Friday, April 02, 2004

Vision Quest, eh.

Excerpt from the
book "Sextrology" (probably the best astrology book Ive come across since Debbi Kempton-Smith's "Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook" , if a bit judgemental *sniff*) :-)

For many a Virgo man, somewhere between the ages of 35 and 42, will take refuge in a monastary of his own making, cloistering himself in a lifestyle that runs completely contrary to his own previous participation in the world of external trappings.

In undergoing this transition in life, he typically makes drastic, sweeping changes.

He does this in an attempt to rid himself of base thoughts and base habits, finding a vocation that will make him feel useful while inspiring devotion to his OWN callings.

In short, he must discover and refine his talents, where he shines and feels golden.

Holy shit. I didnt know this was a Virgo Thing.

*scritch head*

Ah well, gotta do what I gotta do.. Im too far along. :-)

Meanwhile, it would seem as if he dropped off the face of the earth, going into a hole like some Elusian initiate, secretly facing issues surrounding his own mortality.

But loved ones shouldnt fear: Virgo man usually resurfaces better than ever.

Well, good.
It continues, by the way...

As anybody who knows him can attest, Virgo has terrible trouble keeping scheduled appearances -- often late, a no-show, hiding out, screening or not returning calls.


Man, I can be horrible with that.

I guess thats a Virgo thing too.

Right Sistah Cyn?


No pill-popping tree-hugger this

Allergies. Springtime. Allergies. Repeat. Sneeze.

Actually, Im only allergic to two types of tree pollen, pine and oak.

Oak pollen is the nastiest. My arch-nemesis. Truly evil. Sneezing AND burning of the nasal tissues.


I think I became sensitized by the oak tree outside of Ma's window in Brooklyn.

So, its springtime in .. OAK-land.

Oak trees on every corner!


Shneeze, sniffle, blow, repeat.
So, Im taking medication for the allergies too.

More medication.

In addition to the Cephalex, Glucophage, Ibuprofene and Vicodin (among others) that Im taking now.

Guh. I can barely supress the gag reflex when popping pills. Im not used to it.

Actually, Im not taking the Vicodin anymore. My pain tolerance is pretty high, so I dont need it.

Plus, Im suspicious of Happy Pills.

Vicodin makes me drowsy and slightly goofy. I can see myself popping pills to maintain that feeling. Nothankyou.

Plus, its overated. I first took Vicodin (aka Tylenol3) for frostbite back in Chicago, and I immediately hated it.

All it did was make me drowsy and didnt do anythiing substantial for the actual pain.

(By the way, the bad part of frostbite isnt when you lose the feeling in your extremities - its when the feeling comes BACK. That pain is a *motherfucker*, Im here to tell ya.)

So, Im off the Vicodin.

I'll save it for when I need to be drowsy and goofy....

Thursday, April 01, 2004

On this day..

Today is
my Grandmothers birthday.

She spoiled me in the best way possible... by catering to my Virgoan pickiness.

An ice-cube in my morning tea, the chicken fried and crisped just so...

Its the little things that count.

Her only vice was picking the horses.

She let me pick the contenders for her. Made me feel like I was making a difference.

Again, its the little things.

Years later, I realize with her powerful Aries nature, she coulda flashed and oppressed a little kid.

She didnt. She used her kindness to make that kid feel special.

Her quietly wicked sense of humor kept us in line, which is why fart jokes are still lyrical to me.

The night skies over Runaway Bay was so clear, that you could see thousands of stars and the Milky Way could always be seen. Our private conversations under the stars are still fresh in my mind.

Its the little things that count.

Thats why April 1st is special to me.

Happy Birthday, Mary Allen.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Gabz is prolly laffing at me right now, but I thought the song that Ive been singing the hook to the last coupla days went ...

"Everybody in the club gettin' tense.."

Duh. Now, I find out it's J-Kwon and the song is "Tipsy" ,as in

"Everybody in the club gettin' tipsy.."

What th..

No wonder the song made no sense, but shit - I cant understand 3/4's of what the boy is saying.

I'm getting old.

Plus, I like my version better.

Comple Anos

Here in
California, the *quotey fingers* "Other" state, celebrates as a state holiday the birthday of Cesar Chavez, the labor leader who fought for the rights of migrant workers.

The following conversation between a friend (who is latina) and somebody else, who isnt. Latino, that is. *cough*

Her: "Yep. Today is Cesar Chavez's birthday."
Him: "Oh! Is he Cuban?"
Her: "Uh, no. He's from Arizona."
Me: *laughter*
Him: "Uhhh.."
Her: "You must be thinking of Che'. Who is from Argentina."
Me: *snicker*

Im no clueless Anglo, but I didnt know either.
On a semi-related note

Ever since Florida, Ive realized I need to learn conversational spanish...

Apparently its hard to be in California and not be conversant.

Cant get away with it like I used to in New York.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Phrase the right question just the right way

mars: so do you think you'll *ever* move back east?
JPennant: permanently? Unless its a family emergency, no.
mars: ah cool
mars: like it out west eh?
JPennant: yeah. its a hard life, but not so bad in other ways
JPennant: Im referring to being on the west side
mars: =)
On the rotation

Notorious B.I.G - Warning

Sometimes I need the gritty East Coast sound, full of flash and wordplay to reconnect to the other coast.

As well as family:

lilbro: fuck u doin on line son???!!!!
lilbro: glad to see u
JPennant: doin some work papi
JPennant: same here little brother
JPennant: how you doin
lilbro: jesus man
lilbro: no
lilbro: HOW U DOIN?
lilbro: good to see a friendly name
JPennant: Im fine son
JPennant: :-)
lilbro: very glad
JPennant: rough eh
lilbro: dis baby thiing on my end is tougher than i thought it would b
JPennant: *nod*
JPennant: I can only imagine
lilbro: no doubt

lilbro: i know my life is crazy bu i cant imagine yours
JPennant: truthfully, I was scared man
JPennant: to do this? shit
JPennant: I had let go of EVERYTHING
lilbro: past and present?
JPennant: when I say everything , I do mean literally everything
lilbro: dig it
JPennant: couldnt move forward without doing that
JPennant: but, Im a different person
JPennant: harder
JPennant: but still
JPennant: probably more feeling
JPennant: not as afraid
lilbro: i'm glad
lilbro: u dont let yourself become distracted anymore with like random wants or desires no more
JPennant: its still a distraction
JPennant: but you get focused on what it is you REALLY need
JPennant: and you try to throw off the shit that holds you back
JPennant: live light
lilbro: yup needs ovah wants all the time. that is how u make a dolla stretch and make something out of nothing
JPennant: a dollar is nothing
JPennant: When I first came out here
JPennant: people were telling me shit like "the universe provides"
JPennant: I was like "yeah right.. *I* provide"
JPennant: no, its true
JPennant: the universe provides
JPennant: but before it can provide
JPennant: you have to learn how to be grateful
JPennant: and hjow to give thanks
JPennant: I know, Im sounding like a hippie
JPennant: but trust me
JPennant: its some hard lessons
JPennant: Give thanks
JPennant: you have a beautiful baby daughter
JPennant: youre providing a world for her
JPennant: but dont let anybody back you down into doing what you know is not right
lilbro: u been tellin me dat 4 years. and i finally have been. but i think its more than that,,,u really have to work for it. have to sweat a lil for the things that r worth it
JPennant: you have to learn how to let go man
JPennant: but sometimes that dont make sense to people
JPennant: be appreciative
JPennant: get life insurance for your child
JPennant: :-)
JPennant: and give thanks
JPennant: then you can work hard to provide
JPennant: but you wont be working just to work
lilbro: smell u on that 1. got the insurance, jus got her social security, opening up some accounts 4 her soon
JPennant: and people get stupid over money thinking thats all its about
JPennant: so be discreet
JPennant: you know how to do that, but still

JPennant: anyway, enough preaching
JPennant: glad to see you little brother
JPennant: love ya
lilbro: i believe in u. always have
lilbro: luv u 2
JPennant: :-)
lilbro: night
JPennant: latah pa

An open letter to Customer Support

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 10:25:02 -0800 (PST)
From: "Joe Pennant"

To: RhinoTek Corp.

I am a photographer, and when I print images for
sale and exhibition, they have to meet critical
standards for color and performance.

Having seen ads for your products and the assertion
that your products meet and beat the performance of
OEM products, I decided to try your product.

I bought a Rhinotek cartridge for an Epson printer at a CompUSA yesterday to see if your claims held up.

I would say no.

I put in the cartridge, charged and cleaned the

My first image came out with inverted colors as one of the nozzles was clogged.

After going through charging and cleaning cycles TWICE (wasting much ink in the
process), it started printing.

Unfortunately, the prints came out with a decidedly
nasty yellow cast.

Which would be fine on images of sunsets and night
lighting when the overall color cast IS yellow.. but
pictures of people, their flesh tones look as if
theyve got jaundice and things that should have a blue
cast, are brown.

That is unacceptable.

Im not asking for a return or to test your
"100% guarantee", as the loss of $15 is a cheap price to
pay for a lesson.

I cannot trust the quality OR performance of your

And if I cannot trust it, I cannot buy nor recommend

Thank you

Joseph Pennant
Berkeley, CA

A few hours later, a reply:
Joe, I am sorry for the performance of our cartridge and please allow me to send you 2 additional for free and see if we can redeem ourselves to you. We only try and provide the best products possible products and services. Let me know.


Steve Woo
Executive Vice President

Should I take 'em? Give 'em another chance?

I bought an Epson cartridge today, anyway.

Sunday, March 28, 2004


For people who know what I can do, my Hatred of Computers comes as complete bafflement to them.

I like the challenge (mental masturbation) of wrestling systems into reliability and usefulness. I like helping and empowering people.

I DONT like fucking with silly and useless procedures and people.

So much so, that I would much rather be destitute and homeless than do it for a living.

But, money talks.

And I may be going back to the East Coast for a bit.

For the money.

Not because I want to.

But because I need very expensive gear.

(By the way Poo, I do hate it when yer predictions come true. :-/ )