Saturday, August 11, 2001

Zapped to me by George, an avid CraigsList watcher, and a man who surprasses my wildest delusions that Im an information junkie....

Date: Wed Jul 18th 08:04 PM
Subject: from (writing jobs) West Indian/Carib Writer/Editor

We are looking for a creative writer/editor with a west indian background. No experience necessary, although must have impeccable grammer and style. Shoot me off an email to, feel free to include a resume.

They pay?

Ive lost my accent tho.


Good one, A.. :-)

I'll tell ya tho - SoHo creeps me the hell out. This is where the base values of your crassest New Yorker becomes clear in Beemer, Vespa and Prada technicolor..

Dunno what Im talking about?

Walk around Soho with a buck fifty to yer name, and it all becomes frighteningly clear.

Whats even more frightening, is that parts of Brooklyn is starting to feel like that too.

A man cant walk around the hood with just patty and cocoa-bread money in his pocket anymore...

Because Im *supposed* to know what to do....

> telnet
> open
> user pennantspages
> password *******
> cd /home/*
> tar -zcvf pennantspages.tar.gz /home/ ... sitebackup

Downloading a few hundred megs as we speak.

Buh-bye CIHOST... hello, ummm... I'll know exactly where when my money is back to walkin' an talkin'...

The logo is back up cuz its easier to set the path to my site's IP.

I havent set the pix to the direct IP addresses, cuz well - doing that sounds suspiciously like work and Id have to change 'em all back when the site switches to the new IP addy...

Sue me.... :-)

Friday, August 10, 2001

It hit 113 degrees somewhere in New York yesterday.

I took a picture of a bank temperature sign at 101 degrees.. but passed on the one that said 108.

In addition to the usual agita making me lose my appetite, ANOTHER jealous boyfriend (... wtf is THAT all about?), money worries, rent worries.. this heat is keeping me awake.

Imagine steaming, soupy air without the piquant fragrance.. no, its not a DRY heat...

All I can do is clean up a bit and play some quake.

Im starting to lose my faith in this heat...

From My Cousin Vinny

Vinny: "....And let's see what else can we pile on?! Is there any more *shit* we can pile on to the top of all this?! (breathes hard, pauses, breathes hard and waits for a response..) Is it possible!?"

Mona Lisa: "Maybe it was a bad time to bring it up."

Today's horrorscope...
Mercury, your ruler, opposes Uranus, planet of surprises, today, which suggests that something is going to happen that catches you unawares.
But don't use that as an excuse to lock the doors and go into hiding because it's just as likely to be something good as something bad.
Where's your sense of adventure? Surprises are supposed to be fun.

More? MORE shit???


Thursday, August 09, 2001

"Im just trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents."
- Digital Underground

What if youre trying to make the dime and the nickel first?

Cause you need the seed to make that nut.. (play on words).


Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Been so pre-occupied with my problems and possibilities, that Ive not been noticing the world...


Happy Belated Birthday to my Leo-Sprite-Muse pal, Fredlet.

Gimme a Venti Mocha Breve, extry mocha, no whip, no foam. :-)


A Belated Wish to the dramatic Irie Island Daughta from Mars. :-)

Miss ya on IM dear. Not the same me not telling you to get the hell to bed at 7am Eastern, (2am Hawaiian time)....

My host is up to their old trix (crass incompetence), so Im grinning and bearing it until they get it fixed.

Then the pix will be back.

Hopefully, I will be able to move my schtuff elsewhere post-haste.

On Tim the Photographer's rooftop..

prescott: Man, I envy your life.
me: Dude, I wouldnt wish this on anybody.
prescott: Nah, nah.. but at least you have the time and freedom to do the things you want to do. All the stuff.. you have momentum.
me: Yeah, there is that.
prescott: Like Ive wanted to do a show for years (he's a portrait photographer), get a gallery space and set it up.. But I just dont have the time.
me: Hmm. Maybe I should do a show of my shytte too...
prescott: Mebbe we can do it together...


I printed out a few images. Hm. Nice. Lotta positive feedback too.

A show. Why not?

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Some folk might not be able to see any pictures, as the site host is blocking domains with infected Red Code machines (making requests on port 80 and others).

Because of Code Red scan repeatedly coming from the same networks we are currently blocking all incoming traffic FROM and This means that anyone trying to view your website with any computer that is connected to the Internet with an IP address that begins with 63 or 209 will not be able to view that website.
These websites WILL be available to the rest of the Internet on anyone using IPs other than 63 or 209.

Shit, *I* cant see 'em right now, nor is my pennantspages site appearing - so it seems that Bell Atlantic IP's are being blocked too.

If anyone can see 'em, tell me.

Monday, August 06, 2001

You can take the man from Australia, but you cant take the ozzie from the barbeque...

TimthePhotographer had a little bbq on his rooftop in his Brooklyn neighborhood and invited us to join him to enjoy a little of the summer.

The offer of food and good company got me out of Jersey for the first time in nearly a month.

I needed some social company.

For once I wasnt a total virgo, and said instead... "I'll be there".

Twas righteous.. rooftop.. music booming, easy chairs and copious amounts of Red Stripe and Heineken available with a hazy view of the skyline and sunset.


I Know Some of The Beautiful People. :-)

No, she isnt THAT affected.
I had asked her to pose with the cigarette like that for me.. :-)

Herr Char-meister

Ahhh. G. Years of knowing her, and she's still not just the sexiest frenchwoman I know - but just about the sweetest.

No. He wasnt pissed. He's that intense.

My fault. I told G the sausage was just 'peppery', not hot.

Tim confirmed that was the hottest sausage he'd found.

We even had cous-cous ....

And Pres always has the HOTTEST women hangin' wit him. Damn man.. SHARE.

Duetsche attitude..

No, there was no tripping goin on.. everyone was getting along fine.

Photo by Tim Hawkings

Hanging out with a buncha photographers and artists was fun.
Even more amazing to me.. I wasnt The Tech Guy there.

Heh. Mebbe there is something to be said for this Starving Artist schtick ... :-)
I hadnt been down to Tim's place since the last time we shared a cab to Brooklyn.

About a year now...

Man, the place has changed. Has gotten all chi chi.

Manhattan south and shit.

We were discussing about how when he first moved there 2 or 3 years ago, how overpriced we thought the place was, specially for the area.

Now, walking through past the young displaced Manhattanites and multitudes of sushi bars (although the dominican contingent are still there keeping it real in the 'hood.. I silently cheered at the old man on his stoop chowing down on tripe an' beans), its still Brooklyn... but the speculators have moved in and changed it.. upwards.

His building got sold and his rent was jacked double in a year.

And its considered cheap. Unfortunately, when he leaves (and he doesnt want to) - he will have to look outside the area.

(He aint too enthused about my suggestions of looking in Jersey or Staten Island. :-)

Heh. He even got a cat, so he wants to stick around....

No, Im not getting a cat anytime soon.