But I have never quite understood piety.
Is it respect, or is it fear?

I guess it depends on how people see it..

Does piety constitutes faith?

I dunno, as I feel that piety is often driven less from faith and respect as it is by fear.

Is piety faith?

I guess for some folk it is.

For me, events showed me that simply having faith isnt the whole ball of wax. But it aint something to sneeze at.

Right now, Im in waiting mode, as I still dont quite understand what Im doing in this place at this time. But hard experience has taught me that not understanding isnt reason to doubt. So, I gotta trust that, gotta have faith that things are happening, and just be prepared to go with the flow.

Why? Because faith is about.. acceptance. That things are. That things will be.

(Acceptance, by the way, does not negate choice. Heh. But 'choice' is another word that eclipses its definitions and understanding.)

And acceptance?

Its the key to what we all want, I think. The common concept in all spiritual beliefs and religions. The most powerful force in the universe.


Another word that eclipses all attempts to define and explain it.

And in the immortal words of a wise philosopher ..

Thats all I have to say about that.

Monday, May 27, 2002

Listening to

Groove Theory's - Tell Me

Probably one of the best bass lines/drum intros in years. Assured, is how Id call it.
Today's Horrorscope..
You may be in a bit of a downbeat mood at the moment, but don't let it worry you because it is quite normal for you at this time of year.
With both the sun and Mercury transiting the most sensitive area of your chart, it would be surprising if you were the life and soul of the party.

Time spent thinking won't be time wasted.

Ja Rule growls

Kinda feels like Im drowning in the Lords Pain
till the sun comes out and shines again


give me a reason to keep believin'
that everything aint misleading
And I
Kiss the ground on the rainy days
And I
smile for you when the skies are grey

Cause Im a teardrop away from cryin
and a few shots away from dyin

Dear Lord
would you shower my pain
let it rain let it rain on me
while I cherish the air I breathe
Im an angel
that cant soar cant fly

And I am askin
Lord knows why

- Mary J Blige and Ja Rule Rainy Days

Then again:
It. Must. Be. da Aaassssssss!!!

that got me like that

If gets any fatter
the Rule's goin havta get At
And our situation wont matter

Ive come to make you smile
In the freakiest manner

Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule
Aint it Funny

Heh. The cause and the cure? ;-)

Sunday, May 26, 2002


Ghost Gecko started hanging around me in the 'office'. I thought it was getting used to me.

I was gonna write something on the humorous tip, pictures Id taken of it, it nearly giving me a heart attack after it leapt out of my backpack where it had been sleeping.

But it was also kinda creepin' me out.

I was contemplating kicking it outside, but I left it alone because I thought it would have been eaten by the jays and blackbirds.

What I didnt realize that in trying to be kind, I was killing it, because there was little water and food in the house - the house being sealed.


This afternoon I threw its still soft body into the canal, instead of the yard.

I still didnt want the birds to get it.

Later, Ghost Gecko

Aloha no.

Sunday NY Post

Interview Q &A with Dave Chappelle, my favorite virgoan comedian. He's plugging his role on the flick 'Undercover Brother'.
Hilarious and raunchy while being understated.. I dig his philosophy cause they mirror my own.

Takes Virgos to get virgos...
Q: Will Afros return because of the film?

A: It's funny you say that. I think the Afro has recently made a comeback. It has something to do with the braid style. But if you have an Afro, you may never catch a cab.

Q: What would you never buy for yourself?

A: A Bentley. I'd look ridiculous in it. A guy like Puffy could pull it off, but he wears a mink, and I couldn't do that either.

Q: Whose style do you most admire?

A: Russell Simmons'. He will always wear Adidas and sweats. He doesn't wear his money.

Q: Boxers or briefs?

A: I'm a boxer guy. I've seen briefs. But you have to be a creepy dude to wear those panties.

Q: What do you love to see women wear?

A: Nothing. I eat the banana, not the peels.



Sunday Morning

As I wrap up what Im doing here, memories of South Florida..

The Pink Drawbridges of Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

WHY theyre pink, I have no idea. I guess for some reason, pink equals the tropics for some folk.

Yep. Pink.

JPennant: Hey papi. How ya feelin?
McClint: i'm doin alright. i actually slept for 9 hours last night
JPennant: whadja drink, wine or beer? ;-)
JPennant: <-- drank both, slept the same
McClint: had some Smirnoff Ice
JPennant: yeah, sometimes you DO need a drink.
JPennant: As long as it doesnt become medicine, nawmean?
McClint: yeah i'm not a big drinker anyway
JPennant: A little astrological lore
JPennant: There is an eclipse of the sun this week
JPennant: and in astrology an eclipse is considered (for some people) where some things stop and start in your life
JPennant: a demarcation point if you will
McClint: must be a partial eclipse. it is pretty far past the equinox to be a total or even annular
JPennant: it is
McClint: :-)
JPennant: the big one is May 2003
JPennant: <-- takes Clints brain fer granted sometimes ;-)
McClint: hahaha
McClint: I understand the mechanical workings of the universe...... understanding women is a different story
JPennant: So for many people, it feels like somethings are at "the end of a road", and the start of something new
JPennant: so for you - youve made a break and youre already on the path of something new
JPennant: for me its the realization that my game needs to go to another level, cause Im gonna be playing in bigger leagues
JPennant: Splains my sudden fixation in the methods of military training.
McClint: hehehe too bad you're too old to enlist
JPennant: Eh, Im not sure Id wanna anyway
McClint: it took me 3 years of JROTC and 2 years of ROTC in college to make me realize that the military life just isn't for me
JPennant: Ive always said, if I HAD to go, I would
McClint: BUT i'm still glad I went thru that training
JPennant: zactly. I sometimes wish I did
McClint: actually the stated purpose of JROTC isn't to build future soldiers.... it's to build better citizens
JPennant: I used to be envious of this guy I met when I lived at the YMCA
JPennant: former Marine. He lived in one of the rooms which was 7 by 14 feet
JPennant: And his stuff was organized
JPennant: because he had been TRAINED to do it
McClint: yup
JPennant: This weekend, I decided to put some of the principles in action.. and whoa.. I got a whole lot done in a very short period of time.
JPennant: My stuff was halfway organised, and many of my affairs were put in order and I still had time to do all the things I wanted to do
JPennant: Someone should have training fer older civilians ;-)
McClint: yesterday was the most productive i've been in a VERY long time. I mowed the back yard, used the edger on the driveway and the street, did all the dishes, all my laundry, picked up around the house a little, did grocery shopping, and got a haircut
JPennant: Thats a decently productive day.
McClint: i surprised myself and i wasn't even huffing it either. it was more of a meandering from one thing to another
JPennant: Now if we could make that an ongoing process .. "To Be All That We Can Be"
JPennant: The slogans are really making sense
JPennant: "Aim High"
JPennant: What are the others?
McClint: "we're looking for a few good men"
McClint: "More than just a job, it's an adventure"
JPennant: yah
JPennant: there were a few others
McClint: "the coast guard: we keep what we impound" hahahaha
JPennant: heheheh
McClint: i gotta go fill my tummy. i'll be back later.
JPennant: aight pa