Friday, May 07, 2004

Song I Cant Get Out of My Head Today
Loungin' - LLCoolJ

As I put up another installment of prints at Au Coquelet, an elder gentleman queried as to if I was the photographer.

I told him yes, and he asked me which camera I used. I told him.

"Well, I can tell with some of the prints that they definitely have film qualities."
"Uh, no sir - all of this entirely digital."
"It COULDNT be."
"All digital, yessir."

We talked more and came to the agreement that the best pictures often have more to do with the quality of the lens and less of the megapixels.

The staff at Au Coquelet have been telling me that Ive been getting good feedback from the prints displayed.

Me, whenever I see the prints, I get dark thoughts as to how they arent being displayed the way Id like.

The staff tells me to chill, and stop being so hard on myself.


Lemme describe him first.

David Bowie/Steven Tyler thin. Goth clothes. Purple.. no, INDIGO, hair.

He works at the Utrecht Art Supply store on Berkeley's University Avenue. Naturally.

He is looking at my mounted prints as Ive become a regular of sort there, buying supplies whenever cash appears in my pocket.

He continues looking through them stoically.

Then he makes his pronouncement.

"Really good. I have seen too many snapshots posing as 'photographs'. There are snapshots, and then there are PHOTOGRAPHS, like Ansel Adams. These are PHOTOGRAPHS."

Oh wow.

This pronouncement is like having whatsisface in "High Fidelity" pronouncing his all-time favorite music as ART.


I nodded and thanked him.

That meant a lot.

Love and the common Virgo

A theme
has been bubbling around my brain these past view days that Ive wanted to write down and get out.

Cyn articulated a bit of it a few days ago.

But I simply cant seem to put what Im thinking on paper/screen. Because what Im thinking seems ... incomplete.

A lot of it has to do with the taurean companion. Dealing with a complex person with complex experiences (ie: nae perfect) who is coming at me without guile, Im learning a lot about myself, and my preconcieved limits are becoming more elastic.

Of course, Id rather deal with ONE imperfect person ... me.

She is a determined Taurus, so she isnt fleeing at my attempts at sabotage. (Us Virgos call it 'testing'.)

Of course, she is sighing a lot more as she's learning more about Reality With Me.

Maybe Im asking the wrong questions.

Or, maybe I shouldnt even be asking any damned questions.

That, of course, aint my nature.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Bugger me

As I sat
with George and A. @ the Berkeley Espresso yesterday... a Norton AntiVirus warning popped up with the news that a variant of the GaoBot virus was attemting to drop its payload on my drive.

Incredulous, I showed it to G.

Being a MacUser, he saw it as all academic, he thinks he's above all that. :-)

I was kinda happy tho.. a virus attack, apart from the challenge, is a reminder to never get comfortable.

It pays to be ever-so-slightly paranoid.
"I was telling George that as soon as we get to the coffee shop, Joe is gonna walk through the door." A. said laughing.

And 5 minutes later, thats exactly what happened.

I was happy to see 'em.

As usual, I had no intention of being there at that time, but I went there anyway.

Heh. Trippy.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Ah doo doo doo A dah dah dah

The taurean
companion sez I need to not worry so much.

So, appropos of nothing..

Ah doo doo doo, Ah dah dah dah...

Monday, May 03, 2004

Making a list, making it twice...


As the sun is moving through the area of your chart that governs your hopes and your dreams, this would be a good time to look seriously at what you expect from life and whether you are likely to get it if you continue to follow the path you are taking.

Ask yourself some searching questions and you will get some interesting answers.

Its been an interesting past Merc Rx. Now that Mercury is no longer retrograde (Oi never believed in such a thing before, but now blah blah blah), I see why its oft regarded as a period of changes.

Boy howdy, has it been.

Much of what Ive been working toward the last year or so has come to fruition. Sometimes in the most unexpected fashion.

And now its the first day of the rest of my life. I woke up this morning, and started going down my Plan of Action.

And the only thing on my list was... Make a list.

Make a list to determine my priorities for the immediate future, come what may.

I hate making lists. I keep everything in my head, but with so much going on.. I need to make lists.

Or as Curt said when I told him:

"The first thing on your To-Do list today.. is to make a list?"

Yup. Cuz this is important.

Its about the rest of my life.