Saturday, January 22, 2005

16th & Valencia

16th & Valencia, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Random thoughts

I havent posted
a buncha images because Im still tryig to find a good workflow on the Mac..
Just slow. Thought it'd be faster, but so far I havent found the magic combination, like I did with IrfanView on the PC.

With Irfanview, I can quickly process hundreds of images in short order, and thats without using batch processing or automated procedures, because I like hands-on conrol.

Currently Im using Adobe Image Ready, but its too bulky for handling a bunch of images quickly.

Thinking of installing VirtualPC, and running IrfanView under that, if push comes to shove.

San Francisco 49'ers hire Mike Singletary as Assistant Head Coach

This means Mike Singletary is on the fast track, being groomed to be the Chicago Bears head coach.

Oooh, cant wait.

Yeah, I still get people on the street saying "Wow, you look a LOT like Mike Singletary."

Nah, he's got dimples. :)
Oh, speaking of things Chicago, I got basic cable.. and I noticed that the chicago station WGN is one of my channels. Right on.

Among the the things Ive missed over the years, having cabe in NY and Flordia, was not having WGN for some reason.

So, this is cool.

While being out and about, I noticed another sign of spring - bright orange California poppies starting to bloom along the side of the highway.
Yeah, the plants here know better than humans.

Subtle, but a sure fire sign.

The cold is still biting. I know, the temps are in the 40's - but its still a wet cold.

Even folk from Michigan are shivering, and although there are fools out in shirt sleeves, the prudent are still wrapped in scarves and hoods.

In fact, I saw a surreal scene last night in a park by my neighborhood. Kids were out playing basketball, and most of them were in white or blue hoodies to protect against the chill.

I shoulda got off the bus and taken a picture of that.

I dont remember why, but I had occasion to walk around my neighborhood (Valencia Avenue/16th Street) yesterday evening

Wow. Ive been here a coupla months now, but I didnt realize all these different restaurants and galleries were about.

I mean, I KNEW, but I didnt know.

The gloom of the winter evening turned on lights that I didnt even know were there, making me see what had passed unnoticed.

Hm. I need to get out more, and not just at midnight.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

When it's time, it's time

I just
picked up a rice cooker from a student at the San Francisco State University housing via Craigslist.

Hey, Mister B.. took your advice. It has the closing lid, capacity and yes, the flowers on the side. Not the small, cheapo ones. Its a good one.

Why has it taken so long to get this? Its time.

I was pondering this on the way home. When its time, you have to be prepared to move on things. But when its not time, do not start that ball rolling.

Im not simply getting a rice cooker, I am changing the way I do things.

I have to be aware of what Im letting into my life, people and things.

I think the difference between now and me in the past, is appreciating that nothing is inconsequential.

Not even this inexpensive rice cooker.
"Love or Perish."

The book was just sitting there. Dont know who left it there.

Its been on my list to read, but it has never crossed my path, nor have I sought it out.

On this journey Im on, I feel what I need appears when its supposed to and just when I can appreciate it.

And so, I picked up the copy of Tuesdays With Morrie, and read it.


And as hard I tried, I couldnt help but cry at the end.

Yep. It was time to read it.

When youre ready, check it out.

I gotta
go pick up a TV and a piece of bathroom furniture in a few minutes.

Got it off of Freecycle, Poo. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Haight St Signs and Murals

Haight St Signs and Murals, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Sex education

JPennant: This city is a trip
JPennant: I had to go to a mandatory class
JPennant: they decide is gonna be a STD education class
JPennant: Im like, i didnt sign up for this, totally wasting my time.
JPennant: but I did learn things i didnt know
McClint: mandatory class for what?
JPennant: Take too long to explain, but its related to the benefits Im getting from the city
McClint: oh ok
JPennant: I did not know that when you go get tested for HIV, its a VERY good idea to get tested for STD's at the same time
JPennant: I did not know that it is best to not floss before you go down on someone/engage in cunnilingus
McClint: not to floss? hahaha why?
JPennant: because flossing cuts your gums
JPennant: which makes it easier to catch some o the nastier STD's
McClint: oh yeah
JPennant: AND, you want to wash your hands (as you would before eating) before sex. And after sex for that matter
McClint: yeah i kinda figured that one
JPennant: you know, apart from making sure youre bathed, that has never occurred to me
JPennant: until it was explained to me that things like Chlamydia can be caught by simply wiping your eyes or nose during or after sex
McClint: eww
JPennant: no shit
JPennant: and it was explained how condoms work against catching STD's
JPennant: its not simply a barrier
JPennant: it keeps you from getting scraped and cut and therefore catching stuff
JPennant: Heh, I thought I was scared before
JPennant: good thing about this city.. i never have to buy condoms
McClint: hehehe
McClint: one thing i saw in San Diego that i thought was different was that in the phonebook there were full page ads for escort services
JPennant: sure
McClint: the best they can get away with here is small ads in teh classifieds
JPennant: most of the classifieds in the free newspapers are escort services and sex clubs
McClint: it was just odd to see full page entries in the yellow pages for them
JPennant: heh
JPennant: California is very "sex positive"
McClint: hmmm i wonder if they provide room service hehehehe
JPennant: yup
JPennant: where i work, the prostitutes line the street
JPennant: Im actually at the borderline between the straight prostitutes and the transexuals
McClint: good to know where the boundary is
JPennant: someone explained to me why that is in the area, but Im not sure I understood
JPennant: i dont know if you remember, but I was telling you about many of the wmoen i got to know in Berkeley are sex workers
JPennant: many professional women do it as a side job
McClint: well rent is high there
JPennant: yup
JPennant: in fact, a Berkeley High teacher got arrested in Oakland last year. Created a big stink, which almost directly led to the question of prostitution being legal to be put on the ballot.
McClint: golly

This place, it pays to be aware.

Haight St Signs and Murals

Haight St Signs and Murals, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Every time I was on Haight (pronounced 'Hate', not 'height' like my mind automatically thinks), I swore I had to get these pictures.

So, when I got off work .. I did a short run on Haight to capture the murals and signs that Id been missing for nearly 2 years.

Unlike many murals, these hvent been defaced or removed.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Slow that money roll

In the last
few years, Ive gotten pretty good at sensing when its time to absolutely halt spending and making that mother stretch.

Ive been getting a gut feeling lately that is time to halt..

Naturally, this week's horrorscope sez:

The time has come to get a bit more serious about your financial obligations, both to yourself and to other people. The sun's change of sign in midweek will force you to admit that your money situation is not as good as it should be and that if you are going to have a comfortable future, you will have to make far-reaching decisions about what you own, earn and save.

My plan was to get everything Ive planned to buy now, and stop when February comes around and start saving like a narcoleptic bear before winter..

Easier said than done. There's always more you want to buy.

Man, I gotta put aside some cash.

I dont think the best time to decide to save is when you dont have any money.

The times when 20 bux felt like a fortune, it became less hard and more fruitful to delay and deny any purchases.

I didnt have any money anyway. :-)

Now that Im working, its harder to fool myself there are no resources. But if Ive learned anything over the last few years, is to get away from the idea that money itself will cure everything.

So, since Ive bought almost everything I wanted, and almost everything i need can be had on the cheap, just gotta slow my roll and remind myself the differences between need and want ....

Money and life is about time and distance.