Saturday, May 22, 2004

To quoth the weathergirl this morning..

"Its going to be typical summer weather for the San Francisco and Bay Area.. clouds and fog in the morning, with afternoon sunshine."

Been like this the past few days.

What's the weather like in South Florida again?
On rotation

Earth, Wind & Fire - Love's Holiday
Emotions - Flowers

Shows how current I am in music. Im still stuck in the 80's and early 90's. And because its stuff thats over 20 years old now.. its officially the oldies.

I guess that's good. Instead of me searching for an identity, I guess it indicates Ive grown into one.
Today's horrorscope

Wanting to make more money and needing to do it in a way that satisfies your spirit is the theme.
You're still searching for an enterprise that is doable.

Don't stress, just stay open and get out into the world.

Funny, thats *exactly* what Ive been pondering.

(Oh yeah Poo, on a related note.. I just got a second message from the The Man in question. Should I pick up the phone, you think? Yeah, I already know the answer.)
By definition, Kate and I dont have a traditionally close friendship. Never have. We dont dig into each others deepest secrets, hold long gabfests or even to care about hanging out together.

And we tend to get on each other's last nerve. :-)

Opposite signs of Pisces/Virgo. Two strong-willed dragons.

But.. it works. Lotta loyalty and affection. For years its been that way. Im still not sure why.

Our daily IM conversations are basically check ins, on the order of this..

kate: hey :-)
me: yo

That would be the extent of it.

This would be our entire conversation yesterday.

JPennant: This was from when we were walking down Broadway back from lunch together about 4 years ago
JPennant: made you late.

k a t e: :-)

Heh. :) Fuzzies.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Subway shutterbugged

Photography and videos to be banned in the NYC subways.

First the bridges. The Port Authority. Then the PATH tunnels. And now.. the subways.


When I started taking these pictures, it didnt occur to me that they would soon become 'dated', as in things and circumstances would change and many of the shots would become relics.

And so it goes.

These were over 4 years ago.

Doesnt seem like its been that long.

I suppose it might be a good excuse ot go to New York, before they start enforcing it....

Today's horrorscope:
Travel is on your mind - or are you just trying to escape a pesky problem?

Mmm. Probably.

Should I stay or should I go.

Im still thinking of LA and Hawaii. There's nothing keeping me here, no long term ties, no real roots.

Important career moves should be chosen for long-range potential, not short-run financial gains. Get the facts. Don't guess.

In finance, be open to doing things much differently than you ever have before.

You get to your destination faster because you're cautious and practical.

Me: Eh. Is it laziness or do I just not give a damn?
Rick: Im gonna go with laziness.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

I like it, do it AGAIN

For the
last coupla days, I cant get that damned song out of my head.

Ying Yang Twinz's "Shake it like a Salt Shaker".

"I LIKE that. Do it AGAIN."

Unfortunately, Ive been humming/singing it in public and polite company.

Eeesh. Singing a strip club song aint done, not even in Berkeley.

Ive been partly singing it because I got to watch a bootlegged version of "Soul Plane".

I had low expectations. But that flick is hilarious.

Think "Airplane", but done for black folk.

Go see it when it comes out. :-)

Oh, because one scene has them filming the video for "Salt Shaker" .. in the plane.

JPennant: "Shake it like a Salt Shaker"
McClint: it's no longer a Polaroid Picture?
JPennant: no no, not OutKast
JPennant: Ying Yang Twinz
JPennant: It is WILD
JPennant: a strip club song gettin madd radio play right now
McClint: ahhh
JPennant: download it and check it out :-)
JPennant: Been singing it for days, ever since I saw "Soul Plane"
McClint: soul plane? new movie?
McClint: i think i saw a preview
JPennant: I saw a bootleg
McClint: aaaahhh is it funny?
JPennant: heeelarious
McClint: good. it looked funny
JPennant: and I had REALLY low expectations
JPennant: Its nearly as funny as "Airplane!"
McClint: hehehe
JPennant: but done for black folk :-D
McClint: the preview reminded me of the "Ghetto Delta" mp3/flash movie on the internet

JPennant: the movie is WAY funnier than the trailer indicates (just watched the trailer)
JPennant: nah, its not a black movie made by white people. ;-)
McClint: hehehehe
JPennant: Its made by people who UNDERSTAND
McClint: are you saying white people can't be ghetto?
McClint: heheheheheh
JPennant: The little kid in it TRANSFORMS to one HELL of a wiggah :-)
JPennant: "Here's your American Express dad. I got me some gear, dad. I think I melted that bitch. I got me everything but an ESCALADE"

McClint: about some bored punk kids in Salt Lake City who try as hard as they can to live the Punk and Ghetto scene
JPennant: okay
McClint: never saw it?
JPennant: nope
McClint: ah nevermind then :-)
JPennant: heh
JPennant: man, yer gonna set a record for convos posted.. ;-)
McClint: as long as you dont post the one where I told you where I buried the body
JPennant: over by Arlington Mall? ;-)
JPennant: heehee
McClint: :-)

And then..

Gwen left (after the lunch, wandering around downtown Berzerkley taking pix, chatting at the Bedrkeley Espresso), I shut down and closed the computer, put it into its bag, got a refill on my tea (im starting to LIKE peppermint ginseng), latted and honeyed it up, then kicked back watching the scenery go by.

I was feeling good. Like things had been accomplished, and with that... now what.

And in walked one of the answers to the question.

We shook hands, I told him to sit down.. we hashed over things. We used to get along really well once.. and its actually been a year since we parted on bad terms.

The timing was perfect.

Once we finished talking, I got up, knowing something else had been accomplished, and walked into the breezy sunshine of Berkeley.

Soooo, now what.
Lunch was cool.

Having pictures up and having a group of people come in to see em was VERY cool. Thanx to gwen. :-)

I even took some pictures (on someone else's camera).

All in all, it ended too soon, but it was fun.

Thank you guys.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ladies (and Gents) Who Lunch will convene tomorrow (Wednesday, May 19!) from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

You'll find us in back room at Au Coquelet in Berkeley (2000
University at Milvia, a short walk from the downtown Berkeley BART) this time -- our very own Joe Pennant has a photography show running there through the end of the month and we wanted to check it out.

Bring yourself, some cash (the usual cafe fare is available,
including beer, wine, and other lunch goodies), and one good topic.
Bring your camera, too, maybe we can wander around Berkeley bothering the locals afterward.

RSVP in the comments at
so we can save you a chair.

Hope to see you there,

Joe's been a photographer for ages, and was a photologger way before it got cool
He's also a great guy.

LGL is an informal, agenda-free, once-a-month or so gathering of Bay Area locals who like to sit around and gab about whatever strikes their fancy. Sometimes the lunches are happy hours instead so the people with Real Jobs can come. Information about previous lunches is available at

Guess I'll be there. :-)

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Bye Felix.

R.I.P Tony Randall.

Loved your work.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Feeling reckless

JPennant: hrm. I think I will download quake
McClint: oh boy
JPennant: heheh
McClint: how big is the HD?
JPennant: 20 gig
JPennant: got 80 percent free
McClint: but still
JPennant: :-D
McClint: you like to tempt the fates
McClint: they get pissed at you teasing them so much
JPennant: the total annihilation CD got destroyed in a freak bus accident the other day. I kid you not.
McClint: see!
JPennant: hee :-)
JPennant: so now, I can only play it in campaign mode
JPennant: which is boring to me
McClint: It's not nice to fool Mother Nature
McClint: nor fuck with her
JPennant: Quake. a nice simple shoot em up
JPennant: thats all.
JPennant: Im not asking much
McClint: Space Invaders was a simple shoot-em-up too
JPennant: oooh, good idea!
JPennant: Where is the Microsoft Arcade pack.. ;-)
McClint: oh shit.... you should know to never load anything by Microsoft :-)
JPennant: heheh

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Mommas dont let your babies walk on their toes

This weeks horrorscope:

You may not be the most adventurous member of the zodiac, but you have your moments.
If you feel like packing your bags and heading off into the bright blue yonder around the time of Wednesday's new moon, do so without a second thought or a backward glance.
The moment you start analyzing your feelings is the moment the magic begins to fade. Follow your instincts, wherever they lead.
Where Im currently staying in West Berkeley, its about 2 miles or so from downtown Berkeley.

Some days I walk.


I HATE to walk. My feet hurt. My achilles tendons burn after years of walking around bouncing on my toes (from when I was an ath-ugh-leet). And the prospect of walking more than 2 blox feels suspiciously like work.

Still, I walk.

The trick is to get started, plan your route and not think about it.

And by the time I get to where Im going, the walk doesnt seem so bad.

The best times, the best experiences, the best pictures, have all come from when I went trekking.
Because I had to.

Its the journey, not just how you get there.

It'll soon be time to step again.

Yeah, walking has been very, very good - but, truthfully, Id much rather be driving.