Saturday, September 14, 2002

Brian sent me a few sunset pics of his recent trip to Hawai'i

Wow. Nice.

Excellent shots too.

I gotta visit...

Speaking of Master Brian, he had invited me to Los Angeles to show me his city.

So, I planned my West Coast Itinerary entirely around dropping by LA.

He planned his itinerary to disabuse me of my deep-seated preconceptions of LA. ie: That there was no There there.

Ho ho ho. I wished him luck.

When I disembarked off the LA bus, it wasnt looking good, being gray cold and overcast.

I could barely see downtown, and I had my vest on.

Brrr. Where was the SoCal sunshine? And warmth???

But when B arrived to pick me up, he took me on the planned route and LA proceeded to warp my tiny little mind.
Opening A Mind Without Losing It

Talkin to my Other Kate in Philly on the IRC.

Hadnt talked to her in months

JoBear: Cali is so odd kate. Im still adjusting
kateO8: not what you expected?
JoBear: More.. and different
kateO8: *nod*
kateO8: I like visiting there but it's not me
JoBear: Im trying to open my mind without losing it
kateO8: heh. I hear that

JoBear: I like Portland tho
kateO8: the beauty of nature
JoBear: very beautiful.. Orgeon is
kateO8: yes
JoBear: I wouldnt mind that being my home base
kateO8: maybe there's something about the culture in oregon that keeps you more grounded
kateO8: cali priorities on the other
kateO8: pple are a bit self-absorbed
JoBear: heh.. yar. maybe a bit spoiled in the Land of Milk and Honey.
JoBear: Portland reminds me of Chicago, but with Birkenstocks
kateO8: heh. good description

JoBear: I got some instructions from random SF folk the other night
kateO8: like what?
JoBear: Where to network, to learn what I need, what to do to avoid homelessness, where to find work when push comes etc etc
kateO8: good. because you picked one of the tightest markets in the country.
kateO8: our former web designer moved to sf with her gf
kateO8: and told me about the bidding wars among renters
JoBear: yep. hoo. scary.
kateO8: very scary
JoBear: when did she move?
kateO8: this was about 4 yrs ago
JoBear: I met one girl who flat out said I should NOT move here
JoBear: And Ive met a few folk elsewhere who moved from here

JoBear: but there is something here I was looking for .. I didnt even realize it
JoBear: found it
kateO8: that's good.
kateO8: what was it?
JoBear: Standards of Excellence
kateO8: hmmm
JoBear: Here its expressed in individuality
kateO8: okay. got it.
JoBear: I actually realized it wandering around Stanford/Palo Alto
kateO8: oh yea...
JoBear: Its a characteristic thats hard to describe here until you realize examples are all around
JoBear: F'rinstance, I look at the TV shows differently now.. in the post production
kateO8: *nod*
JoBear: I see the reason why most post production of TV happens in Cali
JoBear: because people here have the diverse individual skills
JoBear: and they do it well.
kateO8: true nuff
kateO8: because it's the industry mecca
JoBear: I thought so too.. until I got here
JoBear: partly true, but not the whole truth
JoBear: Someone I know collects Simpsons figures
JoBear: At first, I thought that was beyond frivolous
JoBear: until I realized the collectible and incidental values
JoBear: California culture itself seems beyond frivolous
kateO8: mm hmm
JoBear: until you see why its valuable around the world and to the economy
JoBear: because its done very well

JoBear: I walked into Frye's electronics in Palo Alto the other day
JoBear: and looked at the new macs
JoBear: a few miles down the road from that spot .. they design them
JoBear: that melding of art, silliness and utility
kateO8: right
JoBear: thats when I Got It :-)
kateO8: yea I think you captured it
JoBear: So my job is to do what I do.. and do it well
JoBear: while surviving ;-)
kateO8: that's always the rub
JoBear: yar

kateO8: I gotta get to bed
kateO8: yer on left coast time now
kateO8: I'm pushing midnight and dragging
JoBear: talk atcha latah :-)
kateO8: will do
kateO8: take care
JoBear: you too

Thursday, September 12, 2002

San Francisco on the eleventh of September

CalTrain depot

Pacific Bell Stadium
San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers

"Excuse me. Can I take a picture of your hat?"
"Oh! Oh, sure honey."
"By the way, who won?"
"Who won the game?"
"You a Dodger fan?"
"Uh, no. Cub fan, actually."
"Well then.. &%$$^$ won."

Market Street


North Beach

Washington Park