Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Question: So, whats with the sponsoring/paypal stuff and bannner ad, Joe?

A: Basically, with investors not coming through with promised funds for my liddle biz (boo!), the job market for techs being muy tight etc... PayPal's "Help a starving artist" program is coming in handy. People have been urging me to do this for the longest, but its only now..

As cyn said soothingly "Sure..It's not begging, honey.."

So, any amount is welcome, plus as soon as I think of an Itinerant in NY logo (and any kind artist wants to think of one), I'll have schtuff up on CafePress. Yeah, I know - their t-shirts and mousepads arent the greatest, but its only temporary.

The banner is for my pal Fredlet, who also doesnt wanna end up behind the bar at her local Starbux...

Q: Does this mean youre going commercial with yer blog, Joe? We hate that crapp...


Nah... cheap is good, but I still need to make a nut somehow.

Hey, the bus and subways in New York, inexpensive as they may be.. still adds up. And I cant be itinerant if I cant afford to ride.......

Commercial tho? Nah.. Im gonna see if I can put the NY Public Library's banner ad up there too.

Q:Socks. You can at least sell socks, man!

A: Yeah, I know! Im inspired by brother Spike Lee's efforts back in the day. (Loved that little mis en scene in "She's Gotta Have It"... Mars Blackmon: SOCKS. ONLY FIVE DOLLAHS!.

Heh, in my case .. it'll be t-shirts, mugs and boxer shorts..

Q: So, what.. no more pictures??? You not taking any more...

A: Every day. I just gotta find ways to upload them.. so catch as I can for now.

Soon tho.. soon.

Monday, July 09, 2001

Here in Bayonne, the storekeepers go on vacation for parts of the summer.

Doesnt matter, as theres not much going on anyway, as most stores and restaurants are literally empty.

Well, I lost my DSL connection, so I will say too.. Im gone fishing.

Heh. Not hardly likely - as Ive got a network set up at home to do Work with.

I'll be posting occasional thoughts and pictures, but its summertime....

So, Im on vacation. Sorta. :-)

Sunday, July 08, 2001

3 AM

Playing.. LOUD

- Bouricuan (Puerto Rican) Anthem
- Do You Wanna Get Funky (Vocal Club Mix)
- Take a Toke (Jeep Mix)

Ultimate C+C Music Factory

Went on a foto safari yesterday.. and AGAIN, I missed wandering on the Carrier Intrepid.

You'd think in nearly 16 years, Id get to set foot on the thing.

My fault, I shoulda left the house earlier so that I could get to Wall Street earlier.


Spoiled my day.

Yeah, I know.. Im just whining.

At this rate it'll take me another 15 years to get on that boat...


Shit, its every aviation buff's DREAM to get close to the baddest jet-powered bird built.

Retired (?) and still champeeen.

The sho-nuff shit-kickin' SR-71 Blackbird.

Cant drive it without an astronaut's monkey suit.
The official military specs are regarded in strict technical terms as "bullshit".
Flies so high, its technically a spacecraft.
Flies so fast, missiles *still* cant catch up to it.


Soon, Blackbird..soon.
Ive been procrastinating on processing the over 200 pix I got in a few hours...

Think I'll dole out a few sets at a time.

Random pix:

M6 Bus Northbound

Whitehall Ferry Terminal

Church and St Johns, World Trade Center

6th Avenue and Canal, Tribeca
The NYPD Tow Trucks. VERY efficient.

Greenwich Village
10th and 6th Ave

22nd and 6th Ave

32nd and 6th Ave

Off the Bus
42nd and 6th Ave