Saturday, October 12, 2002

Luvverly weather we're having

Now that its fall, I can deal with the cool SF weather. But the natives seem to be in a state of denial about it.
Someone even exclaimed that she was melting when the temps were barely over the 80's.

However, there are people willing to admit to reality..

AFTER THE NOVELTY of a very late summer wears off, San Franciscans get cranky in what we flatter ourselves is a heat wave -- which, in fairness, would be known in most parts of the country as a warm couple of weeks.

we just aren't cut out for airless nights and baking sidewalks; we slump, disconsolate, over iced coffees and secretly wish for fog.

Hoo hoo.

Now, Its not BAD weather here, by no means, the temps dont really stray to the extremes (except for the desert-like extremes between daily highs and lows).. but dont piss up my skirt and tell me its sunshine.
High in UV goodness

That said, the California sunshine is incredible. It doesnt have the shaded subtleties of Florida light, but its brightness and clarity is awe-inspiring, giving most reflected surfaces an intensity that filmakers and nudists crave.

Also, with its high UV doses, Im indulging in a luxury that I havent been able to do in years.. hang my clothes out for that sun dried freshness.

Fabreze aint got nuthin on that open air goodness. :-)

I think I need some prescription sunglasses.

Yah, California sunshine.. ;-)

Friday, October 11, 2002

Inside the temple

The Powerbooks power cord flashed a hot white-blue spark, and died a pretty death.

This is why I am writing this from The Temple, the seminal Apple Store in Palo Alto.. being firm and stern with the help to replace the %@%%! powercord, which ironically, was itself replaced under a recall to replace AC adapters that were prone to catching fire.


Of course, I got the expected Apple equivalent of a gallic shrug when I first went to the the parts and service department (aka The Genius Bar).
Hey, Ive been an IT manager for too long to be cowed by 'No' from a functionary. Even ones wit attitude.

After a smile and a refusal to leave until I walked out with a functioning AC adapter, one was found for me. By the manager.

Rule no 2 for getting what you want. Deal with someone who has the power and discretion to make things happen.

And don't take shit from nobody.
From a previous visit

Ok, now I can get back to work.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Blue Across The Bay

Sunday, the weather was glorious and the skies azure blue.

Instead of riding the BART tunnels back to the peninsula, I hopped the Oakland/SF ferry.

Part of Bay lore. The enormous container cranes at the Port of Oakland is said to have given George Lucas, who used to commute past them daily, the idea for the large walking machines in "The Empire Strikes Back".

Since this ferry is a Catamaran, we were flyin'.

There was a Blessing of the Fleet or somesuch goin on, but I doubt thats why there were so many sailboats out on the Bay.

The blessed absence of fog and cold might have had something to do wid it.

I gotta get me a bicycle.

A nice ride indeed.
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