Friday, July 09, 2004

For the first time in what feels like forever, Ive got the rest of the day to myself, no more appointments for a week.

Think I'll go ride the buses.

Odd sight of the week

On Market and Hyde, Downtown SF

- A young man wearing a striped 3 foot snake as an ascot.


The snake was loosely knotted around his neck and shoulders with the head tucked underneath a natty blazer.

That one got my attention.

- Pretty sight of the week.

Last night, looking from 5th and Bryant.

The sun setting over the sea fog bank, as the bank rolled north.

Words cant describe how cool it looked.
Only now, do I realize that my sense of direction isnt as skewed as it was in the East Bay.

Even though sunrise is usually obscured by the fog - the sun rises over the water, creating less of a distortion effect for me.

So, now, for the first time in over a year - East and West dont feel like unfamiliar strangers, although, oddly, North and South requires a bit of thought.

Itsa pity you couldna afford to stay in SF, mars.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Dateline: Mission and Otis, SF

What makes a Big City, in my personal and never humble opinion, is people and attitude.

A lotta people and a lotta attitude.

Whenever I need to get something done, say through a Government Agency, in a not-so Big City, the experience is like pulling teeth. Mine.

In a Big City, the government workers are FAAR more common-sensical, and progress is faster.

Dealing with the Feds in ANY city, however - that equation about common-sense goes out the window.

The pace of the Big City is measurably faster.

(I had a big ol' City/suburb/exurb speech brewing, but Im tired.)

Im feeling the old sweaty/tired/energised feeling I had from New York right now. Having to deal with the city, trek from place to place etc etc..

Maybe its the energy.

We interrupt this Joe in The City reverie for an important announcement

Happy Birthday George.

A) Much thanx for your help in the time Ive been in the Bay Area. Money alone wont repay it.

B) I think now, youre officially 'thirty-something'. :)
And of course, a *very* belated, but still Happy Birthday to the other half of the Kelly clan, A.

I know, I know, I wrote it down, and still...

My mind goes with age, y'know.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Random SF

- Luxury Condo Pods abound while people sleep in the streets. My built in leftist sneer is kickin' in.

- Dont have to be sunny and friendly to passerbys ala Berkeley.

- I need a map.

- Beware of Point A to Point B on the maps. A straight line on the maps are often steep hills in sweaty reality.
They can kill.

- As usual in the West, take any direction given with a grain of salt.

- The weird people are scary and entertaining at the same time. SF people are like opening a never-read comic book on random pages.

- SF is a happy pictorial hunting ground. I. am. feening. for. a. camera.

"Ok, you know Berkeley is very 'girl-girl', right?"
"Got no problems wid it."
"Well, The City is VERY 'boy-boy'. Think you can handle that?"
"From your tone of voice, Im starting to have second thoughts..."

"As long as you mind your own business, you shouldnt have any problem there."
"Well, you shouldnt have any problem with that, I know you keep to yourself until you get to know people. And youre not a user, so you wont get caught up with the crap that goes on there."
"Over there, 80 percent of the people there are addicts."
"Heh. So far, Im finding that almost *everybody* in California are users or alcoholics."
"Noooo. Well, just *assume* that everybody is a user, treat them accordingly, and you'll be ok."

Today's horrorscope

When you enter unfamiliar territory, don't let your confidence slip. Everyone is a beginner at something.
You know quite a lot, but thank goodness you don't know it all.
Revel in your ignorance of the subject - you can build your base of knowledge to your specifications. Ask brilliant questions.

I started to grouse about the process Im going through to get situated here.. and then I took the rose pill.

"Youre in fucking SAN FRANCISCO! ENJOY THIS!!"

And so, I am.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Random thoughts

I over
-prepare too much.

Usually, its an excuse for procrastination.

The prices for decent digicams are coming down to reasonable levels.. 2-300 dollars for 3 and 4 megapixel cameras.
I remember standing in the deserted railyard in Sanford, Florida in 2002 - having left New York, embarking on long-awaited change.

No camera, no money.

Wish I coulda captured that vivid sunset over that lone locomotive.

In any case, now, Im having that same feeling.

No camera, but then again - its foggy right now.
Im wearing Birkenstock boots and there is a pair of Teva sandals in my bag.

I used to make fun of folk who wore that crap.

Me: Im gonna cut down on my bitching and complaining about California.
A: Ho ho. You are? I remember you complaining about the cheesecake out here, that it didnt compare to New York cheesecake! Remember, George?
G: Sure do.
Me: *scritch head* I did?

I honestly cannot remember that.

Eh, who am I kidding. Im gonna kvetch some more.

From: "Tim H"
To: "Joe Pennant"

Brave man, braver than most.
Good travels squire, I'll keep an eye out for the tables, like you need something more to carry...



Thanks, man.

The Blogger Gods are angry

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