Friday, October 04, 2002

Ebay merges with Krispy Kreme

Angeline describes more Krusty Krispy maddness in Texas....
In other news, we tried Krispy Kreme again last night at midnight, only to find an hour long line to the drive-through and a crowd of doughnut scalpers. No, I am not kidding--you think I can make this up? A chick tried to sell us a dozen glazed for $8. We gave up after fifteen minutes (to tell the truth, the idea of doughnut scalpers scared us, especially when they began approaching us) and went to the blissfully quiet Dunkin' Donuts where we obtained a half dozen assorted..

Heheh. Pretty soon, they'll be selling Krispy Kreme on e-Bay....

Except for layovers at O'Hare or a quick day-trip from changing trains - I had not been back to Chicago in nearly 13 years.

Its funny how things and places change, and yet...

I luxuriated in looking up when I got off the bus.

As overwhelming as New York is with its canyons of skyscrapers and apartment buildings, with stores and people... there is a .. muscle.. a massiveness to Chicago that makes parts of NY seem like a collection of lean-to's.

And yet, even with all the concrete and steel around you, you can almost always taste the sky.

Sweet home.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Da Krispy Torch

My favorite aquarian wordsmith, angeline, the witty soul who coined the term "Itinerant in NY" about me - is a tad, ohh - worked up. And afraid..
I'll probably get flamed out the ASS for this, and it sounds really petty, but it really angered a lot of people here.

Uh-huh. FLAME ON *snick snick snick*

Why? Let her tell you
After the big September 11th, when one of New York City's FIVE Krispy Kreme shops closed or was flattened, I don't remember which, San Antonio was one of the store openings put on the back burner so the NYC store could be rebuilt.

And while I really felt bad about everything about September 11th, I was still upset that a city with five shops was going to get one rebuilt while we had to wait another YEAR to get our FIRST. It really was irksome.

*snick snick snick* Why wont this damned lighter fire up??
For right next to the combination bowling alley/ice skating rink (oh...don't ask...I have never known what motivates Texans to combine the most unlikely things) was a brand spanking new Krispy Kreme, with the aforementioned hellacious traffic jam and crowd of slavering doughnut lovers.

It was actually a humbling experience.

Actually, I do remember the WTC Krispy Kreme. It was out by the courtyard, in building 5. Kinda grimy, with the help looking perpetually tired from the morning and lunch rush.
We went by the Krispy Kreme shop and, I shit you not, there was a goddamn TRAFFIC JAM on the interstate off ramp because of it. We are talking three lane pileup. The parking lot was full of cars. There was a crowd of people 20 deep surrounding the place.

The traffic jam stretched back for a quarter mile down the interstate and halfway up the exit ramp.

Needless to say, we did not stop for doughnuts, though we really, truly, wanted them. We love Krispy Kreme. And JD has never had them hot, only in those gas station kiosks. I know, having been a small child growing up on the east coast, I know the joys of a fresh, hot Krispy Kreme.

They were once the best kept doughnut secret in the nation, then fucking Sting had to go discover them and spread them out to other famous people and now EVERYONE knows what the hell Krispy Kreme is and wants it. Fucking Sting! Now I have another reason to hate him.

I dont get Krispy Kreme meself. Too much sugar and iffy donuts. I got my fill in Jacksonville.

In fact, here in San Francisco - in the Ocean Park neighbrhood, at the All Star Donuts Ive had madd sublime donuts. Awesome.

BETTER than Krispy Kreme. I grab a couple every time Im in the neighborhood.

Personally, I think its a female thing/response dealie. Sorta like chocolate....

For as Angeline's boyfriend said:
"...People are fucking NUTS."


Yeah. Nuckin Futz.

*snick snick snick*

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

The Accomodating Sort

I consciously designed my original site for my pal Poo.
Poo at the time was running a Powerbook180, Nutscrape 3.0, black and white screen, 20 megs of RAM with a 14.4 modem in the wilds of CanuckLand. I designed it so she could at least see the site with what she had.

Now, she's got a mighty Pentium with hispeed DSL in the wilds of CanuckLand. And with 90 percent of the readers having hi-speed connections, eh - I figure most folk should be able to load the site in 30 seconds or so.

So now, if you are connected with a dialup modem, and running browser below version 5.. well.. *shrug*

After a few folk bitched and complained made gentle suggestions that 2 months worth of photos was kinda much, I reduced it to show 14 days (cause there are people who like to check the site once a coupla weeks or so, and scroll back.).

However, I still heard some nasty grumbling mild complaints.

I mentioned that I didnt give a damn was highly unconcerned.

But today:

JPennant: yo clint
McClint: howdy

Hi, Joe!

I'd like to be reading your weblog, but 200 or
so images on one page really is very slow to load.
Any chance of moving some of the older entries to
an archive page?

Anita R.

McClint: i concur
McClint: i've put my comments in the suggestion box on a few occasions
JPennant: Did I not respond after much grumbling by reducing the size??
McClint: yeah i think ya did
JPennant: Has she suffered like the rest of you guys to be demanding this tho?
McClint: i dunno about that
JPennant: I thought I had done good by reducing the posts to 14 days
McClint: at work it took a full 5 minutes to load the pix under OSX and MSIE 5
JPennant: 5 minutes????
McClint: yup
JPennant: Dude, It takes me 30 seconds
McClint: and the weird thing is that it started to load them from the top of the page but then after about the 10th pic, it started loading them from the bottom
JPennant: iCab?
McClint: i was using 10.2 and MSIE 5.2
JPennant: What about Nutscrape?
McClint: that never even loads your page at all
JPennant: Hrmm
JPennant: If it werent a legit request, Id ignore it
JPennant: but I think the demand should come from the senior members of "Ive suffered reading joes stuff for more than 3 years"
JPennant: I think I'll put it up to a vote. Although this aint no &$@#$@!# democracy
McClint: hehehe

Hokay, fine.
I dont wanna do a photogallery, but I will consider reducing the amount of posts on the page.
Put a dollar in the cup, and tell me if ya want me to reduce the size of the page.

JPennant: Blogspot is down anyways
gabz: must be all your images.
gabz: j/k.
JPennant: *kekeke* touche

If I hear nuthin, I will do nuthin.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Switching of the coasts, softening of the brain

Watching TV..
JPennant: Only now do I appreciate The Waterboy. Thats some funny shytte.
RobG: only now? :-)
JPennant: yeah, go figure
RobG: :-)

Its started.
Today's Horrorscope

Put aside your frustration and focus on the big picture. A couple of setbacks dont add up to failure. You're on the right track.

What I need to hear.
Fog City.

Cold Pacific Ocean. Hot inland winds.

There is always an ever-present fog bank.

The fog rolls into SF and blankets the area daily.

Its a hard thing to capture as its essentially low cloud cover...

Standing by the Maritime Park, the cop said "Uh-oh, the fog is rolling in".. and sure enough.. a huge Fog Bank settled onto the bay.

Then we heard a fog horn and a 'Ghost Ship' emerged from the bank, trying to skirt the soup...

Pretty cool sight.

We hastily put on our sweaters as the wind turned and the temperature plunged 20 degrees...

Fog City, ladies and gentlemen.

And then I larf my head off as people keep mouthing "Im here for the weather!"