Saturday, July 06, 2002

Jax and Friends

Im glad I decided to stop in Jax.. good to see some of my friends and the changes in the place.

I crashed on Ed J's couch when I got into town, and hung out with him for a day or two.

2508 Post Street.

I lived in this house for nearly 5 years. I coulda bought it when my landlord died.. for all of 9 thousand.

Eh. I wasnt ready then, nor I am now to have a house.

I lived on the second floor. My rent was 280 a month.

Next to that house was a house that purchased at auction for the value of the land - 3 grand, by a guy who then spent about 15 grand cleaning and fixing it up.. who then sold it for 68 grand.

Its probably worth about 125 now.

No, those bumps on my head arent from me banging my head against the wall. Why do you ask?
Lunch at Louie Harpoons.

photo by Ed J

His girlfriend gave him the exact camera as Stella.. so he knows how to use it.

Yeah, I like the pictures Stella turns out...

Ed, being a Taurus, likes a peaceful environment.

So, its no surprise he lives on the water

Yeah, he has a nice view.


Wednesday, July 03, 2002

A journey starts with a Bus ticket

Fort Lauderdale Greyhound Bus Station

And then the bomb and drug-sniffing dogs crawled all over our bags, the agents boarding the bus to check the passengers on the Bus going up I-95 (the New York bound bus)...

And the agents asked pointed questions

Eventually they let the bus go.

And when I arrived in Jax.... the first thing I wanted after 5 years of deprivation, was a Hardees biscuit.

Dont laugh. It was better than I remembered.
The neighborhood I lived in is referred to as Five Points in Riverside.

Riverside is right by downtown Jacksonville, and Five Points is sort of the town center for Riverside.

Five Points and Riverside is home to both the genteel rich and bohemian young.

I really liked that neighborhood, so I wandered Five Points in the morn

And here is the "Five Points".. a roundabout with 5 streets joining together

Ehhh, dont knock it. Jax folk hold the place with much affection.

And then the river at the famed Riverside, with a view of downtown Jacksonville Florida - the banking and financial capital of the state.

With spanish moss hanging off every tree, it is truly the south.

However, as I was thinking - at least they havent put a Starbux in the old neighborhood, I come across

The Giant Latte

Turns out this Starbux yesterday. Gah.

I tried to be sardonic, quipping the Evil Starbux line.

The native folk were HAPPY a Starbux has finally opened in Riverside.

FINALLY, they exclaimed... Riverside, the coolest part of Jacksonville had a Starbux.

I just shet my mouth and bought a Four Dollar Cuppa Coffee, where inside the chalkboard proclaimed

"Welcome to your friendly neighborhood Starbucks."

There goes the neighborhood.

Just because

Because my memory for dates and numbers have rapidly deteriorated due to advanced senility and a shameful lack of lovin.. and there is no rhyme or reason as to when or where I'll see a connected computer in the next few weeks:

I wish a happy belated, current and near future birthday to:

  • Poo
  • Marsha
  • Jules
  • Craig
  • Mr Brian
  • George

    Go be nice to them.

    Im likely missing a person or four....

    Err yeah. Merely *hinting* that it might be your birthday soon, tomorrow, or yesterday doesnt work with us gray hairs.

  • Monday, July 01, 2002

    Free. Yes, youre Free. No, really....

    Sometimes you never really appreciate what you have. You often have to be reminded.

    After fighting so hard for my personal independence (oft at great cost to familial and social ties) Im finding that even with me fiercely fighting for my right to be free... I act as if I have obligations that keep me bound.

    I can do what I want.

    Fergit what I do or dont possess, what people say or promise or dont say, .. I can go.

    I was debating wether I should accept the use of a cell phone, because I dont always want to be in touch.

    Today word came that he changed his mind. So, if I needed anymore reminders...


    Wow. What a concept.

    Ok, Joe.. nevermind about maybe or maybe not having places to stay at your stops. GO. Pack and buy that ticket. GO.
    Something Cubiclegirl said...

    I'm majorly excited about the road tripping. I'm just amazed still by the fact that we're allowed to drive from place to place. And we DON'T HAVE TO TELL ANYONE. We don't even need papers. Just a license and an ATM card for gas and GO. JUST GO.

    This country just allows you to drive.

    Living for almost six years without a car in NYC changed my perspective on this whole driving thing. I forgot about it. I did. I forgot that you can just drive. GO. In NYC, I had to buy my way out of the city. Bus ticket, plane ticket, train ticket. You had to have papers and money and a place that public transit went. It was weird at first and then normal.

    Driving places still seems weird to me.

    Im not driving, but yeah - what she said.

    Clear and Bright Sunrise
    Im giving you fair warning.. When the drops are big... RUN.
    - Long haired native (Sand Castle builder)

    To the sight of ethereal clouds of water vapor exploding intensely white flashes (unreal) through the slowly brightening dawn, I rolled back north up the turnpike.
    Id not done 24 hours without sleep in a LONG time.

    Turning onto Sunrise Boulevard, big drops had the wipers working.

    But I wanted to catch the sunrise.

    Heh. That I did.

    Then the drops starting getting big, so I ran.