Saturday, September 07, 2002

Getting a mac handle

I finally found a Mac app to process my images without mangling 'em .. so Im makin progress

JPennant: ok, i have a whole SHITLOAD of images from all over.
JPennant: which ones should I show now
JPennant: SF? Seattle? LA? Chicago? NY? Portland? Bus?
k a t e: portland
JPennant: Heh. Portland was innaresting
Several years ago I got a job offer from a Very Large Microprocessor Firm with operations in Oregon.

I turned it down because I thought I would have to be insane to move from Florida to Oregon.

Ok, maybe it was a deep-seated East Coast vs West Coast thang.


(Sorry, I just had to say that.)

So, anyways as I travelled down the coast - I decided I wanted to see more of Oregon than the passing glimpse I was accorded enroute to LA from Seattle.

Long story short - I missed the return coast bus to SF and had a whole day to blow in Portland.

By the time I was done, Portland is on my very very short list to be my West Coast home base.


And all this was from a short afternoon's stroll in a small area of downtown Portland....

Thursday, September 05, 2002

JPennant: whats the weather in NY like today?
k a t e: nice
k a t e: not bad
JPennant: clear skies and warm?
k a t e: yup
k a t e: eerily like sept 11th, this weather

I remember that weather. Extraordinarily clear, haze-free and bright. It was beautiful.

Made it worse.

JPennant: :how are you feelin with that?
k a t e: i dunno
k a t e: sad..
k a t e: i cant believe it has been a year
k a t e: you know, you just become numb...watching all the documentaries.
k a t e: helpless
k a t e: i was almost in tears two nites ago
k a t e: watching
k a t e: as people talked about how they dealt
k a t e: so much how i did when i was younger
k a t e: the changes you have to face
k a t e: and the loneliness
k a t e: and the urges to call
k a t e: you're just numb
k a t e: i gues that is how i feel
JPennant: yeah, I felt all that when I was there.
JPennant: ((((hug))))))
k a t e: :-)
k a t e: thx funkenmaster
JPennant: no prob hon :-)

I cant believe its been just a year either.
KateIf I didnt want to see folk, I wouldve bypassed stopping in New York altogether.

I wouldve left earlier if it hadnt been for that.

I didnt even look in the direction of ground zero while there.

Just didnt want to.

So, as far as I was concerned, it was about folk.

I didnt get to see everyone, mostly because I made arrangements at the last minute.


There was much fun and fuzzies.


Heheh. Movie star.

Adult film star.

We were stuffed on Cuban food.

Yah, there was much foolishness in the PATH tunnels that night :-)

I stayed with Tim, hung out wit him in the brooklyn neighborhood.

And it was fun to hook up wit a few web buds



However, more importantly, I was treated with this kind of affection

So, yah - I love New York. For the folk.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Striking with a hot iron

Ive always felt the best time to strike is while things are depressed.

However, with having to replace my ID (my papers scattered all over the country) and no free cash, Im in the category of being in the depressed class.

My main concerns are short-term survival right now.

Some sorta positive cash flow.

But I should also be lookin at long-term opportunities.

k a t e: so you feel stuck?
k a t e: what is it?
jpennant: Stuck isnt the word
jpennant: Unsettled is the word, but not quite
jpennant: Im waiting for someone
jpennant: not something, someone.
jpennant: But Im worried that Im wasting time, so Im keeping myself occupied.
jpennant: I have a looong To-Do list. :-)
k a t e: cool :-)

Today's horrorscope

You may not be the type who reveals his innermost thoughts, least of all to perfect strangers, but if your sixth sense tells you to open up to someone you meet today you would be wise to do as it says.
Fate is about to put you in contact with people who can make your dreams come true.

But first they must know what they are.

It's time to share.

People only care if you can demonstrate accomplishment and or wealth.

Or am I missing sumthing?

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Hung out with the Kelly's of Oakland the other night.

Zey are good folk.

They treated me right. Treated me like fam.

They introduced me to good veggie food.

I had the BBQ chicken.


Tasted like chicken.

Birthday dinner.

California style :-D
At the Berkeley coffee house..

I just sat back and watched the couple.. :-)

Made me smile.
A bit of political news

George is gonna run for Oakland councilman.

It just hasnt been announced if course.. but you heard it here first..


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