Saturday, February 09, 2002

Today's horrorscope intuits how Ive been feeling lately..
The thing you must remember this weekend is that your destiny is not set in stone.

Your room for maneuvering may be limited, but you can still change the future if you know what you want.
And it seems that's half the problem:

You're not sure if you want worldly success or just to be left in peace.

Time to decide.


I simply cant have both, eh.


Random chit. From the underground....

Thursday, February 07, 2002


Someone with the an Itinerant mug at their desk...


Tisha has me reading Uncle Bob again.

Reliable laffs again. Good times.

I stopped reading when the stress of becoming a Daddy became unfunny, but now he kicks ass.

Thanks T.
Its dawn in Central Florida, and the sky is grey.

But its grey with a kickass view, as the layered clouds of a cold front pass by, flecked and streaked in god's own Pink, Purple and Gold..


I need a camera.

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

JPennant: god will provide :-)
JPennant:hey, god gave me a Lincoln Navigator when I needed to move some stuff the other day :-)
phred: isn't the universe nice?
JPennant:"Hey JT, I got a car to move the stuff outta yer garage.."
JPennant:"Thats nice. You got a golf cart?"
JPennant:"Come look"
JPennant:"A car?"
JPennant:"Come look"
JPennant:"Oh my god! Thats a fucking Navigator!"
JPennant:Heehee. The look on his face was priceless :-)
JPennant:(Imagine a humungous luxury truck backed up on yer lawn, and you have the scene down :-) )
phred: too classic. i laughed when I saw it on your site
JPennant:heheheh. Yes, give thanx and the universe does indeed provide
JPennant:I had a shit eatin grin on my face all day tooling around it that thing. Schmoov. :-)

Monday, February 04, 2002

Yesterday, I got the chills - which wiped me out.

Today, I got the chills again, so much so that I padded around the house with a jacket on and later crashed with the covers pulled up around me. I hadnt taken off the jacket.

Well ya, it has gotten cool around here, so the windows were wide open - but still.

JT thought I had gotten feverish - but I think my blood has thinned out.

"Its as cold as witches titties!" he exclaimed tonight.

Uh, its 55 degrees dude.

Eh, he's a Florida native so he's excused.

Whats mine?

Sunday, February 03, 2002

The SuperBowl halftime show had U2 in concert.

Toward the end, the names of people killed during 9-11 scrolled by on a giant banner.

During this Bono pranced around to the adulation of screaming fans holding glowsticks.

And the names continued scrolling.

And Bono kept prancing around, sucking up the adulation.

And the names kept scrolling.

And he kept prancing around.

This. Bothered. Me.

"You want some of this cornbread hon?"
"Cornbread? Uh.. sure."
"There's some butter over there you can put on it."

JT's apt complex was having a Chili/SuperBowl cookoff in its club-house.. right off the bar - by the indoor basketball court.

I havent had cornbread in years, never really liked it - but hey this is the South.

"You havent had this in so long? Well honey, youre in the South.. eat up!"

I was dragging some items to JT's storage space, and a guy comes along in a Lincoln Navigator

"Youve got a lot of stuff to drag there?"
"Well shit, let me put my stuff up and you can take the truck and get the stuff all in one."

He flipped me the keys and I carted stuff around in a leather lined Navigator.


Hey, give thanks and god will provide.

This is the South, sho nuff.
And to paraphrase Ferris Buehler..

"If you can, drive one. It is CHOICE."

This truck makes me want to get back to driving. Badly.