Saturday, February 01, 2003

To this day I remember exactly where I was when Id heard the Challenger crashed nearly 20 years ago.

This time, Ive been blissfully out of touch of the internet and tv, so this came a little late when I wandered into the Berkeley Kinko's and read Brian mention what happened to Columbia.

I wont forget it this time either.
Mutzu's Great Escape

After awhile, he couldnt bear any more of the endless caterwauling and tone-deaf whistling of "Dont Wanna Be Alone Tonight" as I wailed in writing mode.

He quietly got up, slowly padded over to the open windows, and then sat there..


Reading this cuz Linda told me to
(So I hear voices. Whut?)...

Dragon: Dynamic, astute, confident, enthusiastic, conscientious, popular, scrupulous, sentimental, emotional, fun-loving, healthy, generous, dynamic, artistic, lucky, successful, influential.

Also hasty, anxious, stubborn, willful, loud, irritable, grouchy, *(Who? Me? Nah.)* exacting.

Good as an artist, priest, or politician. Compatible with Monkeys and Rats, not Dogs.

In 2003: Expect a slower year for recuperating and resting. A good time to tie up loose ends.
Travel to distant places could bring romance. *(I aint DONE travelling?? Jeez!!)*
Don't involve yourself in light-hearted flirting unless it's for love. *(Uhh, yeah.. finding that out. Again.)*
Expect moderate performance in finances and career. *(#&$^&%! Cant I have SOME improvement here?? Thas all Im askin!!)*

Some health problems but family life is quiet. No upheavals or unwelcome changes in environment.

*sigh* Izzat good or bad, Poo?

Wait. Dont tell me. I have a feeling I dont wanna know.


Working on a photo piece on some war protestors from the rally on the 18th.

Guh. Giving me a headache. So many images...

a sample..

The day of..

And this is where the brain fart kicked in, so.. I'll leave the rest for later.

Oh yeah, a rant..

Following New York rule number 3 (Go before you Go), I searched the area of Market Street and the Embarcadero before the protest got under way to empty the bladder.

Heh. The only public restroom that I know automatically in SF, is the Hyatt on Market and California.

Uh, no joy there. With the crowds and prospects for idiots acting up.. there was beefed up security and the facilites were offlimits to the general public.

*sigh* So a LONG search (no luck at the many Starbux's et al) turned up nothing. Until I checked out the Embarcadero Mall.

Here is where my irritation factor kicked in..

Line for the womens washroom.. about 75 women.

Line for the men's washroom.. bout 40, lets say.

I join the line expecting the usual male efficiency. Ohho, no. It was ALSO backed up.

Why? There were women who insisted on using THAT bathroom too.

And there was a politically correct asshole (the fucker with the backpack), who insisted on that happening.

Now, I understand the age long women's dilemma vis a vis public washrooms and long lines. I also understand that because of the multiple accoutrements - specially with cold weather clothes, it takes women longer to Go.

Fine. Chivalry. Fine.

But it turns out THIS asshole was trying to make his FIANCE comfortable to saveHIMSELF F#W^&$^ time. Otherwise he would #@^$^#%^ give a *$%%&^$ about the Plight of Women and Public Restrooms.

My irritation grew when it took FIVE women HALF A @@^#@%@!%R#@^ HOUR (I swear to gawd) to use the facilities.

And we couldnt step up to the urinals because we had to keep it male-free while they were in there.

Moth. er. fuck. er.

My patience already worn thin by my aversion to crowds, I unsheathed the rarely-used weapon in my public arsenal.

That of the loud, irritated and sarcastic Large Black Man.


The long-suffering women in the female line tittered, and the asshole glared at me. Please.

I snarled at him..


Less than 2 minutes later, the women hurriedly cleared out, the asshole followed 'em, and the male line started moving again.

What? I dont give a fuck. We had elderly men with prostate problems in line too. Shit.

I actually got pats on the back.

As the line started moving and we did the routine (enter, zip, splash, tinkle, wave, zip, turn, exit), I regaled the others inline (my lifelong buddies now) with stories on How We Used To Do back in the day. I promised I would be done within 10 seconds.

Seven seconds later.. "DAMN! You werent kidding!"

I beamed (without looking down) and answered as I exited .. "Now, you have something to shoot for."

Monday, January 27, 2003

Man-Cat luv

*ringbzzztRING* goes the cellphone, waking me up.
*grumpYello* goes me.
*WHUMPH* goes the cat leaping onto my face for cuddly love.

Im housesitting and cat-sitting for a few weeks.

Chris Thompson writes in the East Bay's free paper of choice, the East Bay Express, and puts it in a way that Im wholeheartedly starting to agree with...

Whats WITH this hippie shit???

He, of course, is talking about how public art is usually hideous shit, Im referring to the 'kumbaya' california ethos that is rapidly giving me a headache.

However, the tuning fork in question is this...

When I first saw it, I went "What the fuck and WHY the fuck is there a 40 foot tuning fork in the middle of downtown Berkeley??"

Ah, but it is tuned to resonate with the earth's natural frequency a lotus eater (and hemp smoker - for medicinal *cough* purposes) would reply.

And I ask the same question that Mr Thompson asks..

Why are they spending madd money to build a tuning fork THAT ONLY DOGS, CATS AND TURTLES can hear????? The frequency is too LOW for our ears!!

California, man.

An addendum.. there is a small tuning bell near the base of this Bright Red Earth Song Fork that supposedly allows one to hear the resonant frequencies that it is supposed to amplify...

Me? I couldnt hear shit.

Uploading a weeks worth of stuff at once..

Same story, but different.

And of course, blogspot is all screwy now as you will only get the right page if you type in www in front of the URL.


It takes a toll

Crossing the Bay isnt cheap. The buses, tolls, trains all exact a price that adds up to beyond what a skint wallet can bear. Therefore, I havent been over to the SF side of the Bay but for infrequent occasions.

Still, I would like to go over to the City (still feels weird calling it that), more often.

That has produced mixed blessings. Not regularly traversing the bay has kept me away from diverse views and experiences, but in its stead - Ive been able to see more of this, the eastern side of the bay in more detail than I expected.

Still tho.

One of the recent occasions was to go hang with Kate when she came into town..

The A.C.T local theatre conservatory, like Chicago's Steppenwolf, where most of the local talent who made it big went to showcase their talent.

Like Winona, f'rinstance...

Another legendary haunt of poets, writers and other ne'er do wells...

Hawai'i.. the erstwhile vacation destination of the Bay area.

In addition to the medical reasons, I love me some good garlic.

I cook it with everything now.

And when I came across The Stinking Rose restaurant, I vowed to check it out someday.

So, thats what Kate and I and our invited companion did.

Heh, by the time we walked out, we couldnt smell the garlic on us - but we were given a wide path heading home. Heheheh.

Man. Everything was good, although I prefer my garlic baked and not always swimming in olive oil.

Highly recommended. *urp*