Saturday, February 22, 2003

London called..

London is eight hours ahead of SF.

ChooperUK: nice pics - you are getting beyond awesome there mister
JPennant: heh. Thank ye. *beams*
ChooperUK: keep at it - your dream can happen really
JPennant: Yar. I think its time to stop regarding it as a hobby.
ChooperUK: definitely
ChooperUK: dont give up on this one
ChooperUK: promise
JPennant: No sweetheart.. Ive given up on nothing.
ChooperUK: good
JPennant: everything I told Id be doing all those years ago is what Im working toward.
ChooperUK: i love to hear that
JPennant: I wouldnt put myself through all this crapp if I werent pursuing something solid.
ChooperUK: i hear ya - keep up the great work and no doubt you will be recongnized
JPennant: Eh, Im already recognized (somewhat), but I wanna be PAID and recognized. ;-)
ChooperUK: true
ChooperUK: im beat - im gonna log off now - its near 11 pm here
JPennant: Aright m'dear. Enjoy your life.
ChooperUK: you too
ChooperUK: cya

Simple pleasures

Most of San Francisco and the Bay Areas water comes from high up in the mountains and Yellowstone Park.

When it was dry, the water was more than slightly brown.

Now, it has the clean, pristine, cold taste of mountain snow.

Another post got swallowed up by blogger. (The latest Quirk of Blogger, the editor timing out after 10 minutes..)

This one had been about the people I read for soul food.

Ah well.

A short recap:

First .. Pammie.

RAN into a pilot when I got off the elevator to walk back to my hotel room.

"Hello," he said.

"Hello," I replied.

While I was digging through my bag, searching for my key, the door across mine opened and another pilot walked out.

"Good day," he said.

"Hello," I said.

Two pilots had been staying in the room across mine.

Is that a porno scenario or what?

Should I have said, "Have a good flight"?

Then again, you don't tell cab drivers to "Have a good drive," right?

And, in case you're thinking what I think you're thinking, no, I'm not drunk.

And .. Sunshine, describing the ideal Valentine's Day aftermath:

(roommate)'s making brownies. I'm doing taxes. I should be studying but it's cold and my bedroom smells like dirty sex and roses.


And Gabz (who updates once in a literal blue moon - due to circumstance this time), but is still a satisfying read which is why I check back every time I do my blog-round.

What is THAT stain on the carpet???

I remember why I didn't want to move. Finding a place to live can be a pain in the butt. The notice to the current roommates is in.

Can you also hear the clock tickin'?

It's been a mishmush of places that have been currently viewed.

I don't relish living in an apartment/flat with Brady Bunch stylings.

Electric range....funky linoleum...all done up in Harvest Yellow. But, the living room was HUGE!


Ok, so its nowhere near their 'Best of..".

Eh. I just like their style.

Deleted post.

No reason. Cept I just didnt like the images.


A coupla years ago, when I came back from SF - people were remarking that my pictures had changed markedly.

Changed enough to elicit comment.

In fact, they said - YOU seem to have changed markedly.

I was aware that changes were afoot, but it took a long time to appreciate just how much I had changed.

Here we go agin.

1.7 Gigabytes worth of images. 200 megs free.

Thats almost half the hard drive space on this beast.

I managed to cadge a burner to back them up, but Im paranoid.
I dont wanna delete anything yet, just in case a god forbid should happen.

I know I need to purge.

But, I cant afford to lose these.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Surrender to the mundane

Today's horrorscope

According to the planets, you are imposing too many limits on yourself.

On some occasions that might be a good thing, but today you need to cast off your shackles and do what comes naturally, whether or not the world approves.

Don't force yourself into a mold that has been designed for other people - inevitably, they will be smaller than you.

I always thought I (privately) dream Big Dreams, but the people here are all telling me I am not asking enough from the universe.

As enriching and satisfying as the life of a homeless itinerant is (holds up sparkly 'sarcasm' sign), I am truly getting tired of hungering for the little things. The cheap things. The shit i thought nothing of buying in The Better Days.

Let us see what is on my list..

A QuarkXpress manual.
A bigger hard drive.
A yahoo mailPlus subscription.
A WallStreet Journal online subscription.

Nope, nuthin here costs over 80 bux. And yet, Ive been wanting these things for over a YEAR.
I find myself pining and using my Moon in Taurus patience to tell myself that I dont NEED any of this, so chill.

When I look at the silver 5-series that pass me by, and I squash the pangs and try not to remember the days when THAT was my short-term goal.

So, is this too much to ask:

A stable homebase.
Monies coming in.
Totally new clothes.
All my papers in order.

*shakes head*

Almost seems like an impossible dream.

Yeah. Apparently Im asking for too little.

I looked out the cottage window and saw the crazy azure blue sky and the Cali light plastering the side of the house.

That picture called to me.

I told it 'no' for the umpteenth time.

I may take pictures of the everyday and mundane, but I resist taking pictures of shit done to death.

Shytte like abstracts of rustic buildings, nudes, animals.

I dont wanna surrender to the mundane.

My friend told me to embrace my fear.

After my recent artistic freak-out, I didnt feel like searching for the special anymore.. so..

I had no choice.

I walked out and embraced the mundane.

I took pictures of the side of the house.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Florida daydreaming

Spring of 2002, remembering riding around South Florida in the Magnum PI l'il red truck.. listening to the hits on hevvy rotation on Miami's urban radio station (where they dont need no steenkin FCC).

Soundtrack to the memories..

Eminem - Without Me
Ashanti & Biggie Smalls - UnFoolish
Ludacris - Saturday (oooh oooh)
Mary J Blige & JaRule - Rainy Days
Nelly - Hot in Herre
Cam'ron - Oh Boy
Big Pun - Dont Wanna Be A Playa
(Hehe.. Im also listening to the Incubus cover of it. Sublime white boy metal shytte.)
JaRule & Ashanti - Always on Time

Warm weather, mami's, the smell of money, wildlife, nightlife, twisted people, beautiful beaches.

Funny how I dont remember the stress...

Coincidentallly.. there is a blizzard in New York.

Darn, I missed it. *cough*

Heh.. Im loving the New York Post's headlines to it...


and the follow-up human interest piece


Now if it werent so chilly ("mild") here, I might enjoy it a bit more...

Rainy days in Berkeley...

I happen to like rainy days. Here, the bright cali light filters through fog and rain to create this lovely luminous light quality thats great to fotograph to.

Telegraph Avenue looking towards the Cal-Berkeley tower

Coffee with a friend (Cafe Fanny, beside Acme Bread on San Pablo Ave and Curtis - West Berkeley)

Lil Joe of the Big Joe/Lil Joe duet

Yeah, I like rainy days.

Part-time pu.. er..feline lover

Cat stretched out, snoring, on my arm.

I scratch his ear, he wakes up and yawns widely...


The effluvia of many dead birds, Iams kat food and fermented Frisky Kat treats waft up from the stygian depths as he keeps yawning.

"DUDE!! Chomp a mint, man!!"

I couldnt tell ya if he yawned and farted at the same time, it was that horrible.

He yawned again, starts licking himself and then plops back down across my arm, lashing his tail in my face.

Ahh, the cat experience.

Which is just about over as the house-sitting experience ends and I move on to another couch. I got to experience living closely with a cat - if for a few weeks. Cool.

But, I think I can live without a pet for awhile longer.

Cat pix (of course I was bored..)

Aww, he's so cute. The lil deathbreath.