Saturday, July 20, 2002

Blues Brutha Cruisin

It's got a cop motor: a 440 cubic inch plant.
It's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. .
What do you say, is this the new Bluesmobile, or what?
- The Blues Brothers

As a car buff, I have an affinity for a great many kinds of vehicles - but there is nothing that has me drooling like the prospect of owning an honest-to-god Cop Car.

Not just any cop car, not your regular cruisers - but Interceptors.

Regular cars that are factory-modified for extreme abuse and very high speeds.

Police and Service Specials.

Chevy Caprices with Corvette LT-1 engines. 5.0 Mustangs with the plain-jane exteriors and racing parts. FBI Buick GNX's. Chevy Lumina and Impala four-door sedans with quad pipes. Crown Vics with Triton V-8 motors and flat-black grills.

And the Holy Grail - Dodge Monaco and Grand Fury's with Mopar Hemi 440 blocks.


Not to be sold from the factory to the general public.


On Jacksonville's Phillips Highway (US1), a stretch of road replete with motels, strip mall businesses, nudie bars and countless used car lots - there sits a small nondescript used car lot.

Blink and you'll miss it.

Nothing particularly special about it, until you notice the lot is full of domestic cars that have suspiciously fat tires and sport cop spotlights.

Cars with steel wheels, no hubcaps and all wearing fat black Goodyear GatorBacks.

Crown Vics, Chevy Caprices, Mustang 5.0's.. all painted either white or black.

Basically, these are all retired Florida Highway Patrol Interceptors.

Blues Brothers heaven.

If I were to open a Used Car lot.. thats what Id specialize in.

New and Used Cop Cars.

Id call it 5-Oh Motors.

(Hawaii 5-0 theme music in the background...)

Friday, July 19, 2002

This week's meandering was brought to you by the Ford Motor Company and Rent-A-Wreck
JPennant: *sigh* I gotta give back the rentacar in the morrow
gabz: :-(
gabz: no more superfast tooling around
JPennant: nope
JPennant: ah well
gabz: aw..

Oh wait. Thats a Chevy. Never mind.

Waaay over in that far left corner

That little car was a hoot.. never mind that I got stuck in the sand and hadda be pushed out a few minutes after this picture....

gabz: and the travels look like they are going well!
gabz: stella is kicking much ass
JPennant: indeed :-)
JPennant: heh. some folk were complaining that my page is getting too heavy
gabz: lol
JPennant: and Im only showing maybe 10 percent of the images
gabz: dang
JPennant: Lessee, Ive already taken about 1200 images with Stella
JPennant: thats less than a month
JPennant: No, Im wrong.. over 1500
gabz: criminies
JPennant: yar

Ok, ok. Ive changed the blog to show just 2 weeks worth of posts now.

That should help.
Random clouds

Like Carlos, Ive been trying to get sky images of the cloud and sky that I see.

So, this time around, Ive been making a special effort to capture them.

Sensitiv loner

As my friends in real life know.. I am quite anti-social by nature.
I tend to refuse dinner invites, think of many reasons not to show up for appointments and be habitually late for the ones Im supposed to show up for.
Right now, Im feeling quite antisocial. More so than usual.

JPennant: Heh. Like right now Im trying to counter my instinctive anti-social tendencies
gabz: :-D
JPennant: I was gonna cancel going to NY altogether because of tha
JPennant: cause the really, main reason Im going to NY is to see Kate and T****
JPennant: Kate, just see Kate before I head out west
JPennant: and T**** , cuz I promised to snazz up the machine I sold her before I headed west.
JPennant: otherwise there is no pressing reason for me to be there.
gabz: :-)
gabz: not so bad
gabz: yeah....sometimes it's just good to stick to those close to the heart, you know?
gabz: i'm very much like that
JPennant: Well, the reason I was feeling antisocial
JPennant: was one friend was finding all sorts of reasons NOT to meet up
JPennant: and it hurt
gabz: hrm
gabz: ******?
JPennant: ****? Noooo, not her. Not her style
gabz: well, that's good.
JPennant: It was an old friend from awhile back. All sorts of excuses.
JPennant: and then there was *snipped*
gabz: ah
JPennant: oh lord, the ever-loving drama. Like I was stalking people.
gabz: boo
JPennant: not that everyone was like that. Just a few.
JPennant: but the ones I got hurt
gabz: i'm sorry
JPennant: eh, its ok
JPennant: just a reminder that these are folk I dont really know all that well
gabz: yeah
JPennant: on the flip side of that
JPennant: some folk , who really, dont know me that well.. have opened up to me generously
JPennant: so, Im grateful for that.. thatas why Im trying to counter the anti-social reaction
gabz: :-)
gabz: you're being strong
JPennant: maybe Im just trying to be more reasonable

but then again
k a t e: howdy howdy
JPennant: aloha hon
k a t e: wassuup
JPennant: nuttin
JPennant: just wondering if I HAVE to come to NY
k a t e: why would you have to?
JPennant: If it werent for you and t*****, I doubt I would
k a t e: well, i am going to be travelling alot after next week
k a t e: so, i can prob meet you out by wherever you are
k a t e: t'is up to you
JPennant: yar
k a t e: :-D
k a t e: but, when you come up to NY
k a t e: i would love to see ya!
JPennant: :-)

Heh. So Im headed for NY.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Beaches of US1 and Florida A1A

Daytona Beach

Ormond Beach