Saturday, July 21, 2001

Although it looks as if Im doing little or nothing this summer, this is an example of what Im working on.....

Attitude girl

Painted NY

Just a few of the things...

As someone said once.. "Even when you look idle, youre ALWAYS scheming.."

Heheh. :-).

Friday, July 20, 2001

A rhetorical..

-Why is it some folk get all indignant when I say they'll flake, sure as shootin'

.... and they &$^%# do it ANYWAYS?

Cripes, man.

I know, no one wants to be known as a flake (ie: someone who doesnt show when they say they will)... but hey, good intentions and all that...


Simple summer pleasures:

The local MacDonald's here in Bayonne has ice cream cones this summer for a quarter.

Ever righteous. :-)

Specially as its only a 3 block toddle from the apartment.

Heheh. Should see folk stare at the lidlle treat in my hand as I walk back home.. and see them make a beeline for the MickeyD's when I tell 'em the damage what is....

A quarter. 25 cents. wow.


Muggy but clear today..

Perfect ice cream weather.

I think I'll head there now. Nothing to do, specially as someone jest flaked on me.....


Thursday, July 19, 2001

In a black and white frame o' mind....

Let us try a random 42nd Street and Times Square selection then...

And this is for x and her lazy summer dayz.....

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Interpretation of dscf8079bw.jpg I took on Canal and Broadway in Chinatown last summer.

"Holy Smokin' Ice Cream in Chinatown"
by Dorothy Jiji

I am always amazed at what the talented creative folk can do on a whim.. :-)

Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 12:18:07 -0700
From: fredlet@
Subject: Notification for Payment Received

This email confirms that you have received a Payment
for $5.00 from Sly Fox Design (fredlet@)


Amount: $5.00
Quantity: 1
Item/Product Name: a tall latte, the elixir of life
Buyer: Sly Fox Design

That was effing righteous, fred :-)

Thanks hon, more than anything - it was the thought that hit the spot.
And lest I not give much thanx..

To Agatha for getting rid of the blasted blogspot ad (no, it wasnt majik..)

Even tho you did it primarily cuz it was bouncing on yer last nerve.. the crowd REALLY digs the action. :-)

Also under the category of effing righteous.

See? It aint the big things....

Today's horrorscope...

Saturn, planet of limitation, is doing nasty things to your resources. You never seem to have enough money nowadays.

Oh. No shytte.

What Saturn is trying to teach you is that it's possible to get by on less than you think.
You don't need to be rich to lead a satisfying life.

Gr. Im starting to have serious doubts about all that crapp, frankly.

Your task today is to find ways to make your money go further.


Hm To paraphrase BigBro ...

"What kind of $&%(*# devil worship is THIS?!!"
.. it continues..
Something you see or hear will send you into a panic today, but according to the planets, you have nothing to fear, so calm down, take deep breaths and think only positive thoughts.
No matter how much you've convinced yourself that the sky is going to fall and the end of the world is at hand, nothing bad is going to happen.
Stop being such a drama queen!

I would, but the medicine to stop that condition seems to cost money....
The other night, I rolled into Times Square.... to find a cab had caught on fire.

I got there after the NYFD put the fire out and the police towtruck had shunted it to the side.

Someone went to one of the cops writing the incident up and asked "What happened?"

The cop answered with a laconoic "A freak of nature."

I laughed ... cuz that was funny.

The cop looked at me wondering what was so funny.

I STILL think that was funny. :-)

Brand new cab too.

Monday, July 16, 2001

Shout outs:

Happy belated Birfday, B.

Not being timely is the least of my probs :-)

Or yours :-)
And to my pain-in-the-arse-but-lovable-fishy-born-in-the-year-of-the-dragon..

Enjoy it down there, and take lotsa pictures. :-)


Not so oddly, Im getting quite a bit done now widout the distractions of the da internet..

Got my designs almost finalised, doing an outline for an internet cafe project (the part I hate about doing this schtuff.. folk who nickle and dime you for your time.. gah.. you pay less.. you get what you pay for folks.. why should I kill myself for pride?) and Im learning good XML.


Ive realized.. its not being rich that I crave, its the agita of not having the bills paid I want gone......

Ah well.. soon.

Yes yes.. and more photos soon.