Friday, August 24, 2001

Blog of Note, eh?

A) Cool.

B) Im honored.

C) My journal peeps knew this a loooong time ago... (go check out a few other good ones - exhaustive linx by the piscean bitch-kickin' goddess herself at They treat me well.

D) Im honored. Glad you like the photos. Wow. A LOT of folk from all over. Thanx for the good wishes too..

E) Umm, anyone want some t-shirts, messenger bags and caps with the "Itinerant" logo on it?
I need da' busfare and Metrocard...

F) Kickass.


Re: Noise of New York.

Welcome to New York. It does not get any better. I almost dont want to leave Joisey because it is so blessedly quiet in comparison.

Someone once romantically called the constant background rumble as the "heartbeat of New York". Feh.

I used to have an office on the FOURTEENTH floor by Wall Street, and people on the phone - the ones not from New York - would wonder why there were constantly sirens and horns all the way up high.

I lived on a QUIET street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. See above about sirens and horns. It was only relatively quiet because they would pass by every.. oh.. 15 minutes instead of 2....

Solution. It may sound un-necessary (and it'll feel like youre wimping out compared to the toughened natives), but it helps your mental health and temperament wonderfully.

It took me 3 years before I clocked onto this....

Earplugs. Swimmers earplugs. The local Duane Reade and CVS pharmacies keep them in stock for a reason.

They block out most harmful frequencies while allowing you to hear (so you wont get blindsided by a cab..)

Wear them to bed and on the subway.

(You see a not-so-surprising amount of folk wearing them underground..)

They positively-a-fuckinglutely work. Even if you dont use them constantly.

Or be stubborn and find out what noise pollution and the constant ringing in yer ears is all about, k? :-)
August 30th, 1991

We sat in the grass, on that late summer afternoon in Chicago..
I looked around at the warm sunlit scene behind the apartment flats, in the alley.
LilBro and I had nearly set the lawn and the surrounding buildings ablaze after cleaning and starting the barbeque fire.

Much fun, hilarity and familial warmth. :-)

As the drama settled, the meat was cooking and there were people all around.
LilBro was spending the summer with my father in Chicago, and I had driven into town that very morning to pick up the rest of my belongings to take back to my new permanent home in Jacksonsville, Florida.

Then suddenly, a feeling of surety came over me. I couldnt shake it, as much as I tried.
I felt "it" in the pit of my stomach, so I knew it to be true.
I didnt understand, but I knew.

I leaned over to LilBro to tell him with something I felt was very important. To inform him, to warn him, to give him a heads up.

The message was for me too.

"Andrew. Listen to me. I want you to remember this. This day. This moment. Everything. Remember it."


"Because NOTHING will be the same. Everything will be different from this moment on. Just remember this."

And we both became silent at the conviction in my voice, as my family and step-family ran around enjoying my surprise day-after birthday party.

We continued to enjoy the day.

And nothing, and I do mean nothing, from that day after - was ever the same again.

I remember most of that day like it was yesterday.

This evening, I walked up the main street of Bayonne, after hanging out with my neighbor, the Not-Yet Faded Beauty.. her and her daughters, all with curlers in their hair.

I suddenly felt the need to take pictures of them, rollers and all. :-)

Much hilarity and warmth.

I walked out into the street, and the rain-slicked streets with the hanging after shower fog of evaporation.. I had to take pictures.

I just felt the need to enjoy myself.

I walked into the Internet cafe, sat down at a table and didnt even check my mail.

Thursdays are talent night at the cafe.

I just sat down and enjoyed the old and young talents, having fun.

I took a few pictures as I enjoyed the jam..

I did all this because I knew. I know.

I dont understand, but I know.

This time, after going through this many times before Ive come to know the feeling well.

NOTHING will be the same hereafter.

The process has already started, no sense fighting it, as life is moving on to a totally different stage.

I dont know where I'll be or if I will see most of the people I hung out with tonight.

But sure as shooting, nothing will be the same.

That feeling is in my gut - so I know it to be true.

The one and only picture I have of me and my father together, sits framed by my computer.

It was taken on that day in August, almost 10 years ago.

That period of time was the last time I saw my father as well as my family together in Chicago.

Because nothing was ever the same again.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

On a random walk around the fashion district 28th Street and 8th Avenue last week...

I'll be there again this week I think.

Heh. Many men (and women) go to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) for the coeds.

I would. :-)

According to the store owner, it was either Mariah Carey or one of the Destiny's Children that wore this once.


You can buy ALL sorts of things around here......

Yep. Im now one of the "bridge and tunnel" set.

That refers to those who have to cross the bridges and tunnels to get to the city.

Its not a flattering term (aka white trash), although its often used with perverse pride (aka white trash)....

Bridge and Tunnel Set. Hm.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

Go Al.

I found that quote today.

Ive made the decision. Im facing eviction, but I can see and taste good things ahead.

Im NOT gonna leave the NY area. I AM gonna continue following my dreams.

And I can see most of 'em here in the Hudson-Raritan Estuary.

The technical geographical name for the New York metro area... :-)
(Another thing I learned today..)
Another great quote:
"Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons."
- Woody Allen

Hee.. :-)

Awright, time to make the donuts.

Monday, August 20, 2001

"Wow Joe, you have excellent instincts."

Eh. All I said was I wanted to see some skyline and maybe lets go down to Liberty State Park...

Where there happened to be a RadioHead concert in full swing.

Which we got to see free thanks to an easygoing Jersey State Trooper + the charm of a chica in JerseyGirl uniform.

(Favorite moment.. the singer is well into the intro of some slow ballad.. and totally forgets the song.. "SHIT!!... (silence)... SHIT!!!...(aimless twanging of guitar).. I hope you all dont have anywhere to go right now.." )

The other night, all i said was.. "Dinner? Lets roll by Grove Street in Jersey City then.."

"It'll be dead tho.."

"Maybe.. lets see anyways."

The Grove Street square was jumpin'.

We had some amazing (and amazingly cheap) Cuban Food. (Id been there before, but Id had some crappy blooming onions then).

Nah, its not my instincts. Its that she's willing to simply hang out.

Unlike most folk Ive met in the New York area.

They get itchy if theyre not doing a million things in 2 hours.

You never know what you'll find if you just slow down sometimes....