Saturday, December 18, 2004

"This professional photographer gave me this advice to get started 'Three words: go. make. pictures'."

Joseph Rodriguez

Care package from someone who cares

LilBro signed on at 12:39:42 PM.

JPennant: happy fucking holiday!
JPennant: :-)
lilbro: lmao
lilbro: u the fuckin man.
JPennant: wassup droo
JPennant: send me a care package
JPennant: patty, cocoa bread, and the hard dough bread from allan's bakery on nostrand
lilbro: mmm, sounds expensive
JPennant: heheh
lilbro: gotta be packed in dry ice an shit, and overnighted, and someone gotta sign 4 it
JPennant: ok, fine, leave the patty out of it
JPennant: :-)
JPennant: some bun and cheese too :-)
JPennant: ok, leave the cheese out of it
JPennant: :-D
lilbro: cheese can go
lilbro: i'll get some of the costco cheese
JPennant: yeah , all jamaican cheese is colby jack anyway
lilbro: colby jack?
JPennant: yeah
lilbro: nigga u eat american, an like it
JPennant: fuck that fake ass cheez food shit
lilbro: nah its kraft
JPennant: same thing :-)
lilbro: whateva, u gettin it free right? so shut your yap, slut
JPennant: some allan's bakery bread, mmmm
JPennant: man, i miss ny right now
lilbro: i miss u nigga
lilbro: fuck ny
JPennant: heh

JPennant: ny at christmas. nuttin like it
lilbro: whateva
JPennant: heh
lilbro: yo, now i got your order, i'm out
JPennant: right on!!!
lilbro: gotta send it before christmas
JPennant: you da man
lilbro: i know this already
JPennant: the west coast is nice, but some things you need
JPennant: that aint out here
lilbro: smell u son
lilbro: yo gotta do some paintin in the house, i'll holla
JPennant: aight layta
JPennant: much luv
lilbro: more 2 yah
JPennant: :-)

LilBro signed off at 1:14:58 PM.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Girlfriends after hours

Lilbro, a man
who will scorn anything corny, has a favorite TV show - Girlfriends.

I get off work at midnight, and I make sure Im home at 12:30 in time to catch - Girlfriends.

I didnt like it when it first came on, but in reruns - its oddly riveting. Sorta like the Seinfeld reruns.

Yeah I know, its just a soap opera in lightweight sitcom form.

Or maybe i just wanted to see the episode where Todd proposed to Toni, or where the word 'litigous' caused the mother of all hard-ons between lawyers..

(Even tho I already know that Todd left Toni, but she hasnt told Todd that she's pregnant, and William cheated on Monica, and left her for the woman who took his job at the firm and is now with Joan who is vying with him to be senior partner..)

Between meetings and bus travel and appointments , i had a little time before werk (trademark of .zannah) to go fondle cameras in preparation of next month's purchases.


As much as i am a believer in handling the item you aim to buy, it is a distinctively unsatisfying process, ranking right down there with *bad* first dates.

Worse when youre feeling rushed and frustrated.

But it is part of the process, as it is no longer conceivable to me to buy something without getting to know it beforehand.

(Yes, thats a thinly veiled reference to humans too).

My style of shopping is to lock into what I want early and wait before i buy it, then go get what I want in a burst of intensely impulsive activity (also my dating style, interestingly).

But this is also frustrating to the salesperson, who wants me to buy when I saunter up to the counter, when all i want to do is cop a feel before I buy.

So, in addition to a brief look-see with a crippled item that does little to help me evaluate what Im getting, I now have to essentially lie to another human being as to my intentions (wow, the allegories keep piling up), and this makes the experience worse.

so, ugh.

Because it has been sold out in most local places Ive visited, today was the first time ive been able to actually hold a s7000 in my hands, even tho Im quite familiar with its predecessors, so its not an unknown quantity with me.

But i also went to check out a dark horse in the camera stakes, the Panasonic Lumix FZ line.

Although ive been fairly impressed with them since I first saw one at Frye's, the generic Panasonic name has kept me from even seriously considering buying one, it keeps jumping to the head of the line. So, with the prospect of getting a good deal - I went to the camera store to check out this camera.

Based on a brief, unsatisfying feel - it gave me little reason NOT to buy one. So, its in the running.

Im getting a s7000, regardless.

But now, Im considering buying 3 cameras instead of two, funds permitting.

Im gonna have to do more hands-on testing before I commit tho...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Christmas in New York.

Just got a card from the Cappy. Made me wanna go visit. See my friends.

And see NY all commercial for Christmas.

JPennant: i miss ny
JPennant: specially now
Mamahell: its freezing here~!
JPennant: ahh, the best time :-)
Mamahell: ick
JPennant: oh shush :-)
Mamahell: i will take mild winter anyday
JPennant: they got that here
JPennant: all *^%$ year long
Mamahell: yeah but you don't get a hot summer either right?
JPennant: 3 weeks of it in october
JPennant: its mild from about february on tho
JPennant: winter is from november to feb
Mamahell: thats why they call it "SUNNY CALIFORNIA"
JPennant: *pshaah
JPennant: sunny and cold
JPennant: *grump
Mamahell: haha
JPennant: they dont show that on TV
Mamahell: no they don't....nor do they tell you the water is ALWAYs cold
JPennant: yup. Baywatch had shrinkage and freezing nips
Mamahell: freezing nips are a plus
JPennant: heheh

Today's horrorscope:

It looks like things are going your way, so back off, and trust the process. Otherwise, your expectations could get so high that your nervous system doesn't know how to react! As the teens say, "Be more chill."

I was teasing Kate about being a Pisces yesterday, being all sensitive and stuff, telling her to be like me, her opposite sign.


virgos are JUST as sensitive, we just hide it better.

With merc retro in full effect, Things are in turmoil, but it feels like things are finally going my way.

The temptation is react to every hiccup, every shift - but nah.

Things are good, even in this period of change, so no need to trip and let nervous emotions get the better of me.

Gotta chill and let things ride.

Not let emotions get the better of me.

Heh, there is a reason we Virgo's are referred to as Vulcans.
JPennant: hookay
JPennant: you ok otherwise?
JPennant: baby steps :-)
Mamahell: baby steps are alot larger then you think
JPennant: yeah
JPennant: a lot tougher too
JPennant: but its going my way
Mamahell: its all u can ask 4
JPennant: you said it
Mamahell: :-)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hating to wait for jello

Doing the
mental calculations.

Its gonna be January. not in time for Christmas.

JPennant: my only frustration is that Im gonna have to wait till january.
McClint: you've gone this long without
McClint: you can go another couple months
McClint: but it is so close you can taste it :-)
JPennant: yes indeed
McClint: if you still haevnt gotten a camera yet, i might let you use my camera for a few minutes hehehehe
JPennant: heh, nah
JPennant: by the time you come, i will be equipped
McClint: dont wanna be teased like that?
JPennant: actually, ive let go offers of cameras
McClint: are you crazy, man?
JPennant: probably
JPennant: but as you say
JPennant: i dont want to be teased
McClint: ya know.... you and i are very similar
McClint: we both "eat jello with a fork"
McClint: we do things our own way for our own reasons
JPennant: yup
McClint: and I do, in fact, eat jello with a fork :-)
JPennant: heheh, thats another matter
McClint: hehehe
McClint: it is an easier task than nailing it to a wall
JPennant: LOL

Heh, feels like Ive been playing Survivor...

Last night, twas a Saturday night...

- I saw a few hundred Santas walking through the tenderloin up Geary. Some wearing fur, some glitter t-shirts, fur-trimmed daisy dukes, christmas lights, strobes...

Not long after, there were many drunken and high Santas on Geary Street, crowding the bars, spilling out into the street and sidewalks.

At the peak, the line of male and female and other santas crowded the sidewalk all the way from union square to van ness avenue, spanning the length of the tenderloin.

The inhabitants of the Tenderloin were bemused, mostly. Many saying theyve never seen anything like that.

That bemused me, considering the things Ive seen on Geary and in the Tenderloin .

- As the night darkened to the midnight, many women came out of the closet.

Two or three at a time, some on dates, some from the bars, some acquaintances, some not.

Young old, some fitting the lesbian sereotypes, most not. Mostly asian. A lot of young 'uns, many not looking like they were barely out of the malls, dressed for the malls.

Raised my eyebrow again.

- Just before midnight, the prostitutes came out to ply their trade.

Never. Seen. So. Many. Transvestities and transexuals. In one place.

In my life.

Hate to admit.. some of them looking GOOD.

And thats just one night in the Tenderloin.