Saturday, January 31, 2004


Thanks to Barnes and Nobles, Cody's Books and the Berkeley Public Library, Ive done a shitload of reading in the last few months.

Not since Bayonne, NJ have I gone through so much.

Yeah, its all research yadda yadda yadda.

Just *today*, I've either read or skimmed through:

  • The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing
  • The Backup Book - Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center
  • Publish Your Photo Book
  • The Photographer's Assistant - Learning the Inside Secrets of Professional Photography and getting paid for it
  • Publicize Your Book
  • Lessons from a Writing Life

  • Im scribbling a lotta notes..

    On following dreams
    "... and I had my dream fulfilled.

    Not too shabby.

    On reflection, I have decided it is best to remember that sometimes the magic really works."

    And on ..
    "I know enough about the world to appreciate that the one constant in life is change.

    But change does not happen without imagination.

    Progress occurs not because we remain satisfied with what is but because we hunger for what might be.
    It begins with looking beyond the possible to the impossible --- because what seems impossible to us today becomes commonplace tomorrow.

    This is one of the primary lessons of the world, its roots embedded in the fertile loam of imagination."

    .. and on
    "Imagination needs care and nurturing.

    (We) all want a sense of security and control. Using the imagination can stir up trouble.

    It is so much easier to just let things be. The Big Cats cant be put in the same pen as the grass-eaters. Everyone knows that.

    Everyone knows what will happen if you try.

    Except children, of course.

    They think anything is possible."

    Excerpted from Sometimes the Magic Works: Lessons from a Writing Life by Terry Brooks.

    And much more to go.

    Thursday, January 29, 2004

    Everyday dream

    In my head,
    I can envision the photo studio..

    The Walls painted a certain off white, clear expanses of hardwood floors, a little side office for the computers, closet/storage for the lighting stands and odds and ends, an old safe for the really expensive gear, large windows for natural light, a little square space/ kitchen counter/ fridge and microwave, a shower and nice bathroom, a little area for conferences, and an area to hang the bicycles.

    Not too much to ask, is it.

    The dream is modelled after the professional studios Ive been in New York, a refuge, office, playground and homebase..

    That's why Ive been walking around West Berkeley and some parts of Oakland, dream in hand as I look into empty warehouses with "For Lease" signs in front.

    It'll happen.

    Soft sell aka Shameless Begging


    Channeling James Brown on "Please Please Please"

    I want this
    very, very badly (Ive got reasons) , but Im being a total pussy about even finding out if its gone, what with my policy of not borrowing any money for things unless its absolutely needed, and there is nothing I cant do without.


    But these things dont come around very often (unless you know of someone who has thrown theirs into a closet and doesnt care if its gone).

    That said, IF someone wants to do this Itinerant a favor and get it for me.

    Again.. its this for all of 50 bones:

    You know you'll get back more than Fifty bux worth of Love and Respect and Interest from me.

    Or till next Tuesday.
    Here is another guy begging for equipment (from the NY craigslist)
    I need an Intuos stylus (Intuos2 won't work).

    Don't try to look all innocent like, "who, me?" I know you have one rattling around in your desk drawer that you swiped from your job during the dotcom days. Email me! I can pay a few bucks or take you out for a beer, or fire one up with you, hint hint cough.

    *falls out of chair laffin*.

    Airhead with a purpose

    Currently humming:

    Watcha gonna do -
    Love dont love nobody-


    Yesterday, I deliberately left behind my notebook and backpack for the day. Nothing in my hands, ergo, nothing on my mind.

    Lighten the load, all round.

    I wasnt being as aimless as I seemed to appear, it was an exercise in Letting Go so that I could .. get my mind back on track.

    After a fashion, it worked.

    I browsed the net, didnt write except for a few letters and people's blog comments.

    By nightfall when I put my head on the pillow, I had the answers I was seeking.

    And, for the first time in awhile my dreams were simply that of the entertaining "B"-movie sort.

    Right on.

    Ok, so the agenda for today - Lovin' and laffin. :)

    Today's horrorscope:
    You seem to be laboring over something that should be easy to someone of your obvious talents, and the good news is that your confidence is about to return and within a matter of hours you will go to the other extreme and make even difficult tasks look simple.

    This is also an excellent day to make the right sort of romantic impression.

    Hey now. :-D

    Tuesday, January 27, 2004


    Back in the day
    , when I felt like this, I would prep the car, throw in an overnight bag, grab a coupla bux and take off for states unknown.

    BART doesnt go that far.
    Today's horrorscope:
    Your usual self-discipline is sort of an automatic thing.

    Be more deliberate. Tell yourself to do it, then do it. Simple. Changing your life means changing your habits. Habit is stronger than logic. The terrific part about habits is that once you've made one, it's harder not to do it than it is to do it.

    Be mindful about what habits you'd like to create in your life.

    Images googled off my site today:

    Funny, the frequency is increasing..

    In fact, several people a day are looking at this one now, bumping off "granny in leather" and "woman/dog hailing cab" out of the top spots.

    Yeah. This one is begging to be a postcard and poster.




    In fact, I think that might have been taken by Anna as we were taking turns with the camera at a SoHo starbux.

    (Southern Cal)


    (Erie, Pennsylvania)


    (Bay Area)

    (Vail, Colorado)


    (Los Angeles)





    Monday, January 26, 2004

    DooWhatYooLike *

    "Ok Katy, gimme a good reason to blow off my responsibilities today."

    "Heh. Ok Joe, you have been working SO hard, you DESERVE a break from those crushing duties. Go ahead and take the day off."

    "Heehee. Aright, one more time with passion - so I'll actually be convinced.."

    "Actually, I think you should take care of that stuff today."

    "Youre lousy at this game, dear. :-)"

    So, I just blew off what I really didnt wanna do this morn. Eh.

    Let' see how the day turns out, if my instinct is right.
    Like my archetype, The Dragon.. I will get irritated at The Silly People and promptly throw a growly, flame-thrown snit fit.

    And I wont give a flying @^#^@ *what* people will think.

    Soon after, I will wonder if I didnt over-react a tad.

    The relationship between me and LeGirl never got back on track after I threw one early in the relationship.

    After the snit-fit, my rational side re-asserts itself, perspective is regained achieved, and I will appreciate there was NEVER a need to get that mad.

    WHY I got mad is usually valid. But GETTING mad usually turns out to be .. stupid.

    Yeah, but pure logic isnt always satisfying.

    A snit fit often is.

    Sunday, January 25, 2004

    Le Gold Medal du Cuppa Joe

    When I cant have
    real caffienated coffee, Im a very, very grumpy cranky surly serious asshole.

    Im ugly warmed over faking the *@#^#%@^ smile.

    Sometimes even, as Marn put it:

    I'd describe myself as death warmed over, but that would be a slur on corpses everywhere.

    Heh, I hadda find a good way to use that quote Marn. ;-)

    But, it aint so far from the truth.

    Ever since Ive hit Berkeley, the natives have been boasting about their homegrown gourmet coffee place, Peet's.. legend has it inspired the founders of Starbux (I dunno if its something to be boastful about, but could just be me..).

    Oh, and by the way they claimed.. its the best cuppa Joe you'll ever taste.

    *pshaah* "Yeah, right" Ive said to myself for nigh over a year now.

    Well, I just tried it for the first time, as one is down the block from where Im staying, and...

    No, it aint the best cuppa Joe Ive ever tasted BUT... it gets me properly wired without being bitter or overly strong, while being industrial strength.

    A Joe Pennant Gold Medal winner, even.

    No, it doesnt make me pretty - but I dont have to growl to be unnerstood in the morning either.