Saturday, January 29, 2005

McClint in Jax

DSC00861, originally uploaded by mcclint.

JPennant: heh, I like the picture of you, the Mini, the house and the murrican flag :-)
McClint: hehe
McClint: did that one by myself
McClint: put the camera on a lawn chair
JPennant: VERY good. :-)

Bagel snobs

Payment for LoxUhura: but the bagel was so good
JPennant: heheh
JPennant: think i'll go over to berkeley tomorrah and get some bagels
Uhura: i may pick up a dozen here from bergen bagels
Uhura: they opened one near me
Uhura: i'll get the rest of my stuff from the store
Uhura: or maybe i'll just make french toast
JPennant: hard to find good NY style bagels here
JPennant: I go to a place in North Berkeley called Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy
JPennant: about the best place Ive found out here to buy something that tastes close to NY style
Uhura: it's the water
JPennant: heh
JPennant: could be
Uhura: i mean why can't you get good pizza in florida?
Uhura: folks there know how to make it
Uhura: but the water isn't the same
Uhura: there is something to be said about nyc tap
JPennant: Dunno. the best pizza is in Chicago :-)
Uhura: ok, why can't you get great chicago pizza outside of chicago?
Uhura: it's the water
Uhura: it's not just the technique
JPennant: actually i think it is the technique
JPennant: the guy that owns that place in Berkeley lived in NYC for 20 years
JPennant: worked at H&H
JPennant: steams the bagels in this huge stainless steel vat
JPennant: uses cornmeal flour to dust the rolls
Uhura: that sounds "right"
JPennant: tastes about 95 percent right
JPennant: i think his weak link is that he's not running his ovens hot enough, but hey, close is good when theyre 5 minutes fresh :-)
JPennant: his stuff tastes fresh even 2 days later
Uhura: that's good
Uhura: very good
JPennant: but they sell so well, theyre constantly being replenished
Uhura: i hate when they get really hard
JPennant: yeah, Einsteins Bagel does that
JPennant: and Noah's Bagel out here.. bleh
Uhura: i mean was closed
JPennant: eh?
Uhura: i was just saying that there was an einstein bagel here but they went out of biz
JPennant: not a bad thing in my book
JPennant: if you cant hack it in New York as a bagel place, you dont deserve to be in business
Uhura: well, there are so many good places for a bagel here
Uhura: no
Uhura: you may be ablt to hack it anywhere else in the world
Uhura: ny is tough
Uhura: harder than anywhere else
Uhura: hence the lyrics--
Uhura: if i can make it here, i'll make it anywhere, it's up to you, new york-- you know the rest
JPennant: theyre making money off people who cant get any better around the country
JPennant: so, if they cant compete in New York, that tells you something
JPennant: for in NY if you bake it right, they will come
Uhura: this is true

The Mothership

The Mothership, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Based on the amount of Hondas that are on the streets of the Bay Area, this Honda dealership at the corner of Van Ness @ Market in San Fran, IS the mothership.

Friday, January 28, 2005

SF Advisory board

Heehee. Very valid advice. They definitely need a tourist brochure written by everyday San Franciscans.

Pinao went walkabout around her new SF neighborhood recently. Her prose crax me up:

As I look up at the next store sign, I'm assaulted by the smell of skunk! Certainly, the stinky varmit wouldn't wander into town - nope. The sign told it all. "Herbal Remedies" with a small sign in the window "Must be 18 or older to enter with valid identification." TWEEEEED! Yup, a cannibus club. G'damn! I kept walking...but, sorta felt a twinge of the munchies...

JPennant: TWEED!!!
JPennant: *lmao*
pinao: don't mess with a bruddah's tweeed
JPennant: its too true in the Bay Area
JPennant: i cant walk up geary or mission without getting a secondhand high
pinao: i know, right?
JPennant: i was gonna excerpt that as a too true part of San Francisco :-)
pinao: lol
JPennant: TWEED!!!
JPennant: heeheehee
pinao: hahah
JPennant: I cant stop sayin it :-)
pinao: stop smokin' dat tweed!
pinao: lol
JPennant: its gotten to the point where I can now tell the difference between hydroponic, humboldt county and mexican when I walk by
pinao: :o
pinao: LOL
pinao: love that word: hydroponic
pinao: bring on the maui waui
pinao: er...wowee
JPennant: ooh yeah. I gotta check that out when i hit the islands, mon
pinao: hahaha
JPennant: See what the hell Cheech and Chong and COPS in Hawaii were talkin about.
pinao: it's all good. :-)
JPennant: heheh

JPennant: <--- saying *TWEEED* and giggling over and over
pinao: lol
JPennant: Heh, I took a picture of a bus stop the other day - maaan, I wish pictures had smell-o-vision
JPennant: THATs why Im cracking up on "TWEEED!!"
pinao: heheh

JPennant: More of that kinda walkabout observations, please :-)
pinao: of course. just wait until i go to the caaaastro
pinao: hopefully i'll have me camera by then
JPennant: oooh
pinao: LOL

..finally decide to go to the local cafe and grab a falafel and soy latte. But, first I passed it to go to RiteAid for some shampoo. On my way back, I pass's a hair place (I wouldn't call it a salon...) and there are two sistahs with cornrows doing hair. When I pass by, again, I'm assailed with the smell of what??? yes, TWEEEED! All right -- for all the tweed that I am smelling, this better be a safe ass neighborhood -- just like Amsterdam! I proceed to scarf my falafel and quaff my latte. I then begin the gruelling walk up my hill. By the time I get home, I'm spent! I can't wait till my next adventure.

Me neither. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Japantown, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Fisherman's Wharf Walkabout

Fisherman's Wharf Walkabout, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Fisherman's Wharf Walkabout

Fisherman's Wharf Walkabout, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Ipod Central @ SF Apple Store

Ipod Central @ SF Apple Store

Ipod Central @ SF Apple Store, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Flickr gallery set.

Taken on a brief visit to the San Francisco Flagship Apple Store after the MacWorld Expo closed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The littlest magnolia

Per Gwen

The littlest magnolia, originally uploaded by gwen.

Even tho its still chilly here, as Gwen shows (in Oakland), spring is here.

The trees know.

On rotation

Over and Over - Nelly & Tim McGraw
My favorite lament:

"When Ive got the time, I rarely have the money. When Ive got the money, I rarely have the time."

Im getting tired of saying that.

Between work at night, daytime meetings and activities, Im finding myself stretched to find time for my projects and travels. I catch sleep whenever I can - which aint good.

"Work so you can live, not live so you can work."

My job is easy and it's convenient. And its got benefits. But Im concerned Im losing on the things Im rilly trying to do.

So, the answer to my lament - save the money, take the time.

Discipline. Enjoy myself.

Just a little affirmation there. :)
"Where have you been?!" said yesterday by the little vietnamese lady who owns my favorite little hole in the wall donut shop that I go for breakfast.

All I have to do is twirl my index finger in the air to tell her what I want. She'll either go and prepare the dish of rice, eggs and portugese sausage with my large decaf herself or yell the order "Eggs scrambled, rice with butter - large portion, and hotlinks sliced" in chinese to her assistant in the kitchen.

I know what she's saying because she sez the words "scrambled, butter, hotlinks" in english.

The dish is usually a delight of presentation, making the other people in the place exclaim - every single time - "damn, that looks good".

It is good.

Which is why, every chance I get, I go way out of my way to 6th and Mission, one of the sketchiest streets in all of SF, for breakfast.

Think I'll go now.